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Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story

This "story" starts with some back story and the few weeks leading up to the birth. If you just want the actual in hospital birth story, start reading at the solid line.

I was induced with my first two pregnancies because of blood pressure that was creeping up. Not to the point of being diagnosed with Pre-E or it being emergent to get baby out, but creeping up enough that they offered to “help me out”. Both of those labors were induced with cervidil and babies were each out within 12-14 hours of getting to the hospital. We were so prepared for both of those (being inductions)… the car was packed with everything we needed, we were able to stop on the way to the hospital and fill the car with gas… everything was planned and there was no moment for either of them of going into labor on my own or experiencing the water breaking at home and saying to Richie, “It’s time” or anything like that. I felt like I really wanted to experience that for this last pregnancy, so all throughout, I told myself that I would not give in so easily to an induction, even though my body seems to do really well with them.

With my second delivery, I recalled that the room filled with people as I was pushing and that it seemed his body took a bit longer than normal to come out after his head was out. He also came out so purple. I recalled the midwife at that point saying (after he was out) that he had a “bit of shoulder dystocia”. I am a nurse so I picked up on that term and knew exactly what it meant. I brought this up to Richie at some point between 30-36 or so weeks with this one and he assured me that there was nothing wrong at DS’s delivery and that there weren’t extra people and that baby was not stuck. He was quite insistent on this fact, so I just chalked it up to me maybe being too tired at that point to grasp all the details accurately and convinced myself that maybe I didn’t hear what I thought I’d heard.

I saw the MW Kate at my 36-week appointment and she did the GBS swab, but didn’t check or offer to check me. I was okay with that as up until that point, I hadn’t had anything other than some braxton hicks that didn’t seem at all out of the ordinary. It was the day after this appointment that I started drinking 3-4 cups of red raspberry leaf tea each day. I’d read good things about it and thought it couldn’t hurt to at least try it.

That following weekend, the first weekend in March, I was on call for work. I really was feeling mentally and emotionally done with being pregnant, but I’m not one to ask for my work load to be decreased unless I’m desperate. I just don’t do well asking for help. That Saturday, I took Carson (3yo) with me grocery shopping. We only went to 2 stores and the whole trip was less than 2 hours long, but I noticed I was having lots of contractions during that trip and then they continued pretty much like that the rest of that day. They were feeling different than the braxton hicks earlier had felt. These ones felt like they were cramping in my back. The rest of that weekend, I noticed that pretty much every time I’d move (getting up from the couch, walking, getting up in the middle of the night etc) that these contractions like this would pick back up again. If I sat, they’d stop. I was up and down and up and down a lot that weekend with being on call… the phone rang over 50 times that week (from Wednesday to Wednesday).

Went to work on Monday and the contractions were pretty much the same – crampy in my back whenever I was up and down. By mid afternoon, I was sitting at the computer and got this weird urge or feeling… almost like my water was going to break, the contractions felt that “different” than braxton hicks. I was sure “something” was happening. Well, after a few trips down the hall to the bathroom (with nothing happening), I called it a day and went home about a half hour early. I called Richie and had him pick up the kids from daycare, and I went straight home. As soon as I got home, I was in the bathroom with serious loose stools. I thought maybe that was labor related, but turns out, it was just the start of a serious 24-hour stomach bug. Thankfully no vomiting involved. I went to bed for a nap at around 4:30 and when Rich and the kids got home, he fended for them and got them dinner. The phone rang 2 different times (I was still on call) and I cried each time I hung it up. I was so spent after the weekend of getting no rest. I called Guy (one of the nurses I work with) and as I was crying on the phone, I told him I needed a favor. He immediately went into “father” mode (he’s old enough to be my father) and he was all “Where are you? I’ll come get you! I’ll take you to the hospital! Are you alone?” etc. I explained that I was just emotionally and physically spent and needed someone to take over call for me … I wasn’t going to make it another 2 days with my sanity intact, I think it was already gone at that point. He said he’d do anything I needed, so he made phone calls to let everyone know the on call nurse was switching and I was able to breathe and finally relax without the worry of the phone ringing again. Then my phone rang and it was my boss. She asked me what my plans were for the next day, Tuesday. I told her I was supposed to teach a class. She told me to not worry about it and that Guy (usually my co-teacher) would teach it. I told her he wasn’t going to be there as he had meetings all day, I was on my own for it. She told me to take the day off and recouperate and she’d take care of getting someone to teach class. Within 15 minutes, I had a message from her that Guy had rearranged his day and would teach the class. Looking back, I wish I’d been able to make myself ask for help on Saturday when I started getting miserable instead of reaching my breaking point before reaching out.

