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Water broke naturally in early am. Then I started to have contractions. Labor went quickly! The most bizarre feeling in the world to think you've lost control of your bowels only to realize its your water breaking.

Good luck!


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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
My first med-free birth

At the end. I was right there. Ready to go! Bag bulging. Pain off the charts. About to puke it pass out (back labor) and my midwife said she could break my water. They DO NOT do that routinely. She said it would intensify things and could either make my pain worse or it could speed things up.

If I had not been almost near passing out, I would NOT have broken it. I would have loved for him to be born in the caul.

She broke it. 30 seconds later, I had an insane urge to push. Two pushes later- out! Did not need contractions to help. He was literally bursting out! No tear.

Second one-

My labor was 1/2 the time of my first and more intense at the start. My first, they built. The second- they brought me to my knees within the first 10 minutes (this was my third birth) from start to finish- my overdue baby came within 5 hours. My water did not break and again, at the end we discussed waiting. I envisioned it happening like with my other son. Pop the bag- boom! Baby. Uh... No.

She broke it. Nothing happened. I had to wait until contractions came to get him further down. Then wait for them with each push. She also needed to guide his head out as he was pushing out on my rectum.

I was at a water birth center though. If you are going to the hospital- they will break bags whenever. And it can stall things if it's not how your body wants to labor. Don't interfere with the process your body creates unless you need to.

It does not relieve pain, in my experience.
I think this depends on the doctor. Mine has is pretty laid back and lets things happen on their own normally. He only broke mine because I asked and then only agreed because my labor was very active and I was already progressing quickly. He warned ahead it may do nothing but make me more uncomfortable. My niece had her baby with him as well and he never even mentioned breaking her water, it broke while she was pushing 14 hours into labor.
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My water broke 18 hours before contractions started
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

#1 - My waters were accidentally ruptured when my midwife did a vaginal exam about three hours before I gave birth. Things were getting steady more intense at that point anyway, so the contractions did get harder, but it wasn't instant or just because my waters broke.

#2 - My waters spontaneously ruptured as I got out of bed the morning before I gave birth.

#3 - I broke my waters myself with my fingers while trying to push out my son. I pushed him out about 15-20 minutes later.

#4 - The waters broke as I was pushing. Again, since I was already pushing, I didn't notice any difference in the contractions; the baby was born within a few minutes.

#5 - My waters broke about 27 hours before birth, but I was pushing that whole time. Baby was posterior and just wouldn't come down for ages. I didn't notice a difference before and after my waters breaking, but they broke shortly after I started pushing, so things were different because of that.

All the above births were homebirths.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

1st birth: my water leaked around 11:30pm and it woke me up, i thought i peed on myself or that our waterbed was leaking. when i stood up, more gushed out and a pain branched out across my belly, first contraction--went to hospital approx 2 hrs later and after hearing popping and feeling shifting, A LOT of pink warm water gushed out everywhere, baby was born not long after that at 5am after an extremely fast, very intense, mega painful natural labor.

2nd birth, at home: bag of waters blew up to form at bubble between my legs when i was 10 cm, and then burst. i was on a birthing stool and a midwife apprentice and my husband got splashed bc they were too close. more small gushes kind of leaked out throughout the evening, water popped at 8pm, baby was born at midnight bc he was malpositioned.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

Both births were natural and both times the water broke on it's own.
The first time it broke before any contractions and that is what initiated labor. Labor was Fast and furious!
The second time it broke near the end of labor, about 20 minutes before my baby was born. Labor was already intense at that point, so I didn't notice a difference.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

My water broke, but came out very trickley when my contx were around every 5 minutes and just trickled like that throughout labor. When the midwife pulled out my son, there was an insane huge gush when the rest of it came out.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

My second birth was all natural. I was 9 cm dilated but my waters never broke until my midwife suggested we break it to get things moving. The delivery was fast (under 20 minutes) and I had only 2 small tears.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

With both of mine my water broke right before pushing. For me contractions did get stronger, but just because I was pushing! I actually didn't realize that it had broken the first time. The second time I felt it and he was born 15 minutes after that.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

With DS I was induced, my water was broke at noon by my OB, DS was born at 6:20pm with 1 push. No pain meds, and lots of pain
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