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Re: GBS + No Antibiotics

As far as using Google to search for info... because of Google & the net we have access to drug inserts that provide all of the stats right there in black & white for us to read... we can now access that info in our own homes & take time to process it... we don't have to fully rely upon a doctor to rattle off the stats and expect us to make a decision based upon what info we can remember... and even then the info in the inserts is only as good as what the drug companies want us to know (or what they want us & the docs to believe), but it can be very helpful for some of us to be be able to read that info before & process it for a bit before we make a decision.

I didn't say that Google itself is the answer to all of our medical questions & problems, but we can access info because of the net & I find it very, very helpful to already have some background info about something so when I talk to my doctor, dentist, etc. I can already have the questions ready that I need answered or clarified and make a better informed decision.

Originally Posted by CntryMama View Post
I had 3 days of non stop antibiotics for my heart valve to prevent endocarditis and my dd nursed fine - never had any stomach issues or ear infections - or has ever been truly sick in her 22 months of life. She has never had a drop of fomula or issues eatting foods - we did BLW with foods.

Antibiotics are nessasary for certain people and it is upsetting to me when some people on here seem to think that a child with cronic ear infections or digestive issues is WORSE then one who's mother would be in a hospital waiting for a heart transplant because she refused to take a few antibiotics and prevent a life without a non stop medication (need for a heart transplant).
Yes, there are DEF times when they are needed & that is why they should be looked at & considered very carefully. I never said there were not ever necessary because I do believe they are... it is the overuse that has created the super bugs & that is also nothing to sneeze at.

I was given ABX for years & years and suffered so much because of them...years & years of UTIs, bladder, & kidney infections FROM the ABX, which we didn't even know about the connection then, but now we do know how potent ABX are (again, which are very necessary in certain circumstances) & that they too carry serious side effects for many of us...infection after infection for years & years... it was quite a miserable existence for me for a very long time, well into adulthood.

Also, major digestive issues & ear infections are also nothing to take lightly... I am now deaf in 1 ear & have other hearing issues... which could have been caused by the horrible mismanagement & ABX abuse, and the constant ear infections... and it didn't happen until adulthood, which only added to the devastation of it all and also shows that we may not find out the side effects of a drug until adulthood.

While I would rather be hearing impaired than need a heart transplant, that was not something I had to choose between so I came to a different conclusion based upon MY experience & MY health situation. If I had a heart situation & had to have ABX, I would absolutely not hesitate.

But if I look at the huge risk of having to ABX (from my own experience) & compare that to the chance of the baby developing an infection (which is low statistically) and I make the decision not to use ABX I am not putting someone else down because THEY may choose to use them for THEIR child... I said it is not an easy decision, nor should it be taken lightly, and that it was awesome the OP looking into it.

Doctors do make mistakes, & they can only make a decision based upon how truthful the info is by the drug companies since THEY are the ones who not only formulate their drugs but they conduct trials on their own drugs, provide all of the info, etc... & there are so many side effects by drugs that they just don't know about... so many drug trial results that are never shared, so much cover up (as one mama who used to work for a drug company shared on another thread... it was a shocking post she made, but only revealed just how little info is truly shown). Look at Vioxx & the horrors that caused... so many spoke out about that drug, yet it took 5 YEARS before something was done... after how many deaths?!

I just read about how Zithromax is linked to cancer & heart issues... which was also prescribed to me. My doctors, whom I trusted very much, made the best decision with what they actually knew about the drug when they prescribed it to me...I made my decision based upon what I read & what was actually revealed about the drug... my docs didn't know of an affect on the heart or cancer at that time. It just solidifies in my mind that drugs are powerful & should be used respectfully and only when necessary. Just because someone comes to a different conclusion about when to use them, does not mean they are putting anybody down, judging anybody, etc.... it simply means they came to a different conclusion.


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Thank you for all the input, ladies! I really appreciate it!
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Re: GBS + No Antibiotics

I declined the antibiotics last time due to the risk being extremely low but this time I going for it. Mostly because my husband feels strongly about it.
We also don't immunize.
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