I stayed home on Tuesday and literally did nothing except sit on the couch and watch TV and nap. Contractions subsided and I mentally started feeling better too.

Wednesday March 6th, I was 37 weeks and had an appointment with Kate again. My blood pressure was 150/70, but the receptionist made a comment about “it’s always high so I’m sure it’s because you were just up moving around”. I had been checking my blood pressure randomly throughout the previous day and was getting readings of 130’s/low80’s, so I wasn’t real concerned with it. Kate didn’t bring it up during the appointment, and looking back, I think she just overlooked it. I told her my contractions had changed over the past week and felt different than the normal braxton hicks. She made a comment about “subsequent babies make mama feel more braxton hicks, that’s normal”, but she offered to check me if I wanted her to. I was really curious and really hopeful that they had done something. She checked me and seemed rather surprised when she told me I was 2-3cm already and “still quite thick, which is normal for a 3rd baby”. MW Kate has been with this practice for a long time and she made comments during the last few appointments I had with her about “I think this baby should be mine” and “I want to deliver this baby”. I was really hopeful that she’d be on call when I went into labor.

From that Wednesday until the next Monday, I had just random regular braxton hicks that didn’t feel at all crampy. I spent all day that Friday at home picking up the house, organizing baby stuff, doing laundry and dishes. Friday evening I went to a get together with a group of scrapbookers, it was an all weekend event, but I only went on Friday and Saturday. I ended up taking my sewing machine and iron and made 2 baby shirts and a pair of pants … and then with my leftover time got just 6 scrapbook pages done. It was nice to spend a weekend for me, relaxing and enjoying time with my friend Erin. Can’t recall that I had many contractions at all while we were there. Sunday we didn’t go to church. A day at home relaxing was much needed.

Monday March 11th I was back to work. I walked up the stairs at work (Penny Lane) and had a couple of those harder type contractions when I got up to the top, so I went back down and then went up and down a few times doing the steps more like lunges – skipping about 2-3 steps on the way up. That caused some pretty hard contractions and by this point, I was willing to have baby come out whenever he wanted. We had no more family commitments and our calendar was free until my due date of March 27th. I went to my other work location (Hallstead) and contractions were easy to ignore for most of the late morning/early afternoon. When I left there at 3:30pm to head back to the other location (Penny Lane) for the rest of the afternoon, I noticed I had 3 or so contractions on the ride over. It’s only a 10-mile drive. I thought, “hmm… those are pretty close together” and when I got to Penny Lane, I grabbed a sticky note and started timing them. The girl I was working with saw me jotting times down and asked what I was doing. I said, “timing contractions” and she was like, “WAIT! I don’t know how to deliver a baby!” I was having irregular contractions spaced anywhere from 3-8 minutes apart. When I left there, I headed to the grocery store and they kept up. I got home a little after 5pm and told Richie “tonight might be the night!” We threw together a quick spaghetti dinner and fed the kids, bathed the kids, did 2 or 3 loads of laundry, did all the dishes so the counter and sinks were totally cleared, ran the dishwasher, got the car packed with essentials… basically everything done so if we had to go we were ready. While Richie had the kids in the tub (around 7:30pm), I placed a call to the midwife on call just to ask her thoughts. I told her that I was going on about 4 hours of contractions all less than 8 or so minutes apart, some of them 2 minutes apart, but nothing regular or increasing in intensity. As far as I could tell, they were all lasting about 30 seconds, but it was hard to tell when they were ending because we’d been so busy getting things ready and busy with the kids. She asked if I’d had any bloody show (no) and said I could go in if I wanted to see what/if anything was really happening, or that I could stay home and call back if contractions got to the point of lasting about a minute long. After the kids were in bed, I sat on the couch and tried to time how long they were lasting, but … they just stopped. Petered out and stopped. I can certainly see how many women take themselves to the hospital thinking they’re in labor to be told they aren’t and to go home. Glad we didn’t go in.

