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Heavy Wetter help (please!)

My 3 month old is an always has been a pretty heavy wetter. He has 7-8 wets a day, but man, they are gigantic...

I I started with mostly prefolds and covers, and never used the NB ones - had to use the larger ones even though he was a preemie. The NB ones were not absorbent enough when he had just come home from the NICU, even, to hold one pee! Immediately, he would leak because the pre fold simply couldn't hold it all.

So, I started using the bigger prefolds, and snappied, I still have to fold the top down because he's not big enough for the full prefold length, but I'm about to have to increase the size of prefold for absorbency again.

I have Hemp doublers that I've wrapped outside the prefold inside the cover, but he will still completely soak that.

In order to get him to sleep through the night, I started using Thirsties size 1 duo pockets because the microfiber was enough to keep him sleeping instead of waking up from wetness. They still fit him, almost at the tightest waist and on the middle setting for rise, but he leaks these constantly now because of volume too.

I now have a stash of 14 BG 4.0s which he can last in with BOTH microfiber inserts AND a hemp insert (talk about bulky - he's only 11 lbs!!!) So I only put him in that at night.

I'm worried about this continuing to get worse and having a hard time getting enough absorbency, even tried sposies again but he leaked those so fast it wasn't funny, so I gave up on those and want to make the cloth work. I tried Kissaluvs fitteds, so I've been that route, and preferred snappied prefolds to the fitted diapers.

Any suggestions on how to increase absorbency? Seriously, a super-packed BG 4.0 can't hold him in, and that freaks me out about the future because like I said, he's 3 months and 11 lbs (was a 33 wk preemie, 5lb4oz) and I am tired of leaks. Also tired of waking up to diaper changes when he's not hungry. We're not pushing sleeping through the night, but he does 6-7 hours on his own occasionally when the diaper is packed well enough - and I like my sleep enough that I really, really want to come up with a solution to hold him through the night, so that if he wakes up it's because he wants to eat… which is fine, babies need to eat =)

He is exclusively breast fed, if that makes any difference, and is pooping about every 8 days (and so massively that I'm amazed but the prefolds have held it in so far, and so far he hasn't had a BM since he started spacing them out, that the prefolds could not hold.)

Since I like using the prefolds a LOT, any suggestions on when I upsize them? Should I go for flats instead?


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Both my kids were extreme heavy wetters!! After much trial and error I finally found a few products made for extreme wetters. If you like prefolds/flats Geffen baby makes amazing ones that are hemp/cotton. They have great customer service to help you choose which design is best for your little. They have from fast pee babies to heavy wetters with fast pee! They also sell inserts in same material that you could add to your system already.
Sustainablebabyish is another but pricey. They have fitteds and prefolds but they do work.
Finally my all time favorite right now for my son who is 11 months old and nurses through out the night so he can really pee a lot is a BMW fitted, a Baby My Waye. She is on hyena cart and Facebook. She makes amazing fitteds that seriously keep my boy dry. It has a three insert system that lets you decide how much absorbency. Her inserts are amazing!!! Good luck!
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Re: Heavy Wetter help (please!)

I use a goodnight mama, but only have one, so the next night or two, depending on when I wash, I can put a prefolds, snappi-ed with an organic flip insert.
When she was a couple months old and started sleeping all night, I did, I think its called a butterfly fold with her prefold and then put a prefolded prefold under that with a cover, then put plastic pants (the old kind) over that. It worked most nights. I was new to CDs and played around with what I had.
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Re: Heavy Wetter help (please!)

I would definitely try to increase the hemp content. The Thirsties prefolds are hemp/cotton, but they are only two layers so you'll probably need a doubler. I really like them though. I also like BabyKicks prefolds (compare prices, sometimes amazon has them cheaper than other places). They are not as soft as the Thirsties, but they are a 2-3-2 layer of hemp/cotton fleece and hold a lot. You could try them alone during the day and with a Hemp Babies Little Weed (2 layers, folded over gives you 4 layers, for a total of 9 layers in the wet zone). Snappied that shouldn't be too bulky of a combo.

Also, have you tried wool instead of PUL for the covers?
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