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Induction Experiences

My due date was 05/15/2013. This is my first baby.

I saw my doctor yesterday (at 40 weeks) for a non-stress test. The baby was very inactive and there was a lot of concern at first. I had my husband speak to the baby and try to get her to become more active during the test and she did a few more kicks. The doctor decided not to send me to the hospital for more testing after the last few kicks, but did want to go on and schedule an induction soon.

So, I'm scheduled to be induced on 05/21/2013.

What can I expect from an induction? Is it more painful to be induced? Is there anything specific I should keep in mind or request when being induced? I had planned to labor without medication--should I forgo this idea if I make it to the induction?

I had a friend who was induced very recently. She said it was awful and the contractions just would not stop coming. She assures me that I will want an epidural when the pitocin starts and is encouraging me to go on and get it done as soon as it is offered. She said that because she had waited to get the epidural her body would not continue to dilate and that is why she ended up with her cesarean. It was her first baby though so I feel like it isn't fair of me to base my idea of induction on her experience since she doesn't have another pregnant/birth to compare it to. I am curious if her experience is common/normal with inductions.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Induction Experiences

I have been induced 3 times with 3 drug free births. I had a natural birth that happened naturally too late. I had no problems, I did not need meds. I had no pain, no issues, and was fine. It was funny because the nurses told me that I was making labor look too easy. I was laughing and talking while on pitocin and never once needed anything. I think it is all how you look at it.
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Re: Induction Experiences

I have had one induction out of 4 births. There was no difference in pain levels or anything for with pit vs without. If anything, my last birth, not an induction, was the most painful of the 4. My induction was my shortest labor, only 12 hours vs 16, 54, and 20 hours for the others. Now, those times are how I personally measure contractions from the way they change. I deal with a lot of prodromal labor prior to productive for weeks. It's very painful and exhausting.

Anyway, I did my pit induction with no pain meds, but my last birth I had an epidural.
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I've had 2 spontaneous labors and one induced. All were painful but the induced labor wasn't worse than the other 2. I did not have epidurals or IV pain meds with any of them.

My induction was also not very long and drawn out, although I know some can be. It was my second delivery so that may be why. It was only about 5 hours from starting the pit to delivery. My first was 14 hrs and third was around 1.5-2 hours. Honestly, I think the third was the most painful because it was very intense and fast.
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Re: Induction Experiences

I've had two inductions and both times I had an epidural. The first time, I held off until my mom got all crazy. Don't know how long I would have waited on my own. The entire experience was okay.

The second time, I went in prepared for natural labor, and honestly, I think I would have done it, if not for the doctor constantly pestering me about it and warning me, and all together shattering my confidence. I regret the crap out of caving on that one, because there were complications and it was pretty stressful.

While I would not have an induction again, unless I believed it was necessary, the pitocin itself wasn't so bad from my memory. After I had an epidural though, they ramped it up. Both my babies were born right at 6/7 pm.
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Re: Induction Experiences