Went to work on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Tuesday after work, I made a quick trip to Walmart to get a yoga ball and spent time each evening the rest of the week rocking on that, hoping to help things along.

Thursday March 14th I was 38 weeks and had an appointment with midwife Mahrie. My weight was 199#. Up a total of 59 pounds. My blood pressure was 140/82 (I think) and when she called me back, she didn’t even ask how I was, she just said, “I don’t like your blood pressure”. She also asked me, “Which baby was your shoulder baby?” I immediately told her “MY SON!” I told her how Richie had said there wasn’t a shoulder concern, but must be there was. He had been 8#14oz and was mildly stuck which just required the midwife at that delivery to flick her finger under his shoulder somehow and then he came out without problems. Mahrie felt my belly while we were talking about this and she said, “You certainly do grow big babies”. She didn’t give an indication of how big she thought this one was though. She told me she wanted me to take Friday off work and collect a 24-hour urine. Then I was to drop that off at the lab and get labs on Saturday morning, then go up to L&D for a NST and blood pressure check. I got a NST that day and everything looked perfect. She also checked me and said I was “3cm” and asked if she could do a membrane sweep, I was all for that and when she was done, she said I was “a good 3-4cm”. I left there sure that I’d go into labor after that! She had set up a 39-week induction if I didn’t go into labor on my own before then (assuming the labs/tests came back normal on Saturday). We also discussed who was on call between that appointment and the scheduled induction. Midwife Kate was on call for the scheduled induction (yay!). Midwife Lisa was on call Saturday and Monday (boo!). I found very early on that Lisa and I didn’t mesh well. She came across to me as “fake” and overly bubbly and there were some comments when I was 16 weeks pregnant that just left a bad taste in my mouth for her. I was really nervous that I’d end up with her delivering. I had brought this concern up with both midwifes Kate and Mahrie. They said my other option if I opted not to have Lisa was to have the doctor on call deliver. Being that I had only met one of the doctors, I was not really okay with that idea either. I just held out hope that I wouldn’t end up with a Saturday or Monday baby.

Thursday evening, my mood was so much better. There was an end in sight. Richie even commented on that. It was like “I can do this for another 6 days!” instead of the “this might go on for another 3 weeks!” I didn’t notice any increase in contractions or mucous plug or bloody show or anything, but remained hopeful that my body would go into labor on it’s own at this point.

Friday March 15th, I stayed home and collected the 24-hour urine. I noticed when I used the bathroom first thing that morning that I’d lost a large chunk of the mucous plug! I was giddy and kept thinking my water would break during that day. I kept losing pieces of plug throughout the day, but it never got bloody. I had a very long to-do list for around the house. It included laundry (sheets, nb/sm diapers), stocking/setting up the diaper station, cleaning the bathroom top to bottom (minus the tub), dishes, etc etc… I was busy all day. Friday evening, Richie and I realized that we were creeping up on Saturday when Lisa would be on call. I didn’t do any yoga ball, we didn’t do the deed, Richie was even telling the kids “don’t touch mommy’s belly!” Whatever we could do at that point not to go into labor until at least Sunday at 7am when Lisa would be going off call.

