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Perineum tear treatments

I tore having my son so obviously I am sore and swollen. What are some pain relief you did? I have frozen witch hazel and aloe on pads but it resulted in excess swelling. I think that was because of extra moisture.
My friend recommends coconut oil to speed healing but I am weary of doing that because I can't find any research.
So what do you recommend?


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Re: Perineum tear treatments

I would stick with just witch hazel pads. Tucks pads on a disposable maxi pad did wonders for me. Make sure you're using your peri bottle when you go pee. You can alternate cold and warm compresses also.
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

I agree with the witch hazel and do your best to verify that it's alcohol free witch hazel. The last thing you want is rubbing alcohol on your sensitive skin. I hope you feel better! I had a second degree tear and was pretty sore too, I think it took me four weeks to feel a lot better but obviously every week got easier. The first week was definitely the hardest. Also take stool softeners, dulcolax is safe while breastfeeding. You definitely don't want to have constipation issues with a perineal tear. Something I learned the hard way...

I saw your update in the hypnobabies thread, I am glad you had a good labor and delivery. Our experiences with hypnobabies sounds pretty similar (minus hospital instead of home).
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Stool softener and a hemorrhoid pillow help a lot. The sitz bath too. And for numbing at the hospital they would cut a slit in the end of a nb sposie and stuff it with ice. Perfect size/shape and absorbed as it melted.
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

homeopathy for swelling/bruising - arnica 30c is a MUST!!

herbs for your sitz bath- comfrey, yarrow, witch hazel bark/extract - not the astringent kind but actual herbal witch hazel. you can make a tea kind of water and sit in it up to 3 times a day. works FAST.

coconut oil and/or calendula ointment i would also recommend, but wait until you are not freshly torn. it might burn a little if you dont. they will help you heal up with barely any scar.
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

keep you feet up more (more resting). Walking around can make for a swollen area. Spread your legs infront of a fan for a little bit each day to get some air around your wound. I second just witch hazel.
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

Boiling up some comfrey and diluting for a sitz bath will help it heal faster. Getting air in is also very important. I've heard there's some sort of spray numbing thing you can buy.

Cherry or prune juice 3x/day can be an alternative to stool softener.

Feel better soon!
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

Keep your Tucks jar in the refrigerator!
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

cloth pads and family cloth. Soft, breathable and the family cloth are great to pat dry after using the peri-bottle. Toilet paper leaves bits on you, uug.
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Re: Perineum tear treatments

I've now had a 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and most recently (last week) 1st degree tear, and here is what has helped me.

Use the peri bottle with warm water, blot dry, wipe with witch hazel pads, spray with dermaplast. Every single time you use the bathroom.

For the first 2 weeks, rest as much as possible, I have 3 other kids running around under 6, so it's not the easiest, but as much as you can, sit, or lay down.

Ice in the beginning really helped swelling go down, but wasn't helpful after the first few days.

For my 4th degree tear, sitz baths really helped, but I didn't need to with my other tears.

And definitely stool softener until you don't have pain anymore.

My 4th degree took about a month before I felt normal doing normal daily activities, the 2nd and 3rd degree took at most 2 weeks, and the 1st degree I forgot was there after a few days.

I've heard other people say it takes them longer, so maybe I've just had really great repairs, but I think being consistent with the care of the wound has helped tremendously.
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