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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

What we've had/needed for DS2:
Moses basket for newborn stage (convenient, but not absolutely necessary)
Baby wash - one bottle lasts us a long time
Gentle washing detergent for clothes
Some blankets - LOVE A&A blankets- great swaddlers and can be doubled if needed
Sophie the giraffe (DS1 didn't care for her, but DS2 LOVES her)
Few toys/books for playtime (we have Indestrucibles books, stacking cups, some balls, Sophie, and other stuff that never really gets used, so I could do without)
Sippy cup for when you decide to introduce drinks
Nursing bras, pads, and handheld pump for me (only use pump occasionally, but it does help when my supply gets out of whack and I need to relieve some pressure)

Honestly, we could get away with that. We have a swing, but don't use it often and I hope to sell it very soon, had a jumper, but again, don't use it enough for what we paid. We co-sleep, and DS2 is just starting to show an interest in food and he eats what we do.

Hope that helps.



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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

Exactly like 1 poster said most things are just nice to haves and not needs. Things vary from person to situations to child preferences. One kid couldn't live without a swing and none of the other 4 even liked the swing. None of mine took a paci but lots of people can't live without them. We don't use high chairs till around 1 but some feed their kids early, etc.
needs- diapers, wipes, clothes, food, safe place to sleep (co or their own), car seat. I like to have but not need- baby tub, bassinet (for sleeping), baby shampoo and other bathroom needs like nail clippers, head scrubbers, etc, baby moniter, eventually a crib, carrier, stroller, baby meds, booties/mitts/hats, swaddle blankets, thermometer, eventually a bouncer, exercauser (like around 6 months), swing, and baby bottle around 6 months or so unless they ebf.
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Homemade wipes: cloths and premade diaper area solution.

Lavender essential oil.

Coconut oil.

Tea tree essential oil.

Good recommendations for phone apps to track feeds/changes/sleeps/diapers.

Pump supplies: enough to not have to wash every time!

Diaper detergent.

Bac out.


Thank you cards.

Cloth diaper safe diaper rash cream.

IPad/tablet for online shopping!

A paid consult with a IBLBC (lactation consultant).
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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

vitamins for mom and baby (vitamin D) if breastfeeding, gas drops. We need a ton of burp cloths because I use one per feeding just because I leak or the milk runs out of DS's mouth if I'm too full. Then I use another for actually catching wet burps and spit up. So we constantly have them in rotation. You can make them cheaper than buying chenille on one side cute fabric or flannel on the other. I like the thin ones best! Also swaddle blankets can be made from muslin or flannel and if they are larger than the 30x30" ones you buy, they work better as a swaddler. Someone to call with a lot of questions is priceless! from feeding, sleep, diapers... I would also say that a need is good meals! If she has a spare freezer, some freezer meals. There are so many good links online for freezer meals, or anything you know works. I like to split a 9X13 into 2 8x8 pans each one works great for a meal for our small family. and just an FYI, our local kids consignment store has moby wraps for $12-18. and our local consignment sales often have first time mom/grandmom's get in on a preview sale day if you register - you can get almost everything you need for baby at a great price.
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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

Originally Posted by threekstrio View Post
What would you say are the must have items for a first time mom?
food (hopefully breastmilk)
somewhere safe to sleep

...what else??
Looks good. I liked having 10 one-piece outfits, plus 10 onesies to go underneath IF the baby was born in fall or winter, and 4 large blankets. More than that just turned into piled up laundry.

I agree with others about a carseat, carrier, or stroller, depending on the family's mode of transportation. Definitely do NOT need all three!

I like to have 36-48 diapers and as many wipes for a newborn. It makes CD less stressful with a newborn, to not run out. Prefolds can be used as burp clothes, otherwise 6-8 of those are nice.

Washable breast pads (Motherease) and nursing bras (Bravado Body Silk) were nice, but definitely wait until after birth to see of BFing is going to work long-term before spending the money in those.

I really liked having a bath sling for bathing baby, to use in either the sink or bathtub. Not necessary but helpful with a tiny slippery baby.

Instead of a high chair, we got a Fisher Price Healthy Care booster seat when our babies were 6 months old. They used them until age 5. No huge highchair taking up space, with millions of crevices to clean . . .

Baby gates are nice for extremely steep steps or very dangerous places, but I was able to teach my babies in one afternoon to stay away from our stairs (they are shallow and carpeted), so we skipped gates altogether. It was nice because then when we went places without gates, it was no big deal. Door and drawer locks are wonderful, though.

We never had a swing, bouncer, packnplay, exersaucer, baby gym, toys, bassinet, moniter, sling, baby carrier, changing table (just a changing pad on the dresser), wipes warmer, diaper creams, or travel system with our first baby. It was nice, very uncluttered. Since having 3 more babies, people feel compelled to keep giving is more STUFF and we now have almost every thing I just listed. Some are nice, most are not worth their price tag.

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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

I agree with all of the above. Now, when I was pregnant with the first child, I had sever insomnia, the result of that, I created a Baby Planner with a lot of information. So, here is some of it:

Crib needs to be JPMA certified. We bought a DaVinci crib because it is made out of sustainable wood in New Zeland.

Organic matress from

Play yard - no polyurethane or PVC. Buy them without the changing tables or that the table can be removable since some children are able to lift it and then get asphyxiated when they get trapped between the changing table and the sides of the play yard. They need to meet the JPMA certification.