__________________________________________________ ____________

I fell asleep Friday night thinking about the possibility of Lisa delivering our little boy. I somehow made myself come to terms with the idea and when I woke up in the morning, I really felt okay with the idea that we didn’t have any other options and I had better go into it with a clear mind or I’d be setting myself up for disappointment. At that point, I felt more comfortable having her instead of having (an intervention happy) doctor deliver. I went to the hospital at 10am to drop off the 24-hour urine and get my labs drawn (liver enzymes, CBC, uric acid). Then up to L&D where they got me hooked right up to the NST and checked my blood pressure every 10 minutes while I was there. My first reading was 142/89 and after that, while I was lying there they continued to go down. I just laid there listening to baby boy’s heartbeat and wondering which way the testing would go. I noticed while I was in that L&D room that there was no clock on the wall in front of me. I specifically recall the last two deliveries that there was a clock on the wall at the foot of the bed and I could keep tabs on what was happening at what time during labor – it kept me grounded knowing how long things were lasting. I called Rich and told him to grab the clock off the bathroom wall and we’d take our own clock to hang up. Lisa came in after the first 2 blood pressure readings and told me that they were waiting for my labs to come back because they hadn’t be submitted as stat so it was taking awhile. She came back in awhile later and said that my urine came back 315 for protein (cut off is 300) and my platelets were low at 97. Both markers of pre-eclampsia. Still waiting on the other 2 levels to come back. She did say that with 2 positive markers, she’d have to consult with the doctor on call about what route we’d take – whether we’d induce that day, or come back Monday for another round of testing and try to hold out until the scheduled induction on Wednesday. She came back in around noon and said the other 2 levels were within normal limits, but that the doctor had said “If she’s past 37 weeks, induce her today”. Diagnosed with mild pre-e. Within just those few interactions with Lisa I really got a different (good) feeling for her. I was totally at ease and felt a peace about her being the one to deliver our baby. Richie was home at that point with the kids and I let Lisa know we didn’t have child care until around 5 that evening. She told me to go home and get things together and come back at 6pm for being induced. Left the hospital around 1pm and stopped at the store on the way home. Picked up a few vitamin waters for during labor, a couple packs of those huge bakery muffins for after delivery, and a green mint chocolate cake to celebrate the actual birthday of our baby boy. Got home and did the last minute car packing and talking with the kids about what was going to happen. We dropped them off at their daycare at about 5:30pm and headed to the hospital.

Arrived at the hospital at about 6pm. Checked in and we discussed the plan. My whole “birth plan” consisted of me telling her “I don’t want an IV unless necessary. I don’t want to wear my hospital bracelet. I don’t want pain meds. I want to be able to squat when/if I want to and I’d prefer to squat at the bedside not in the bed with the bar”. We also had a discussion with Lisa that let her know that I needed to be kept aware of what was going on. I wanted to be informed. It scared me with DS when I didn’t know why he wasn’t coming out and I really would have liked to be informed. I asked her about if this little one ended up with a shoulder dystocia too, what she would be doing and what she’d be asking the nurses and/or me to do (position wise etc). She explained it all to me and I felt much better knowing if the nurse started pressing on my abdomen that I’d know why. I recall when I was in transition with DD that the nurse plunked the fetal heartrate monitor on my belly in between contractions, but because she didn’t tell me what she was doing or ask if it was okay, I crabbed at her and wasn’t nice. I just let the team working with us during this delivery know that I needed to be kept in the loop. Lisa mentioned pitocin as an option for induction and I let out a rather curt “NO!” I really wanted to try other options and use pitocin only as a last resort. She said she could break my water, but I was scared that would put me on a time schedule and it was one step closer to pitocin if it didn’t work. We decided to try the cervidil and that was put in around 7pm. I was still 3-4cm and 80% effaced. My parents and my mother in law arrived around that time. I got out my knitting and made the I-cord for baby boy’s coming home outfit. By around 8:30pm, I felt the first of some mild contractions – just crampy in my back, but nothing really felt in the front at that point. I laid down to rest and I think I napped briefly. My dad left to go back to our house to take care of the dogs and get some sleep. We were going to call him when things got rolling. I think he left around 10pm. By 11:30, contractions were still just mildly crampy in my back and didn’t seem to be getting any different. I was a bit frustrated and with having both my mom and Richie’s mom in the room, I really was feeling like a watched pot and getting antsy. I laid down to try to rest again and when I woke up at 12:10 I was super discouraged. I hadn’t had a single twinge of discomfort since 11:30 when I’d laid down. Got up to use the bathroom at 12:30 and the cervidil fell out. I walked out in the hallway to tell my nurse Mary. She said Lisa was busy with another delivery but when she was done there, that she’d send her in. I decided to walk the hallways and see if I could get anything going. For a half hour, my mom walked with me as we paced back and forth up and down the maternity ward. I had a few good contractions while walked, but nothing that stayed once I stopped walking. With DS’s labor, I walked those halls for 3-4 hours to get/keep contractions going, and then by the time I was pushing, I couldn’t hold my own weight up to use the squat bar because my ankles hurt so badly. I didn’t want to do that to myself again. I talked with the nurse and she said I could try the double electric breast pump. I did that for 10 minutes at around 1:30am. From 1:45am-2:15, I had a lot of contractions, but I don’t recall that they were painful. I was sitting in the bed at that time talking on facebook with a friend (Emily) from work. I asked her if our co-worker and his wife had had their baby yet. She commented that “she’s at 9cm now and they’re getting ready to break her water”. Little did I know, they were in the room next to us and that’s who my midwife was busy with!
At 2:20am, Lisa came back in and checked me. I was still at 3-4cm with a bulging bag of waters. She said we could break the water and see what happens, or I could try pumping again since that worked better than the walking had. I decided to try pumping for 2 rounds and then let her break my water. Did 15 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 15 minutes on. During the first 15 minutes of pumping, I had 5 quite painful contractions and was hopeful we were moving in the right direction. Lisa came back in a little after 3am and she checked me and I was 4.5-5cm by then and a “super soft” cervix. She was quite confident that by breaking my water things would move quickly – being that this was baby #3 because my body knew what to do. So, at 3:20am she broke my water. I remember the distinct “pop” and gush. Such a weird feeling. I stayed in the bed for maybe 3-4 contractions and more water came out with each of them. I had read Ina May’s book on natural childbirth while I was pregnant and I’d told Richie and our moms about how she recommends breathing out and flapping your lips like a horse. We’d laughed about it during early labor and I went ahead and did it once (not as a coping mechanism, just for a laugh really) and the whole room laughed… but when I laughed it hurt so badly. At least I knew that that breathing method would not work for me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without getting mad at the rest of the room laughing, so I made a comment like “now that we have that of our system!” And then I had to get out of bed, things were getting too uncomfortable.

