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Why homeschooling?

I'm curious as to why you choose to homeschool? My husband really wants me to homeschool. I'm hesitant for a number of reasons and so I am wondering why you choose to homeschool?


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Re: Why homeschooling?

Freedom from the 8-5, M-F school week. DH currently has Friday and Sunday off, so we can school around that.

Medical needs of our SN LO interfere with regular attendance to public school for the older boys, especially if we are at the children's hosp. 70 miles away.

Take family vacations whenever we want.

Advance at the pace of your child, be it slow or fast. They also never "miss" a day at school, you just pick up where you left off.
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Re: Why homeschooling?

Soo many reasons. I didn't realize how much better an option was to HS (for us) until after ds went to prek for a year.

Some of our reasons.
School for ds was too demanding for too little academic benefit. At home there is way less stress on his and requirements of him.
If something doesn't work for us, we don't have to do it, or can do it a different way. He has time to play and be a kid.
We can approach learning in a way that is fun for him, not stressful.
We can move at his pace, and therefore he can excel in the areas he excels in naturally. If he needs a break he can take one. If we want to spend a week at the beach in the middle of the school year we can.

Etc. In a lot of ways you don't know all the ways HSing will be good for you and your kids until you are doing it.
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Re: Why homeschooling?

-DS1 as health issues that require my help several times a day (why we started)
-DS1 is brilliant but probably has ADHD. You can explain something to him once and he gets it, if he gets bored and tries to entertain himself he'll be distracting other kids (learned that lesson from part-time pre-k!)
-So they can be children for as long as possible without the social pressures that come with being a kid these days.
-So we can teach our values and we are the primary figure in their lives, not a stranger.
-Because there is so much more they can learn by being with us and interacting in the real world than sitting in a strict classroom environment for most of their childhood.
-Because each child has a different learning style and will learn best if taught in a way that makes sense to them.
-Because DH teaches public school and I know what type of education they'd be getting and it's not really an education IMO. It's teaching them to be good test takers. (You'd be surprised how many educators and former educators homeschool their kids!)
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Re: Why homeschooling?

A lot of reasons.

1. My DH was home schooled K-12 so it's something he's always considered doing with his own kids.
2. DH is military and I'd much rather homeschool than have my children jump from school to school every 2-4 years.
3. I was public schooled and it was a terrible environment. There are probably great schools out there but I had a truly awful experience. I want to spare my kids from the things I saw in public school for as long as I can.
4. Freedom from the rigid schedules and testing that happens in schools. We are still very structured (or will be, we're only in Pre K 3 currently) but the stuck in classrooms for 8 hours a day with maybe an hour of recess and to be social, no thanks. Gasp, did I just say it's hard to be social in public school?! Why yes I did. It's much easier for a home schooler to get out and be social than a child who is sitting at a desk with a teacher telling them to stop talking all day long.
5. Freedom to choose what and how my kids learn.
6. Just to be able to spend the majority of my children's days with them.
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Re: Why homeschooling?

My little ones are still pretty young...4 and 2 (one on the way) and I just like the freedom of it. To be able to help design their education and also learn with them gets me excited. I love the idea of when they're older taking a homeschool trip across the US and see live history.
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Re: Why homeschooling?

Our oldest daughter had one year of public school kindergarten before we pulled her out and started homeschooling.

Reasons we started homeschooling
1. We were concerned that our daughter wasn't being challenged in school.
2. I was horrified at the amount of sugary treats that she was being given.
3. We wanted to know what our kids were being taught, both educationally and socially.

Reasons we are still homeschooling
1. True flexibility with scheduling vacations, having a new baby, etc.
2. More time with the kids.
3. It is surprisingly fun to teach and learn alongside my children.

The only con that I have is that I usually have to take my kids everywhere with me. Doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, the bank, etc. With 4 kids 6 and under, that can be . . . complicated.
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Re: Why homeschooling?

I have many of the same reasons as the pp's. I always knew I wanted to homeschool my children because I was public schooled and did not enjoy it. I was in all the GT and advanced placement classes from early elementary but I was bored. More than that I have social issues and hated school from that standpoint. I didn't want my kids to hate school and as a result not enjoy learning. It is also my belief that little children should get to be children while they can. They can't be children if they are stuck in desks for 8 hours a day staring out a window and wishing they could be outside playing. I don't start school with my kids until they are at least 5, 6 is my preference. In the early years I try to keep lessons limited to an hour or less a day so they have plenty of time to just be kids. I believe that reading is the foundation of learning and loving reading as well as curiosity about the world around them are the most important gifts I can give my children. I don't want to dampen their curiosity while they are young.

What homeschooling has given us is the chance to be closer as a family
Freedom to choose when to go on field trips (like during the fall when the weather is nice and the zoo isn't as busy)
Freedom to go on vacation whenever or do school work at doctor's offices and therapy clinics when necessary
Freedom to choose our own hours which is great when you have a child that is serious about Roller Derby with practice late into the night and your whole family is comitted to Tae Kwon Do so you are at the studio all hours of the day and night.
Flexibility to take what works for your family and child and leave the rest, if a curriculum doesn't work for my child I can change it today I don't have to wait for next year or even next month.
Flexibility to move ahead at the speed my child moves, faster or slower
Quality education, I know what passes for education in this state and quality isn't it.
Avoiding indoctrination into the popular religion of my area. We are not Christian and while my children are going to be exposed I would like to avoid the constant pressure they would face in a public school setting.
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Re: Why homeschooling?

My oldest 2 DS went to public school, DS1 through 4th grade and DS2 through 2nd grade. Then I brought them home.

Reasons I brought them home:

1. DS1 was being quickly left behind academically and he's too laid back and quiet to tell anyone. He was just getting less and less from class.
2. DS2 wanted to stay home and said it was because (quote) "I can learn more."
3. The stress of school, from getting there to finishing the mountains of homework every night, was wearing on us all.

Reasons I kept DD home from the start:

1. DD is very wiggly, we would've been told we need to try medicating her, which we won't do at this point.
2. She doesn't learn just like the average kid. She is very hands-on and needs to be moving a lot to really get it.
3. She is rather slow to pick up new concepts. She needs a bit more time to understand the new stuff but then she really gets it! I'm willing to give her that time, the PS wouldn't be.
4. Large groups stress DD out, though I don't think she realizes it, and she would've been stressed daily. As it is, she is slightly stressed after co-op on Fridays and needs to wind down after being there all morning.

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Re: Why homeschooling?

I first learned about homeschooling when my firstborn was just a couple months old. I had only heard about homeschooling in passing, and had all kinds of preconceptions and stereotypes about it. The more I talked with these ladies, the more I learned. And it was strongly put on my heart to consider homeschooling.

Since I"ve always had to work part-time since she was born (she's 4.5yo now), I never wanted to send her off to school on my days off. Year by year went by. I just kept teaching her basic things at home. And we have such wonderful times living LIFE together and learning from life! I see all her little friends who have been in school since they were 3, who have to go 'do school' everyday. And yet DD and I take off to the park, the museums, the aquarium, field trips, we garden, etc. My DD is in no way behind academically, and she will chat up people of any age (one of the other benefits of homeschooling, being around people of all ages)

I so cherish every day that I get to spend with her, and homeschooling will just foster all that family time even more. We get to cater to her educational needs and interests, go on interesting field trips, pursue her talents, explore, serve and volunteer together, things we couldn't do if she was behind a desk for 7-8 hours a day.

And of course, so many of the reasons already stated so well above
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