High chair - need to have ASTM (3-points of contact) and JPMA certification

Feeding utensils and things - I follow this rule, no PVC, no phalates, no BPA

Baby gates - need JPMA certification

Car Seats - I checked for their toxicity levels.

Other important information:
Plastics: Identified by the “x” number inside the reduce, reuse and recycle triangle. #1 polyethylene terephthalate (PETE), #2 high-density polyethylene plastics (HDPE), #3 Polyvinyl chloride also know as vinyl or PVC, #4 low-density polyethylene (LDPE), #5 polypropylene (PP), #6 polystyrene also known as styrofoam (PS), #7 crafted from various combinations of the above plastics or from unique plastic formulations not commonly used such as polycarbonate (PC).
In baby products, especially in bottles, avoid PETE, PVC, PS, and PC. Choose instead, HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

Here are the resources I used:

Consumer Products:
• Consumer Reports (
• Healthy Car (
• Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA) (
o JPMA Certification in 17 different categories: bassinets/cradles, bath seats, portable bed rails, infant bouncers, high chairs, play yards/non-full size cribs, walkers, carriages/strollers, gates/enclosures, full-size cribs, portable hook-on chairs, infant swings, hand-held infant carriers, soft infant carriers, stationary activity centers, changing tables, and toddler beds.
• U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission's (CPSC) (

I based most of my choices on consumer reports and recall list. It is personal preference, but if I saw a manufacturer with too many recalls during the last two years, that manufacturer was off my list.

Congratulations and enjoy the ride. PM me if you need more information.
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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

You've already been given some great lists, but for first time moms I'm going to go ahead and add a few things.

1. A baby carrier SAVED MY SANITY! I have a Baby Borjn (paid 15$ at a consignment shop).
2. I wish I had known just how great coconut oil is earlier. My breasts go soooo itchy and I was scared of lotions bc my breasts are my babies food source! Coconut oil worked wonders at relieving the itch!
3. A C/s support band. A c/s can happen and I wish I had had one of these bc it happened to me. Hopefully, she can have a complication free vaginal delivery, but I wish that I had been prepared for what could go wrong, it would have made recovery so much more pleasant. If you have the support there and don't end up needing it, it can always be returned. On the other hand, if you don't already have it on hand you won't be up for GOING to get it.
4. If breastfeeding I would recommend some GOOD SUPPORTIVE sleep, nursing bras. Mine were crappy and I lived in them until I felt my breasts were at their somewhat permanent size. I didn't want to invest in nursing bras until my breasts adjusted and would consistently be the same size.
5. Good breathable, washable nursing pads. I didn't have enough so I had to supplement with disposables and they made me so itchy.
6. This may be TMI, but when breastfeeding get some personal lube for when you're ready to return to intimacy. Some women may not have this problem, but I would still rather have it on hand than not be able to enjoy myself or ruin the moment bc things are too dry.
7. Lastly, some comfy sweats that look decent. After my c/s I couldn't even wear my maternity pant and all of my sweats weren't really meant for being seen in (they were stained with holes, way too big or long or short, etc). It's hard enough adjusting to your new body that I think anything comfortable and easy that can make a new mom feel better about her appearance would be great.

People get so wrapped up in what the baby needs, but babies don't need much especially in those first couple months. Babies need food, diapers, a place to sleep and cloths. New moms need to be equipped to take care of themselves bc it's so hard at first! I know I could barely find time to brush my teeth and wash my face every day! I spent so much time preparing for a baby that I had not even given a thought to preparing myself for what I would need or how to take care of a baby and still take care of MYSELF. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I just had an unusually difficult time adjusting.
Whether you're asking this question for yourself or a friend, I would be sure to consider what the new mom will need for herself bc everyone else will only be thinking about the baby (including the new mom herself)!
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Re: Help me make a must-have list for a first time mom!

I would definitely encourage all mamas to buy as many things used as possible, especially those big items you think you'll love but then never end up using. Then you can sell them for pretty much what you bought them for on Craigslist, etc. The simpler the list, the better, in my opinion! We've always lived very simply and moved a lot, so the only bulk in my baby items are cloth diapers, which are worth it to me.
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I am also of the mindset that babies need very little. The one thing I consider a need that others may not are swaddle blankets that Velcro shut (we use swaddle me blankets). To my knowledge these did not exist when I had my first, but they have been true sanity and sleep savers with the rest. I didn't sleep when my first was a baby, because she didn't sleep. My others have all slept wonderfully with them, and terribly without. All my babes could get out of even the nurse's swaddle with regular blankets from the beginning, but the Velcro ones took months.
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I agree with the swaddle me blankets. We had 3-4 for each baby and they were lifesavers. I also agree that most things are nice to have but not necessity. For us we would need:
10 sleepers
10 onesies
10 pants/ shorts
36-48 diapers
10-12 covers
2 wet bags
Diaper pail, a couple pillow cases for the liner
Amber necklace
Baby carrier
Moby or maya wrap
High chair
Feeding utensils
Breast pump- if working
Swing- for my sanity
Bouncer- for my sanity
4 swaddle me blankets
4 receiving blankets
2 heavier blankets
A few developmental toys
Teething doll
Play yard- after co-sleeping
Lanolin- major necessity for me
Washable nursing pads- another major necessity
Baby tub

The things we had that were extra, but nice to have:
Arms reach mini co-sleeper our room is small and the size was great, but we co-sleep
Nursing cover
Snap and go stroller
Baby monitor- we had one but used it only a few times
Play mat

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