I was induced with my son (3 days overdue, and my blood pressure was sky high). They say inductions increase your risk of a c-section, especially if you aren't really ready. I wasn't dilated AT ALL. They had me come in the night before for cervadil to try and make me dilate. It didn't work. The next morning, I wanted to go home and just wait and see if I would go into labor on my own, but the doctor said she wasn't comfortable with that. She said we could wait (in the hospital) and try cervadil again that night, try pitocin (not likely to work when you're not dilated at all) or just go for the c-section. I didn't want to sit around all day, and I DEFINITELY didn't want an elective c-section. I said that I wanted to try a few hours of pitocin and see how it went. They started the pitocin at 9 AM, and about 4 hours later, I asked them to check, and I was dilated 2cm. I was happy with this progress, but it was getting hard to breathe through the contractions (you feel like you can't catch your breath), so I asked for something to take the edge off (up until then I hadn't had any pain meds). They gave me something through the IV- It literally did just that- took the edge off, I still had all of the pain, it was just a little easier to breathe. Also, it made me sleepy, which I welcomed, since I hadn't slept much the night before due to contractions. I dozed for about an hour and the meds wore off. Things felt more intense, and I asked to be checked again: 4 cm! The nurses started to prep the room for delivery, which I found funny. I thought "Boy, they're awfully optimistic." A little more time passed, and my water broke on its own. Immediately things got SUPER intense. So much so, that, even though I had been quite opposed to an epidural, I told my husband that if this continued, I was going to have to get one. I told them I felt a lot of pressure and wanted to be checked again. I had dilated from 4 to 9.5 cm in only 20 minutes! So, that was transition. Once I knew that I was almost done, I was relieved, and better able to handle labor. They told me that I had to wait until I was fully dilated to push. This was probably the worst part of labor, since my body was pushing on its own and I was being asked not to. After about a half hour of this, I was able to start pushing. Super exciting! I pushed for an hour and a half, and there he was. So my first labor was 8 hours from 0 cm to baby in arms; no epidural. The doctor (who had said she was 90% sure that I'd end up with a C-section anyway) was SHOCKED when they called her to say that I was fully dilated and pushing. She said that she thought that they were joking.

It wasn't ideal. I was very lucky not to end up with a c-section. I hadn't wanted continuous monitoring (but had to have it because of the pitocin), I wanted to spend the early hours of labor at home in a hot shower (but spent all that time before labor and in early labor in the hospital hooked up to monitors and IV's), etc. But, if you and your doctor feel that you need to get that little one out, then you do what you have to do. It is possible to do it without an epidural, as long as the labor goes quickly enough. Good luck, hope yours goes even better than mine!
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Re: Induction Experiences

I think it HIGHLY depends on how your induction is handled... I've had two medically necessary inductions - one for HELLP and one for preeclampsia. The first induction was VERY poorly managed - pitocin was bumped every 15 minutes, contractions were 90-120 seconds apart, lasting 90 seconds, and double peaking. It was hellish. I was screaming for an epidural at 2cm. It lasted 27 hours before a c-section. My second induction was much, much, much better. Pitocin started on absolute lowest dose, bumped in 1/2 hour, and bumped once more an hour later - that's all the bumping they did. Contractions started slow and gained in frequency and intensity much more like 'natural' labor and they never got closer than 2-3 minutes apart and never peaked double. My induction lasted 9 hours from the time pitocin was started until I was holding my VBAC baby. No epidural needed. I'd HIGHLY encourage you to be sure the pitocin is regulated very well and if it gets to be too much - ask if you can back off a bit.
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Re: Induction Experiences

I was induced. It was my first baby as well, and I wanted all natural because I was afraid of a c-section. Pit was fine (just felt like cramps) until my water broke. Pit was very painful for me, but then again, I have nothing to compare it to.

I was induced at 1:30 am and had my boy at 8:37 am. I didn't get an epidural out of stubbornness, but I was getting close to asking for one at the end (even though they probably couldn't have done it anyway, but I wasn't that rational at the time).

Good Luck!!
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I've had 3 inductions out of 6 births. Painwise, my first was the least painful as it was the only one I did not have back labor. No induction. My last was the most painful (also no induction) as she kept turning face up increasing the back labor. Although I didn't have IV mess with #6 and I did with #2,3,&4 #3, #4, and #5 were induced (IIRC). I had back labor with all but #1 so that upped the pain but the induction didn't seem to affect it. They started me on pitocin slowly for 3&4 and upped it every half an hour, I believe. For #5 they started me with a pill type thing near the cervix which took several hours before they started the pitocin and then continued as with the others. The difference in #5&6 was that I was "allowed" to move as mug as I wanted and even to eat. The other ones, I was mainly on the bed. The movement helped me with the pain so I didn't need the pain meds. I , myself, would not get an epidural because I'm scared of them lol

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Re: Induction Experiences

You may not be able to get an epi right away if you are not dialated. After 3 hours on pit I had such bad contractions but they said I couldn't get an epi because I was only 1cm. I got a shot, forget the name, but that helped a lot.
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