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Re: For those whose kids share a room...

I bet they will love sharing a room! My kids do too, with bunk beds, and we never did anything special to protect it (beyond basic babyproofing). I just wanted to comment - I would not remove the bottom rung of your bunkbed ladder, though. My 1 year old would definitely still be able to wiggle his way up, but without the bottom rung he would certainly fall when he tried to go back down, and in the middle of the night, I think my older child would fall too if the bottom rung wasn't there. Good luck! It will be fine, they will love it


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Originally Posted by GEMQEMCABOOSE
My littles stay in a crib until 2 or 2.5 years. So we have an older sibling in a twin bed and a younger one in a crib in the same room. We move them to a twin bed when they can grasp and obey "stay in your bed" "you may not get out of your bed". We have never had an issue. I cannot imagine giving a 15-18 month old a bed they can get out of and a room of older siblings' things. GL!
That's what we do too. DD1 is 3 in a twin bed, she's been there since she was 2.5 yo, and DD2 is still in her crib at 15mo they have been sharing room since DD2 was approx 10mo.
We have sometimes to take DD1 to our bed in the night when DD2 wakes up and cries, so she doesn't wake up. That's the only issue for us.
We plan on keeping DD2 in crib as long as possible.
DD3 is due in a month and I'm thinking of putting them all together as soon as baby sleeps through the night.

As for drawers, there are latches on them. The rest of the furniture is only two shelves they are both fixed to the wall. All furniture is from ikea, corners are covered.
Age gap is only 18mo here so it might not be as challenging as in your case.

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Re: For those whose kids share a room...

My little ones didn't get up at night to potty without announcing they needed to go and waiting for me/DH to come accompany them. They have a dutch door that we close the bottom at night. Even when they learned to open it, they still want us with them at night. DD is almost 6 (eek) and rarely wakes at night for potty, but she still wants us with her.
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Re: For those whose kids share a room...

Well we do a family bed for all four of us. But we don't do anything special to drawers or anything. And our big boy never goes out.
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Re: For those whose kids share a room...

DS and DD are 3 years apart and we moved her into his room when she was about 18 months. She was in the crib and he is on a futon. We moved her to a toddler bed when she was 2 and could understand more. All the light sockets are covered and the dresser was not able to be tipped. We closed the door at night and DS would just get up and go to the bathroom and close it when he came back. She can't open it on her own. Now that she is 3 we leave it cracked open so she can go to the bathroom too. We didn't do any other child proofing and it has never been an issue.
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Re: For those whose kids share a room...

My kids have all shared bedrooms at different times. I've never blocked, gated or locked anything. My kids have all moved to real beds by 2yo without incident. The first few nights, I'd do bedtime Super Nanny style (putting them back into bed and saying that it was bedtime until they were asleep). My kids are free to come get me when they wake up or go play in the living room. We don't have any dressers or I'd anchor those to the wall.
I'm in my 20's and would be terrified to be locked in a room at night. I've always slept with my bedroom door open. So, I just do the same with my kids.
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Re: For those whose kids share a room...

Good points. I suppose by the time she can open it, she'll be able to navigate the stairs, which is the major concern. We do have the furniture secured to the wall and the outlets all have covers so the room itself is safe.

I guess I'm over-thinking it!

We actually don't even have a crib for her. Our son barely used his and it was old and recalled, so we got rid of it and didn't bother with a new one. We cosleep at night and she naps in a pack n play or her swing.
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