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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

Our 2 older kids share and as soon as the youngest is old enough she will be in there too. Our DS is 5 and DD turns 3 in a month. When it comes time that DS wants his own room/privacy, then we will convert the toy room to his bedroom, but until then, this gives them a place for sleeping and a place for playing that are separate.

I remember wanting to share a room with my brother at one point, and we shared a room off and on for I don't know how long. We also had campouts on his bunkbed which were a ton of fun as a kid.


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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

Oh, they already get dressed in the bedroom and the other in the bathroom
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

Our oldest two are the same age gender as yours and they enjoy their room together. Not much we can do right now as we only have two bedrooms on the main floor. It will be a few years until anyone is old enough for the bedrooms in the basement.
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

I have four in one room. Two older girls, 4 and 5, and two little boys, 1 and 2. We don't have any other choice right now.
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I have a girl 6yrs, girl 4yrs and boy 2yrs in one room. It will stay this way for a few years too. It is the only option in a 2 bedroom house. I don't see it as strange either. I shared a room with my brother until I was 11 and he was 4. We loved it and he always snuck into my bed in the middle of the night. One of my favorite memories of him.
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

My older two are 7 (boy) and 6 (girl) and they share a room and always have. Even when given the opportunity to have their own, they chose to share a room together. DS and DD are 11 months apart and share a super close bond.
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

we have all four in one room-our house only has 2 bedrooms and theirs is the biggest. we have 1 girl who is 5, the boys are 7, 3, and 11 months. They love it. Hopefully we will be able to get ta bigger house someday but for now it works, and it will work for quite a long time I think.
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

We currently own a 2 bedroom home, with no hope of turning anything else into another 'bedroom'. We are ok with this for now. DD is 5, 6 in a couple months, DS1 is 3, and DS2 is 1. We knew that we were totally fine with this for now, but eventually we wanted to get a house with at least one other bedroom and one more bathroom (we only have one of those, too).
When we went through Dave Ramsey a couple years ago we both felt lead to set up a plan. A goal for when we wanted out, what price range we'd be looking at, how much we'd have to plan to loose on this one, and all that jazz. Well, to make a long story short I had to start asking the same question. In order to put a date on our goal for upgrading to a new home, my question was at what point am I not quite as comfortable with them all in the same room. We decided on an arbitrary age of 8 for the eldest. Because we wanted to be fully out of this house and into the next one before we had to start to keep an eye on things. KWIM? Not thinking that there is any possibility of anything fishy going on at all, but I decided that there will be a point that I will want to kind of be sensitive to their feelings about privacy and such. So right now we have reached our minimum savings goal and are trying to fix up the place so it's "open house ready" in order to put it on the market. (we wanted to allow a couple years leeway to sell this place and buy a new one considering the shape of the current housing market)

So I guess to answer your questions,

Sharing a room? totally ok!

To what age? That will totally depend on your family, your comfort levels, and your situation. I know families that have made it work into teenage years and beyond, and also families who were never comfortable with it. Our personal plan what to switch sometime before age 8. Why? no real reason, I just needed to pick a date to work with for our home selling/buying goals.

Suggestions? Not many. We haven't had too many problems with them sharing so far. The babies stay with us until somewhere around their first birthday. And we bunk and such. Only problems we've had are the preschool ages are hard when they don't think they're tired but everyone else is. DS1 sometimes tried to climb up the side of DD's loft bed We put the baby down first, around 6:30-7 ish for bedtime so he's fully asleep before the next one walks in. The bigs get their jammies on at the same time as the baby so they are ready to go. And we brush teeth, do story time and prayers and songs and such out on the couch or on mom and dad's bed. When it's time to actually take them and tuck them in around 7:15-7:30, they know to be quiet and such. If the oldest is being good and doesn't show signs of needing any extra sleep then we will sometimes allow her the extra privilege of staying up a tad later until 8-ish. That way, ideally, each one is asleep before the next one is tip-toed in. Helps with all the extra chatting and goofing and climbing and playing. We talk to the bigs about being unselfish and taking care of the younger one(s) by doing whatever you can to be quiet and not wake them up or disturb their sleep since "they are still really little yet and they need their sleep even more than you do".

If you need to stay there longterm but at some point they desire separateness, I've heard of families just hanging a king size bedsheet over some rope to put up a curtain between the two halves of the room, or if you are semi-handy, framing in a simple partial drywall wall wouldn't be too hard or too $$.
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

Several years ago when we were pursuing international adoption our home study would have required separate bedrooms for different sexes when the oldest child in the shared room turned 4. At the time it sounded silly to us to ever keep different sexes in the same room & we never put any thought into researching why 4 was the magic age. Eventually we went a different route to expand our family and when we learned we were having twins I began to wonder when we would separate boy/girl twins. So, i put researching at what age to put them in separate bedrooms on my todo list. Before I got that far down on my todo list we learned our twins were both girls & I crossed that research item off my list.
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Re: Children of different genders sharing a bedroom?

My cousin had her boy (9) and girl (7) sleep in separate rooms recently. Before they shared their room and had lot of fun. But now, the kids want their own rooms, privacy, computers, TVs etc. Besides they moved to this new place and could adjust their kids' needs accordingly!
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