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Samson's birth center L&D

So I got checked at 34weeks because of BH and losing some of my mucous plug. I had already started dilating from the near constant Braxton hicks I was having. They were concerned that i would go into labor prematurely and i was put on bedrest. I had planned on having him at a birth center and they told me they couldn't legally deliver me before 37 weeks so I basically just had to hope I could make it to the 37 week mark. Luckily I did! And at my 37 week appointment I was about 5cm and 50% effaced. I knew there was a full moon on the 25th and I kept telling DH that I'd go into labor that night (because I had went into labor the night of a full moon with DD ). But he said thought I was crazy! I woke up around 6am on the 26th with really light contractions, they just felt like period cramps but they were coming pretty rhythmically so I kept an eye on them. I started timing them at about 7 and they were 6min apart so I figured just to be cautious I'd call the midwives and get their opinion. I wasn't in pain atall so I figured I'd just go into the birth center, get checked and get sent home. Well I got there at 9:30am, still no pain, and she checked me and I was 7cm with a bulging bag of water. I was SO shocked to find out I was 7cm and not in any pain! So she said I could continue to labor on my own or they could break my water. I took about two hours to think about it because I was hoping it would just break on its own. I didn't want any intervention at all. But I figured, it was going to break either way so I just had them go ahead and break it. They did that at noon and then my contractions slowly started becoming pretty painful. I was laboring in the tub and that made it feel a lot better (though they still really hurt!). They had me get out and change positions a couple of times just to help things along because sitting in the tub was keeping me from progressing. I hit transition at about 2pm and by 245 it got pretty hard to handle so I got back in the tub. They asked me if I wanted DH in the tub with me for support and I scoffed at the idea (though now afterwards I really wish I had said yes!). Just before 3pm I had started bearing down during contractions and realized it might be time to push. I wasn't fully prepared for how painful pushing him out would be, lol. I also have always said screaming during delivery is something I would never do, hah! I am pretty embarrassed by how loud I screamed when he was just about to come out. My family could hear me in the waiting room! I immediately apologized for screaming but the midwives and DH assured me that they didn't mind and I had nothing to say sorry for of course. It felt like it would be impossible to push him out and I kept saying I didn't think I'd be able to do it, to which the midwives chuckled and said if only they had a dime for every time they had heard that They were amazingly supportive and helpful though. I remember feeling very rushed in the hospital with my first birth so it was nice that I was in control and could push when I felt it was necessary, not to mention not having a random nurse counting to 10 in my ear while I pushed! After 22 minutes of pushing he came out at 3:18pm, 6lbs 9oz, 19in born in the water and it was SO incredible. He was slightly purple and didn't cry so we had to rub him for a few minutes to get him breathing and make noise, which was terrifying and I'm sure felt much longer than it really was, but once he did everything was perfect. I didn't tear at all which I was so happy about and this recovery has been so much easier than it was with DD, though I had an epidural and two stitches with her for a tiny cut so I'm sure that made a difference in healing. Overall I'm so happy with all of the choices that were made and I couldn't be happier with how the entire experience went!


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Re: Samson's birth center L&D

congrats, mama! great job and welcome little samson!
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Re: Samson's birth center L&D

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Re: Samson's birth center L&D

Happiness comes from within
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Re: Samson's birth center L&D

Great birth story thank you for sharing.
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Re: Samson's birth center L&D

Congratulations, Mama!!
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Congrats! Pics?!
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Good job!!! Congrats on a wonderful birth experience!
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Congrats!!! Great job! Sounds like a great experience!
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Re: Samson's birth center L&D

Wow, no pain at 7cm!
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