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Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

My baby has had a diaper rash since he was a couple days old. He's five weeks now and it hasn't once gone away. The pedi thought it was a yeast rash and prescribed Nistatin. I used it on him for a week or two, then decided maybe the wipes were irritating his bottom, so we switched to warm wet paper towels (which we are still using). I stopped doing the cream and started putting some browned flour on his bottom to dry it between diaper changes. Now I've started using the Nistatin again and the rash seems to be getting worse! Any ideas on how long it takes for a yeast rash to clear up?? It doesn't even mildly clear up with the prescription - the only thing that seemed to help a little was flour and wet papertowels, but it's still blistering. Thanks in advance!!


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Re: Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

Paper towels seem too harsh. I would get some soft Sherpa wipes. I've always used corn starch to help dry my babies bottoms. I've never heard of using flour before. Also, make sure the bottom is drying out in between changes. But honestly, CJ's butter really helped clear my baby girl's rash...again, make sure your baby's bottom dries well before applying or the moisture just gets trapped against the skin.

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I would think it would be improving. Did you/are you bleaching your diapers too? You will need to do something to ensure that they are fully disinfected. I would use a 1/4 c of bleach in the wash. I would also keep using the wet paper towels or just plain water. I am suspicious that it may not actually be yeast but actually a detergent reaction or something else. What detergent are you using? And are you bf?

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Re: Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

I had the same problem with mine! He got a rash at about a week and a half old. I was not using cloth at that time and didn't start till after it went away. But I tried EVERYTHING anyone told me to try and nothing seemed to work. It finally cleared up once he stopped pooing every 5 minutes. I tried medications as well as natural things, like coconut oil, and store bought diaper creams. I finally just put an excessive amount of vasoline on him until it cleared up. The Vaseline at least gave his poor bum a berrier from his poo. I don't have a solution for you but I definitely feel your pain. You could try coconut oil. Good luck.
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CJs Butter Plus in the spray bottle is a god send!

My DD is prone to yeast rashes, she even had one all over her body that we freaked out over. That finally went away after multiple tubes of monistat. I switched to fitteds and wool which made the key difference. I would try CJs first though. Yeast can live on flour and cornstarch.

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Re: Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

Nystatin made my sons rash worse too! I immediately stopped using it. I'm still not sure what caused it and haven't found a cream I swear by yet but I know how you feel!
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Re: Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

Mother Love makes a great thrush balm that worked when I had thrush after DD was born. Its was so bad I ended up with a yeast infection in my milk ducts (ouch!) but this stuff worked great!
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Re: Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

A yeast rash will go away after 1 or 2 applications of gentian violet. I;ve never used prescription creams but I know they have some very harsh ingredients so its no wonder its making it worse. Get some Gentian violet, Amazon has it, and some health food stores. Also use natural ingredient creams which the body will not react to (unless allergic of course), the artificial ingredient ones which are most of the Walmart ones and such can cause reactions because they are synthetic. My favorite for use with cloth diapers is Nature's Baby Organics. Plain straight Lanolin is a godsend for extreme rashes that need protection too. A yeast rash will have little red bumps, if it doesnt then I'd skip the gen violet and just use the Lanolin. Also papertowels have lots of chemicals in them, just cut up an old towel into squares that are a good size for a wipe- whatever size it is that u prefer, and wet it down with warm water for diaper chages, and just pat the area lightly to clean, and blow on it to dry.
Breastmilk applied right on the rash can also help combat yeast and is good for the rash as well. Nature's rash cream!!
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We've had issues with persistent rashes, but never had a yeast rash. The doctor told me not to use any wipes because they all contain Vasaline and the Vasaline puts a barrier on the skin that keeps it from breathing, which keeps it from healing, which perpetuates the rash. We've seriously been through this a thousand times before I quit using wipes altogether.

What cleared my daughters rashes was patting her butt very gently with a warm, soapy wash cloth. Mostly I'd squeeze the water onto her skin and minimize the amount of wiping. Paper towels are way too harsh. After making sure her skin was dry, pat dry with a clean cloth and sometimes use cornstarch for this, I'd have to put desitin on the rash (the one with aloe and vitamin e) and switch to disposibles for a couple days due to desitin (bad for cd).

Very important to do some bare butt time because that rash needs to breath. Just a few 10 min naked sessions per day will do wonders for a rash.

My baby also came home with a rash that persisted for 3 weeks. It's so hard to see a small baby in so much pain. I hope it clears up soon.
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Re: Newborn diaper rash that won't go away!

Could your baby have a sensitivity to the type of cloth diaper you are using? some babies are sensitive to suede cloth.

But if its yeast rash, Tea Tree Oil will make it go away FAST. Use it by adding drops to ALL laundry, even clothes, and wash diapers with it as well. About 8-10 drops per load. You may want to strip diapers first.

Yeast is nasty, but you can get rid of it

Also use CJ's butter, its like magic I also recommend you use tea tree oil spray, such as kissaluvs diaper potion. I swear by it or you can make your own spray solution at home, but the kissaluvs works great. Just spray on the skin and leave it, and don't wipe off.
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