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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

I have found a lost child. It was at a local city sponsored cook out. The child was about 5-6 crying and scared. I took him by he hand to the announcer who called for the parents to come get their child.


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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

Usually I will talk to them...just small talk....usally they are crying, so I make it matter of fact.....don't worry we'll find you mom.

I normally ask them to stay where they are as you are NOT supposed to ask a lost child to walk somewhere with you etc.....I always have my kids with me, so that helps as I say....This is B and K, etc and get my kids to talk.....then I stay put with child but ask, shout out to another adult to come help.....that way we(me and lost child) are in one spot, but another adult can help look for mom. Sometimes the other adult is DH....that happened at the zoo one time.....
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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

Only read OP. I calmly from at least arm's length ask if they lost their mommy/daddy (depending on age I phrase it differently). If they say yes I ask if they know their parents name. If the parent hasn't arrived by the time I find the nearest store employee or security personnel and inform them.
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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

I have twice come across a disoriented/lost child. Once at a park there was a kid, probably 3, who was crying and calling out for Dad. It was horrifying. Dad came along a few moments later, but it was scary. The kid was beyond terrified, and unable to stop screaming and crying. He appeared out of no where, as no one who was there saw any build up, just sudden screaming. A group of moms who were there naturally made a circle around him and were trying to talk him down, looking for dad. The dad appeared and he was a total jerk. Told the women off for being concerned and told the kid off for wandering away. I get that he was reacting to the moment, and I always hoped he hugged that little guy a bit closer after he was out of earshot and thanked his lucky stars.

The other time we were at the pool and a kid was released from her instructor and followed the crowd into the change room. It was pretty obvious she was without a parent, as she stood around looking disoriented. She was close to us, so I spoke softly to her and asked if she knew where her mom was. She shook her head and started crying. I told her it was ok, we would find her. Another mom got up and went onto the pool deck to look for a missing mom, and she was located.

I think I would gage my reaction by the situation. If a parent was not located immediately, I would get staff (if possible) or a police officer and keepan eye on the kid. I would not want to spook the child, but I would try very hard to protect them from wandering further unattended.
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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

this reminds me of when someone "found" my dd. but she wasn't lost...I was kind of around the corner but she was within my eyesight, she was looking at something. she was 2. Some lady walked up from the other direction and didn't see me. She asked her if she was lost and reached for her hand. She was not upset originally, but she immediately became hysterical.

I would not move a lost child unless she/he were in danger. Anything else would depend on where we are, age of child, if child is upset, etc.
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I usually crouch down on their level and ask them where mommy and daddy are. I don't attempt to take their hand or touch them unless they're running. I had one little guy run at me and I could hear mom calling after him, so I turned and stretched my arms out so he couldn't get past me to give mom a chance to catch up. It worked, he couldn't get by me without touching me, and that made him stop long enough for mom to round the corner and get to him. Never found a child in a situation where mommy wasn't close enough by that it's gone beyond ascertaining that the child was lost though.
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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

I'm a lost kid magnet. Kid you not, I find two or three lost kids a year.

First I hang back and assess the situation. Where's the adult? Is the kid panicked? Is anyone else paying attention?

Then I approach the kid. I usually have my kids with me (and when I was working, I always had a staff ID badge on). I tell him "I'm a mom, it's okay to talk to me." and then ask if he knows where his parents are. If he needs to be calmed, I calm him with my words (never offer candy or anything from your bag.) I ask him if he knows his phone number - if yes, I call. If not, depending on the situation, find help. At the park, I've called the police. In a store, I head to customer service to have the parent paged. At the zoo, I locate staff (NOT seasonal staff, but animal care staff or security.)

I try to stay put for at least ten minutes. If the parent hasn't shown up by then, I go for help.

It's weird that I find so many kids. I don't know if it's just because I've been trained to pay attention or what. I'm glad that I find them though. In the 30 or kids I've found, the situation has always turned out okay.

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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

Having worked retail years ago it's just second nature to help. I ask them if they are lost while staying a discreet distance away and not making any moves like I'm going to approach or touch them. Then I call out to the nearest employee or ask another customer to get an employee/security. I make sure to keep the child in the same place w/o touching or getting to close to them in case the parent shows up (which usually happens in short order) until security shows up and can take the child to customer service or a safe room while they page the parents.

I should add that finding a lost kid happens to me on a pretty regular basis for some strange reason. It happens several times a year at least.
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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

ive only ever found a lost child once, at the zoo. I asked her who brought her to the zoo (it was mommy and step dad) and if she knew where they were, then i just stood with her while DH walked around to see if he could find someone looking for her, he found step dad pretty quickly
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Re: S/O what do you do when you find a lost child

Usually, the first thing do is ask the child if he/she knows where mommy or daddy is. Then, I ask if he/she is lost. If I am at a store, I usually tell a store associate or an employee that the kiddo is lost.

One time, my parents found a deaf boy who was about 4 in the woods while they were camping at a state park. We had already seen a group of deaf campers earlier in the day. At first, the boy was frightened, and wouldn't come with my dad. My daughter was with them (she was also four at the time). They motioned to him, but eventually, dad just started walking down the trail, and the boy followed. Over time, he gained his trust. When they came out of the woods, the mother was frantic and extremely grateful.
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