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My inadvertant experiment in clutter

Last week I posted pictures of our completed living room remodel/declutter and it was glorious to have that room (finally) done! Unfortunately it lasted for all of a day - but with good reason.

To make room for baby #2 we are switching the layout and purpose of 3 rooms - bedroom, office, and playroom. So it's kind of like we're moving but much cheap and much much easier (moving with a toddler would suck!). But as a result we had to fill up the living room with stuff as we rearrange the other rooms. On the plus side, I thought I was at a great spot where we didn't have much to purge... I've already managed to find at least a car-loads worth! And when all is said and done we should have 3 or 4 big furniture items no longer needed. We also upgraded/downsized a desk and bed to alternatives that are much simpler. So excited for these changes.

So having every surface in the living/dining room stacked with stuff and very few seating options has been challenging. It's a really good motivator for me to get a move on because it's driving me crazy to not be able to find things or have a place to set things. It really sucks because with the master bedroom empty it would be the perfect time to paint... but I'll have to settle for a quick touch up.

I've been fascinated by DH's reaction. At first he seemed really happy to be surrounded by clutter and chaos of moving. He grew up partly with his grandparents who are literal hoarders, and he says he likes having all the stuff around because then it's like there's neat treasure everywhere (not sure what this means... I think he likes opening random boxes to see what's inside). But fast forward a few days later and he seems really annoyed that the counters and table are full, and there's nowhere to set stuff. He's also grumbled as he searches high and low for missing sippy cups and toddler's needed bedtime items. He carried a plate of food into the living room and looked around annoyed since there was nowhere open for him to sit. And then he told me that we have TOO MANY toys. That is funny because he always seems forlorn when I get rid of her toys even when I explain that she has too many.

So while it wasn't my plan to create so much clutter, I think it may be teaching DH a little more appreciation for minimalism. I'm not trying to make things difficult... but I'm certainly not going out of my way to make the living room convenient. lol.


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Re: My inadvertant experiment in clutter

I love your stories - it's been fun to follow your journey.

We rearranged the living room, just the one room, and found a bunch of stuff that wasn't needed in there anymore. Needs change constantly, it seems.

I'm still trying to get DH on board, too. I just keep moving his unused stuff downstairs into a dresser.

the "neat treasure everywhere"......I totally understand what he's saying. My grandma wasn't a hoarder, but as she aged she wasn't able to get down in her basement much, so there were desk drawers full of old notebooks and receipts and old pens and other stuff. She had a big storage room and it was full of boxes of nifty stuff. Pictures and cards and everything you could htink of saving. She had shelves full of old Redbooks and I would read through all the articles on intimate relations....oh, the things I learned from Redbook! We spent a hundreds of hours digging (neatly) through her stuff because it was so dang interesting.
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Re: My inadvertant experiment in clutter

That's funny. It's cliche, but soo true that it's hard to appreciate what you have. But it sounds like he's learning I bet you are really looking forward to getting your living room back in order!
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Re: My inadvertant experiment in clutter

Great story. We moved all the contents of our master to the playroom to rip up the carpet. What a week we had. I swear we got rid of more stuff that week than we have in months. It felt like procrastinating, purging while I was supposed to be working on the floors, but I knew that I was on a roll and needed to keep going. Now our bedroom is so minimalist, it echoes. I LOVE IT!!!!

I wonder if I have to empty EVERY room of its contents to really purge properly?!
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