The next hour or so seems like it went really quickly. I moved to the yoga ball at the end of the bed and was tripod leaning over the bed while I sat and gently rocked on the ball. I had to go into my zone of blocking everyone and everything out during the contractions by this point. What I remember looking back, being “watched” while nothing was happening made me feel uneasy… but once things got rolling, I could have had a huge audience and as long as they were all quiet during contractions, I wouldn’t have cared who was there. I remember looking up at my mom across the room from me at one point and kind of whimpering, “I want to trade places with you” to her. At one point, I asked Richie to come sit on the bed so I could lean into him. He had the car keys in his pocket and I pointed to them and said rather curtly, “get rid of whatever that is”. It was during this time that I really had to concentrate on my breathing. If I wasn’t paying attention to it, I’d catch myself holding my breath. When I caught myself doing that, I found that my mind was going crazy with the “I can’t do this” thoughts. I made myself take a deep breath in and then slowly let it out my lips and push all the air out. I had to keep telling myself to just get through this one contraction and we’d deal with the next one when it came. I was doing what Richie refers to as “cooing” with most of these contractions as I was letting the air out. I asked Richie to help me remember at what point I got in the tub with the other 2 labors. I didn’t mean how dilated I was, but I was hoping he could tell by how I was responding to the contractions… of course, I couldn’t articulate that so I just told them to start filling the tub. While we were waiting for the tub to fill, I must have hit transition. I recall that the temperature in the room kept fluctuating and I’d go from cold to hot to cold to hot. Someone (Richie? Nurse Mary?) was putting on and taking off the extra hospital gown over my back. One time I did get angry with someone, I’d said it was freezing in there, so someone put the gown on me and I kind of swatted back and said something like “Don’t do that while I’m having a contraction!” Poor things couldn’t read my mind, but luckily, the team as a whole knew what I needed and did really well letting me labor how I wanted. We all decided I should be checked before getting in the tub. That meant getting back in the bed. Moving from the ball to the bed was so painful due to the excessive pressure of baby being so low. Once I was in the bed, I knew I didn’t want to get out again and go down the (cold) hallway to the tub nor have to do that freezing cold (wet) trip back to the room in the wheelchair after the tub. Lisa did ask me how I felt about a water birth and I said “No thanks”. We hadn’t talked about it before labor started as the policy used to be you can labor in the tub, but not birth there. So either policy changed, or she was going to let it happen if I wanted it to? We didn’t revisit that topic though. She checked me at a little before 5am. I was 9cm with a little lip. I looked at my mom and told her she’d better call my dad so he could drive over. At that point, I stayed in the bed and made it through a few contractions still concentrating on the breathing. I felt like they were getting further apart (maybe because gravity wasn’t working with me anymore?) and I asked for the squat bar on the bed. I looked at the clock at 4:53am and made a comment about how weird it would be if he was born at 5:22am because the other 2 kids were 3:22am and 9:22pm. Then I thought to myself that that was a terrible idea because that meant another half hour or so of the pain of getting him out. I used the squat bar for a couple contractions and then asked her if I could push even though I wasn’t feeling the urge from my body to do so. I was getting frustrated and feeling like I was going to “lose it” mentally and wanted to do something different. She checked me and said I was complete and I could push if I wanted to, but that I didn’t have to yet. Before she could even get her sentence out, I was pushing. It felt so good to be able to take control and help the process along. I don’t know how many contractions or pushes exactly but Lisa said at one point I was bringing him down good. I continued to push with each contraction even though my body wasn’t pushing on it’s own. He crowned and then for the first time with any of my 3 births, I felt the ring of fire. My mom had moved by this point and she was standing right behind Lisa. Richie was at my left leg. My mom made a comment about, “I can see his hair” and then while I was pushing she said, “I see his nose!” I asked if his head was out fully and it wasn’t quite yet. Lisa told me to push gently and once his head was out, the rest of him easily slid out in the next push. I think it was a total of 3-4 contractions worth of pushes to get him out. I looked at the clock and said 5:21am! Lisa said, “Oh, I’m sure there’s a clock in this room somewhere that says 5:22am.” She looked up and the one above her was 5:22am.

