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My birth story starts the Friday before I went into labor. I was 38 weeks pregnant and had been having Braxton Hicks regularly for months. However, at this point, I noticed that they were getting more uncomfortable, and baby had definitely descended lower. Although I was more than ready to go into labor at that point, I also knew that my friend (who was also my birth partner) had her bridal shower that Saturday. Being the selfless person she is, she would have chosen to attend my birth, rather than go to her own shower. Therefore, I had a very stern talk with my baby letting her know that she could be born any time she wanted, as long as it was AFTER my friend's bridal shower.

So, I went to bed early praying that things let up a bit. I woke, and dragged myself to her shower (which I co-hosted) contracting (still felt like Braxton Hicks) off and on. Most of my friends were shocked that I made it to the shower and congratulated me for not going into labor on the shower date .

I woke up on Sunday to a fair amount of bloody show and called my friend to let her know. She is a bit high strung (lol) and freaked out asking "OMG, what does that mean?" I told her it sometimes means a baby in the next 24 hours but not to get too excited. I reminded her that I went to 41 weeks with my son, so we probably still have a few weeks to go. Still, she decided to go into work to finish up some paperwork just in case we had a baby that Monday morning. I let DH know about the show (he was as un enthused as I was) and we decided to go about our normal day. I had my first "different" contraction around 930 that morning but was so mild that we were NOT convinced things were happening. We decided to distract ourselves with a nice lazy family day out. We took DS to the indoor jump house (contractions picked up a bit but were still every 10 ish minutes apart, and so manageable I thought it was just more BH). After that, I convinced DH to take us to 5 guys for lunch. I told him that if this was labor, Id need my strength. I honestly didnt think it was labor, I just used it as an excuse to get junk food

After lunch, we went home and I put DS down for a late nap around 145. I told DH that I would lie down and try to get some rest just in case. Again, just an excuse to sleep . I slept off and on and woke at 330. I asked DH to go to the grocery store to pick up some cookies for the midwives (again just in case). He left and things went from "maybe this is it" to "OMG this baby is coming NOW" in 10 minutes. I text my friend to let her know she needed to come NOW and told her to call DH and basically to handle everything that needed to be done to get us out of the door ASAP!. I put on my hypnobabies track and tried to relax as much as possible. It was amazing how much I was able to calm down and work with the contractions. She and DH got home about the same time (within 15 mins). DH immediately dropped DS off at the sitters, and my friend called the midwife. It was obvious that the midwife was out having a family dinner (with all the background noise) and she was asking us questions to essentially make sure she didnt leave her dinner for nothing lol. But, as soon as she heard me moaning through a contraction, she stopped mid sentence and said "Its 530 now. Ill be at the birth center at 615 and see you guys there."

I really dreaded laboring in the car, but I was really able to relax with the hypnobabies. I joked with DH that I could tell I was easily 7 centimeters but was calm. I got to the birth center, and was greeted by my midwife who said "lets not have a baby in the parking lot." I was still in denial that I would have the baby so soon since my labor with DS was 24 hours and 13 of which were active. I got onto the bed, and got checked and was SHOCKED that I was 8 centimeters. I literally gave everyone in the room a high five! I had to work through a couple of really strong contractions on the bed while my midwife found a vein for my antibiotics (it took 3 tries) but as soon as she found one, I hopped directly into that birthing tub.

I was comfortable for maybe 2 contractions and then things picked up some more. I started having to moan to get through the contractions. At one point, I just asked DH to hold me while I shed a few tears lol (Im SO not the emotional type). Afterward, my midwife asked "you better now, you get that out of your system? now lets have a baby" lol. A few moments later, I told her I felt "pushy. not like I could push her out, but like I need to push." She encouraged me to listen to my body and I tried to bear down just a bit.

My midwife was reluctant to do internal checks because she didnt want to rupture my membranes with my being beta strep positive, but she ultimately decided to check. My little girl was less than 2 inches from being born, but I still felt no strong urge to push. My entire birthing team was encouraging me, but I flatly said "I really dont feel the urge to push. Could I just ride a few of these contractions out?" To which my midwife replied "you can do whatever youd like :-)." I rested through 4 or 5 very manageable (at this point) contractions. Then, I decided that I probably needed to get out of the birthing tub to feel "grounded" enough to push. My midwife decided to check me first before I put in all of that effort to move. We discovered that my little girl was literally an inch from crowning. My midwife said "if I break your water now, Im betting she will come shooting out like a steam engine and you wont have to move. You could just have your baby here." I said "Im tired. If I dont have to move, I dont want to lol."

She gently broke my water with her finger at the next contraction. I was still trying to relax through them when I felt a surge of power through my pelvis. I sat straight up saying "Im pushing if I want to or NOT! Hold my legs! Hold my legs!" My friend grabbed one leg, my midwife another, and I PUSHED!" Within one push, she was fully crowned, within another her head was out, (to which my friend screamed "OMG, I see a baby head, OMG I see a baby head"), and she was completely born with the third.

DH let my friend cut the cord, and we all marveled at what we accomplished.

My angel 8lbs 2oz 21 inches born at 38 weeks 5 days on February 24 :-)
It was only 4 hours of active labor...2 hours from arrival at the birth center until birth :-)

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Re: Natural Birth Center Water birth :-)

Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
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Re: Natural Birth Center Water birth :-)

Great job mama! Congrats on the new little lady!
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Wow! Awesome story! I'll be having my second birth center baby is early July and pray my labor is as wonderful as this. My first was 3 hours of pushing so I think I've earned a 3 push labor! Lol!!! Beautiful birth story, thanks for sharing!!!!
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Re: Natural Birth Center Water birth :-)

I loved reading that
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Re: Natural Birth Center Water birth :-)

That is too sweet! Love the pic of Daddy and baby snuggling.
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