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Ds1 came with in the room when dd was born and when ds2 was born, dd and ds1 stayed home with dh and i was by myself at the hospital (they just didn't get there in time). DH went home at night for all 3 births so I was on my own with the newbie...


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Ds came to the hospital with us when my 6th was born, (he was almost 2)and was with us the whole time.

The 2 home births, the little ones came and went as they pleased- came in the room, went and played, whatever they wanted.

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Re: VENT: So, who took care of your toddler when . . .

We had mil lined up last time, but I went overdue, and she had to fly home. Since we had a home birth the lo's stayed home. I went into labor around 6:30pm or so, fed the kids, and put them to bed at 8. Dd4 was born at 10:45pm while lo's were still asleep in bed.

I stressed out a lot leading up to it, but its true that it works out somehow in the end.
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Re: VENT: So, who took care of your toddler when . . .

My parents were there for the first 3. They live 2 hours away, but got there. The last one my mothers boss happened to be shopping in the city we live in. My mom called her and told her she was heading our way because I was in labor and her boss graciously offered to meet us at the hospital to sit with our girls until my parents could get there. I just barely made it to the hospital before ds was born. If she hadn't been there dh would have stayed with our girls until after the birth. As it was he had dropped me off in front and sent me with a candy striper up to l&d while he parked. My moms boss pulled up next to him as he was parking. He managed to get there in time to see the end of ds's birth. If he hadn't dropped me off in front, ds would have been born in the hospital parking lot.
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Re: VENT: So, who took care of your toddler when . . .

We planned to either drop our son off with family or leave him home with J, our friend/boarder, depending on time of day but labour was very fast and DH was at work. So J ended up driving me to the hospital with DS in the back (no time to drop him off) and then he took DS back home with him. After that, my mom came and brought DS back for a visit, then kept him for a few days because he had a virus and we didn't want him near the baby.

Do you have any neighbours with kids you could talk to? I know that when our neighbour a few doors down was pregnant with her second, we mentioned that they should feel free to ring the bell if they needed someone to sit with their son until their family arrived, even in the middle of the night.
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My family is in the UK, a few of DH's family were close by. They were very reluctant to take my toddler... Annoyed the -- out of us, their attitude... But they took her for the 36 hours I was in labour and the first night, but the second night she slept in my bed with me. Stayed with us the next day until we were released.

We were supposed to be home birthing but ended up in hospital because I have very long labours.
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Dh and my mom went back and forth. I stayed alone with the baby at night in hospital, my mom snores and I didn't ant her there to keep us up and dh is a heavy sleeper so not much night help. I've enjoyed the hospital very much actually for this reason. During the day for the last two my olders have been in school for much of the day and after school they had activities to run around to so dh took them to those. We managed.

I'm sorry your stressing out now, last minute changes are not what you should be dealing with right now. I agree that you should start asking mom friends. I would take on any of my friends kiddos, and have!

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Re: VENT: So, who took care of your toddler when . . .

We had about 4 contingency plans, because we have no family in the area. Two friends/neighbours were our plan B and C. Plan A- DD went back to her original care provider (she had just left care when I went on leave) for the day and spent the night there- we picked her up first thing in the morning. We did have a homebirth so technically she could have stayed I suppose, but she wasn't quite 2 and it was a bit more than I could handle. Not sure what we will do if we have a 3rd now that there are TWO kiddos to plan for.
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I am workin on a plan now for baby expected in June. If I get my way on c-section date, DS will go to his usual daycare during the day and DH will pick him up after nap time to come visit the baby and I at the hospital. We just aren't sure if we need someone to stay overnight with DS the first night so DH can stay with me in the hospital or if I will be alone with baby. Since I won't be mobile, I'd prefer DH be there that first night to change diapers and help when I get sick from the spinal.

Luckily for us, DH is a teacher so has several co-workers that would be available in a pinch since they are off for the summer. Our next door neighbor would also be willing to help with dog duty if we need it. MIL would love to help but it is a super busy time of year for her so she won't be able to commit to much time.

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With DD, a SIL happened to be in town so she watched DS1 until DH got back from the hospital a few hours after the birth. He stayed home that night and then my mom took DS1 the next night so DH could stay at the hospital with me and DD. That first night alone with DD was actually really awesome for our bonding.

With DS2, my dad kept the older two during that day and then DH picked DS1 up that evening. DH kept DS1 with him both nights I was in the hospital while my parents kept DD. I spent both nights in the hospital alone with DS2 and again, it was wonderful for bonding.

DH was with me almost the entire hospital stay with DS1 and was quick to help. I went right back to work while DH took 6 weeks paternity leave, so DH took most of the night shifts. It seemed awesome at the time but delayed our bonding for several weeks.

My point is that being alone with the newb doesn't have to be scary or a bad thing.
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