Wyatt Jonathan was born on St. Patrick’s Day at 5:22am.

He was placed on me and I commented on how he had to be smaller than the other 2 because of how “easy/short” his labor and delivery had been. Maybe I’m just used to looking at a 5 year old and a 3 year old’s heads, but his head looked so tiny that I was convinced he was smaller than the other 2 had been. He stayed on my under the warm blankets while I was stitched up. 3 small stitches, the least tearing with any of my 3 deliveries. Lisa didn’t clamp the cord right away which I hadn’t noticed until she picked up the cord and made a comment about how it hadn’t stopped pulsating yet. It wasn’t part of my birth plan, not something I’d researched, but in the moment was glad that was her own personal policy. My placenta didn’t want to come out too easily, it stayed in for just over 20 minutes and she said if it stayed in for 30 minutes that the doctor would have to be called in. Maybe that just scared my body into expelling it because it came out really soon after she made that comment.

Wyatt was taken off me and weighed at about an hour old. When Mary (nurse) picked him up, she made a comment about how he wasn’t little at all. Put him on the scale and when they said 9#14oz, I was totally shocked. A full pound bigger than our last baby and no problem with shoulder dystocia. How big would he have been if he'd cooked another 10 days until his due date?

Lisa turned out to be a very good midwife when we needed her to be, despite our personalities clashing throughout the whole pregnancy. She even came back in the room after the delivery and commented that I could be a model for natural labor and delivery with how I handled everything, from how I handled the contractions to how I knew what I wanted and didn’t want done. The room was filled with lots of “I’m glad I never have to do that again” comments. Although natural birth is very empowering, I’m glad to know we’re done. It’s true what they say – you’ll know when you’re done. I was very much pleased with the labor and delivery of our third and final addition to our family.


- Andrea -
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Re: Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story

Look at that hair
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Wow 9#14oz! Good job momma.
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Re: Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story

Wow, great story! Congrats, mama! He is such an adorable squish!
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Re: Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story

CONGRATS!!! he is one cute little chunk and he looks so happy. great job!!
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Re: Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story

Wow, congratulations!!! He is gorgeous!
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He is so stinking cute!!
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Re: Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story

Love the story Andrea

And love me some Baby Wyatt cheeks
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He is so big and beautiful! Congrats!
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Re: Wyatt Jonathan's REALLY LONG birth story
Spinning/knitting/crochet mama behind the Woodland Pixie
Mama to Pi 9/14/08 Pixie 6/5/11 and Baby E 5/2/13 !
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