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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

I've had 4 unmedicated births. During each labor I'd eventually get to the point where the m/w suggested or I asked that my water be broken. I can guarantee a speedy delivery within an hour after my water is broken, so I opt for it just to get it over with.

The contractions for me go from tolerable to "holycrudIamgonnadie" but it speeds things up significantly. For example, with my last baby I was 3cm but having "false labor" and the wanted to send me home. I begged the m/w to break my water b/c I was terrified of having the baby at home or on the side of the road if my water broke spontaneously. She did, and I went from 3cm and not in active labor to holding a baby about an hour later! It was crazy intense!


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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

One- broke while pushing. The other, broke about 5 min before pushing. Both times, things happened very quickly after.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

I definitely remember more intense pain when my water broke.....I worked and went to the grocery store in labor bc it wasn't intense. I actually thought it was just BH. I went to the hosp to be checked and was 8cm....completely tolerable, UNTIL they broke my water ab 30 min later. I begged for an epidural which they gave me reluctantly and then they feverishly tried to help with the pain by pushing several different meds into the epidural line. I had my baby girl within 30 min and the epidural never got a chance to work, well it helped some with the back labor. And by help, I mean it made that less intense and the stomache contractions harder.

I am planning an unmedicated birth with this baby since I felt almost everything with the last one anyway. I don't know if I will let them break my water, but 30 minutes of super-intense contractions is very doable. I agree with a previous poster about how you feel after. With my first I was pressured to have an epidural at 4 cm and I felt NOTHING AT ALL the whole time and for about 9 hrs. after. With my second, pushing her out felt amazing and the pain stopped immediately. I feel like I bonded easier and more quickly because I was actually aware that she come out of me, KWIM? Hope that helps.
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

All three of my births so far, my water has not broken on it's own.
DS1 - Dr. broke at about 7cm. He was born 2 hours later.
DD1 - Midwife broke it during pushing.
DS2 - He was born in the caul.
Waiting for my fourth this summer!
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

All of mine have been unmedicated, and all have started with water breaking and ctx about an hour later. I had no early labor... just right to intense, active labor.
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DS water broke in my sleep and ctx started about 30 mins later. He was born 2.5 hrs after my water broke. No early labor.

DD2 water broke about 10 mins before she was born. Ctx were no more or less intense once my water broke. 3 hrs of active labor prior to my water breaking.
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W/ my first, I was laboring in water ( somewhere between 5-9 cm) I was having the urge to bear down and my water broke during a small push. Had that baby out in 2 hours after I got in the tub.

W/ my second, I got to the hospital at 12 noon and 5-6cm dilated. Doc asked if I wanted my water broken, I was like heck yea lets get this baby out haha. By the time I got to the room, I was between 7-8cm when he broke it. Baby was born at 2pm. For me, water broken has equalled a baby being born very quickly :thumbs up/
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

With my first, contractions started on a Sunday morning around 6am, and we went to the hospital Sunday night, but they sent me home saying it was false or pre-labor. Being my first, I believed them, and suffered through all day Monday in regular contractions. My water broke Tuesday morning in a gush, and the contractions got worse. Got to the hospital at 9cm(!) around 9am and was STUPIDLY allowed to get an epidural because I was petrified of the pain. This greatly reduced my pain - and my labor progress, in my opinion. Then they had me 'labor down' for hours. Long story short, baby was in distress and they used forceps to deliver at 5pm Tuesday, cord around neck, no cry, had to be suctioned out on a little table to the side. Today, my little girl has (minor) low muscle tone, but enough that it impacts her daily life, and I feel that her troubled birth at least contributed to that.

With my second, contractions started early morning on a Tuesday, I'd say around 3am, got to the hospital around 5-6cm. Dr broke my water (for speed I assume?), and for this one I honestly can't remember if the pain got much worse or not. I said "No" to meds, hoping for speed, after our first experience. It was definitely more painful, but SOO worth it - baby was born around 9am with a strong, healthy cry!! And I bounced back MUCH faster, which I attribute to going natural also. I'm sentimental tonight because tomorrow is my boy's first birthday!

This may be more info than you wanted, but just wanted to share. It's great that you're researching this!
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Re: unmedicated Birth and water breaking?

Originally Posted by karitjc View Post
Anyone with an unmedicated birth willing to share how their water broke? Did it happen on its own, did someone break your water, how did it change the feeling of contractions?
My water broke while I was taking a nap with my 4 year old. It happened on its own without any warning at home. It made the contractions pick up for sure & I had to get myself to the hospital because it kept gushing all over the place!
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I had to have my water broken both times. But the second time I hadn't been medicated yet... Does that count? Lol
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