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unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

Anyone with an unmedicated birth willing to share how their water broke? Did it happen on its own, did someone break your water, how did it change the feeling of contractions?


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With my 2nd my water broke at home about 3 hours after contractions had really picked up. They were about 7 minutes apart. After my water broke they were much stronger and closer together. He was born about 1.5 hours later, 20 minutes after we got to the birth center.

For my third my water never broke, she was born in the caul. Contractions weren't bad, but pushing her out was a harder (she was my biggest baby too)
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With ds1, the dr broke it b/c they needed to use the vaccuum due to severe decelerations, with dd it broke on it's own at 10 cms as i was pushing, with ds2 it broke on it's own at 5 cms and he was born 18 mins later (it was like one LONG and PAINFUL continuous contraction after my water broke)

All 3 were completely unmedicated
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

My second was un-medicated (not by my choice, epi just didn't work) and the dr. broke my water. I went from bearable contractions at 4-5 cm dilate to fully dilated and want to hurt somebody bad contractions within 15 minutes. I was only at the hospital for just under an hour though from start to finish so that was nice!

ETA- I amplanning an un-medicated birth this time because, although it was very painful in the moment, I felt much better after that birth than my medicated first. I was completely worth it to feel like myself that quickly afterward.

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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

My water broke after some sporadic contractions and that's when active labor started. She was born 30 minutes later. Best..birth...ever!
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

All three of my births were unmedicated. With #1, my water broke in the middle of the night but NOTHING happened! I had a doctor's apt the next day and she sent me to the hospital. I'm high-risk so I was induced when labor didn't pick up on its own.

With #2, I was scheduled to be induced again but went into labor on my own. I actually had excess amniotic fluid, which may have contributed to the fact that he was born at 37 wks. Anyhoo, my midwife broke my water and almost immediately afterwards contractions picked up and were more intense. She said it was a couple hours before my baby was born but it didn't seem like that long!

With #3, born February 20th, I had more intense contractions from the get-go - but not really painful. There were pretty regular, but my midwife suggested breaking my water to speed things up. Once again, they immediately got more intense and I delivered my baby shortly afterwards.
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My first med-free birth

At the end. I was right there. Ready to go! Bag bulging. Pain off the charts. About to puke it pass out (back labor) and my midwife said she could break my water. They DO NOT do that routinely. She said it would intensify things and could either make my pain worse or it could speed things up.

If I had not been almost near passing out, I would NOT have broken it. I would have loved for him to be born in the caul.

She broke it. 30 seconds later, I had an insane urge to push. Two pushes later- out! Did not need contractions to help. He was literally bursting out! No tear.

Second one-

My labor was 1/2 the time of my first and more intense at the start. My first, they built. The second- they brought me to my knees within the first 10 minutes (this was my third birth) from start to finish- my overdue baby came within 5 hours. My water did not break and again, at the end we discussed waiting. I envisioned it happening like with my other son. Pop the bag- boom! Baby. Uh... No.

She broke it. Nothing happened. I had to wait until contractions came to get him further down. Then wait for them with each push. She also needed to guide his head out as he was pushing out on my rectum.

I was at a water birth center though. If you are going to the hospital- they will break bags whenever. And it can stall things if it's not how your body wants to labor. Don't interfere with the process your body creates unless you need to.

It does not relieve pain, in my experience.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

My water never really "broke" with that big gush you hear about. I went into labor 10 days after my expected due date, following a membrane sweep that morning. When I got to the hospital I was about 3 cm dilated, with strong, consistent contractions. When we got to the hospital my hubby told the nurses very plainly that breaking the water or doing anything without our consent was not okay. Later my midwives came in, and they never bothered about my water, just focused on the baby and me. Throughout the 11 hours of labor the fluid leaked out slowly, so that by pushing time it was pretty well gone.

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
If you are going to the hospital- they will break bags whenever.
It really depends on the hospital/staff. I was at a hospital and no one ever mentioned breaking my water. We vetted our hospital pretty carefully, and my hubby and doula were both strong advocates for me. I met a couple of the nurses ahead of time, including the head of nursing for L&D, and she assured us that breaking the water was not something they just did whenever.

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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

It started about halfway through labor. Transition was a couple hours later.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

DS-water broke spontaneously at 38wks.

DD-ob broke water
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