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jam's mum
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S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

My daughter loves reading, painting, drawing, even "writing" (I.e., making minute little chicken scratch scribbles with a pen), all of which I love too, and plinky-plonking on the guitar just like my husband.

However, like me, she has absolutely no comprehension of numbers or space. She knows the alphabet, but counts 1, 2, 2, 2, nine-ten. She can recognise and name each shape, but cannot for the life of her fit a circle into a round hole. I have never seen a child more inept at puzzles than my girl, and I say that with all my love and sympathy , but seriously, sometimes I just sort of stare, aghast, as she struggles to fit the last piece of a four piece puzzle into the hole, turning it over on its other side, smashing it on top of other pieces... She is physically super-cautious, like me - goes over potholes in the road on her bottom rather than risk a fall .

She has my MIL's cheery personality, which is indescribably grating in my MIL, but charming in my daughter, and is mellow like my husband - give her something to occupy herself with, and she's smooth-sailing.

How about your chicks?


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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

I foolishly named my son after my husband and my father...both were spit fires when they were young. DS gets his love of outside and making stuff and interest in anything with 4 wheels from my Dad. His love of math and numbers DH and I. His funny personality is me.
My ODD is a total mix of my sister and I, she will be one of us and then in the next breath the other but my sister and I are very similar almost likes twins 3 year age difference but can know when the other needs us, sound identical, say the same thing, and according to our hubby's the creepiest is when we dress alike without discussing it. Like today dark jeans sneakers teal shirts we have also done it down to bra and undies.
My YDD is the third child and she is so different than all of us yet the same. She has a great sense of humor for 2 almost 3. She likes to draw which is my Dad . Likes reading me but loves some tv DH.
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DS looks just like DH, but in terms of personality, he's his momma's son: stubborn (this is probably both DH and I), focused, independent, loves puzzles. He's more of a joker than I am, though
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My son seems to be a little engineer and quite possibly an introvert like his dad. Time will tell.

My 4 yo Gigi is decisive and confident, qualities I admire in myself and other people. I would of course love her if she were timid and unsure, but she is how she is and it's nice to see some of myself in her. Both of my children have music in them, a popular family profession on my husband's paternal side.
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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

Let's see. Several traits all 3 kids have that come from both DH and I (especially the being stubborn). ODD is very similar to me in most repects, as well as YDD. Not sure this counts as personality trait, but ODD and I both have ADHD, though hers is fairly mild.

DS is a math minded kid, loves to build (he really doesn't play with anything excpet Legos and plays Minecraft, so lots of building). He has a terrible time admitting the possibility he could be wrong, which very much a DH trait. He also can't seem to choose his battles and gets upset over a lot of things. DH is like that, though I'm hoping DS gets better as he matures (he just turned 10, so he's got time). ODD is a follower, which is also DH (he would deny it, I'm sure, but he is easily influenced by those around him). YDD is very much like me, especially me as a child, but I am not even really sure how to describe the similarities. Closest I can come is that we have both been described as being so full of personality. lol I'm not even postive what was meant by that.

None of my kids have the "randomness" that I have been accused of. They all love to read, but I think that is more because DH and I both love to read and so books have always been a big part of our lives.
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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

My oldest and youngest are a lot like their father when he was tiny. Fearless, strong, adventurous, loud, social. My middle child is more like me as a child. Cautious in physical situations, pensive, quiet, imaginative, stubborn, easily frustrated, makes friends easily.

The strongest direct traits we see though are to my father and that middle child. He is basically my Dad reincarnated. Looks like him, thinks like him, quirky gestures are the same (points with two fingers, as opposed to just the index finger). It makes me happy because my Dad was a pretty level guy, IME.
Kat ~ Mum to G (11), D (9) and O (7)
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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

DS2 personality like BIL (stubborn), like me he would rather not play Wii, or drive the 4 wheeler, loves to read, but like Dh loves math. and enjoys building and helping to create. Is responsible but isn't tidy. He will tell you when he wants something or needs something. such as he told us at 4.5 that he wasn't going to ride his bike without training wheels until he was 6. DH took them off at 4.5 and asked if he wanted help and 5 minutes later without help was riding his bike without training wheels.

DS1 personality is like mine (easily crushed but a free spirit) and isn't likely going to tell you if he doesn't like something, like me loves to read, like dh would love to be allowed to play wii all day long, is adventurous. He rarely tells me if something doesn't fit (like shoes and underwear). But he is organized but not the best person in the family to send something to or from school with. has a look he could have only gotten from my mother.
Heather - married to M, Mother to J & S
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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

My mom keeps telling me that my daughter is just like I was, only worse. My girl has a temper. It's cute because she's only one, but man can she ever throw a fit (I was known for my tantrums)

She's also an animal lover. She lights up when she sees my dog and cat. My dad took her to the petstore and she loved the birds and rodents. She definitely got that from me.
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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

DS: DH's extroversion & energy level. And moodiness. My love of learning, especially (at the moment anyway) history. He is 7 and is fascinated with learning life stories -- most recently Lincoln (at home) and Beethoven and Haydn (in music class at school).

DD: she is so me. There's nothing I can think of in her personality from DH. Funniest quirk: she completely loses it when she's misheard. I remember being exactly this way. If someone mishears her, even very innocently and you wouldn't think it's a big deal, she will start blushing terribly, trembling, totally emotional about "no! That's not what i said!" It's so strange to see this childhood behavior of mine just pop right up in her - like, that's genetic? So weird.
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Re: S/O: character traits your child(ren) inherited

What a fun thread! I'm struggling because my kid is only 14 months, so it's hard to pick out behaviors that are just-me or just-hubby. The only obvious one is that I sucked my right thumb as a kid, hubby sucked his left thumb, and our baby is thumbidextrous.

I think our son also likes to do things that are hard or scary... he's not exactly a daredevil... it's hard to explain. He was the earliest walker I've ever seen personally. I have a video of him walking over a dozen steps in a row, independently, the day after he turned 8 months. As a kid I was notorious for climbing/running/jumping/flipping and wanting to prove I could do anything anyone else could do. So I see that in him a little.

My husband has a great sense of style, and our son has just started opening his own dresser and bringing us things to put on him. He will fish out a pair of suspenders and wait patiently while we attach them, then he'll march around proud as a peacock. That's all hubby.

Our son also has a generally happy disposition, and I like to think that's from both of us. People used to comment on how little he cried, and I worried it was just a phase, but he's still this way. I don't think I can credit our amazing parenting skills, I think it's more how he's wired--literally days and days will pass without him crying. It reminds me of the thing I like best about myself and my husband, that joy comes to us much more easily than frustration or anger. Even when hubby and I are fighting we usually find something to laugh about.

The only sort of negative thing I see (if you could call it that) is that our son has very little patience for anything passive. Sitting and reading is not something that does or ever has interested him. Even as a newborn he would get bored listening to me read aloud, and most nights we are lucky to get through 3 or 4 pages of a story before he jumps up and wants to do something. That comes from hubby.
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