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We start early. Bedtime for our babies is bath, swaddle, nurse on boppy until you sleep then into bed/cradle/crib wherever we will be. Dd is 19 months and we are still doing this. She actually still brigs me (well, drags) the boppy and ER blankets when she's ready if I haven't sat down for her yet.

Bedtime in my house is 7:30. That is for a 1, 5, 7, and 10 year old. My kids are early risers and going to bed later than this create tired, crabby kids the next day.


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About 6 mo. I find set schedules, help out a lot. Both my dds go to bed at 7 and nap from 12~3 .
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Re: At what age..

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Some time around 9-12 months my kiddos have fallen into a bedtime around 8. I follow their lead. DD2 went to bed around 11 until she was about a year old.
Yep here too (only 7pm instead of 8), now that didn't mean they didn't take a "nap" around what some would consider bedtime, but it was usually only for a couple of hours when they were younger, and then would wake up for a diaper change, to eat, maybe even play a little bit before going down for the night.

Bedtime was a several hours long struggle before that point to get them asleep and to stay asleep, where as they went to bed so nicely at a later hour until they were a bit older. I didn't see it as worth the struggle if they were happy snuggling on my lap for a few more hours. All settled into a good bedtime around a year though and have slept 12 hours a night since then.
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Re: At what age..

We start a consistent bedtime as soon as they're home from the hospital.
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Re: At what age..

My newborns sleep when they sleep, but by 3 months I start putting them down after my toddlers go to bed around 7:30 - 8 PM. We cosleep, so I still do not get me time, as I have to be with him so he will sleep. I am ready for bed and can watch TV in my room, so it is no big deal. We also have a Kindle and laptop if I wanted computer time while laying with him.
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Re: At what age..

My first two were easy babies and bed time was between 8 and 8:30 almost from day one till age 2 and then both had about a year of bed time struggles (no idea why)

My 3rd is just off on sleep. So now the boys go to bed between 8 and 8:30 and then I get the baby ready for bed. Sometimes she goes right to sleep by 9 other times she fights it till 10. Unlike the boys, who easily put them selves to sleep, she will not. She will lay there for a little bit and then starts crying. I do not do CIO for little ones so she gets rocked or nursed again. I am hoping she will get the struggles out of her system early and then settle into a routine soon.
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We have done the same bedtime routine since birth because I already do it with my toddler anyway. Bedtime is 8 and our bedtime routine including dinner starts at 630. I had a blissful two months where they both went to bed at 8 and neither woke up until 1 or later so I had a few hours to myself and to sleep by myself. Now all of a sudden she's taking bedtime as a nap. She will take a long morning nap and a short afternoon nap and depending on wake up time, activities etc possibly another short afternoon nap (if her morning nap wasn't good enough). Is she just not ready for bed then? Now she's waking up at 830 and finally going back down at 11
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