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Re: how do i make my toddler understand I'm MAD!

At that age focused redirection, or telling a appropriate behavior worked better then, No any day. They say that kids don't really understand how to redirect themselves to positive behavior till much older. Basically "Don't touch that" doesn't really tell them what to do, so they tend to touch the item you don't want them too. Telling them to come to you, come play or to do any behavior that is positive tends to get a better response. It sure helped us at that age. Also lowering your voice to just above a whisper works so much better then yelling I found.

I must say that age is rough, they lack all common sense and have all "naughty" drive to create chaos and mischief. I was glad to see the other side of it!


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Thanks for all the advice mamas! My original post was written during one of those desperate mommy moments. In case you were wondering we live in a small apartment, so there is no laundry room or garage or utility room or anything like that where I can move things like the dog bowl. This morning I was just so frustrated because he KNOWS he shouldn't play with the pet food, or at least that I make a scene when he does. We have a bench blocking it off (the doorway is too wide for a gate, we've looked into it) and he will use all his strength to move the darn bench and squeeze by to get at the pet bowls. I had just fed the pets, which is why there was so much food/water to play in, and the bench was there but he is very fast, and he was in the gated living room until I came in to pick up the clothes... So basically it's semi-inevitable. Lol, I'm certainly not going to say it will never ever happen again.

My usual response is to loudly say, "Seamus John, ah ah ah ah!" Which gets his attention, then I walk over to him (in all these scenarios he's at least across the room) and get down very close to his face and in a sweet, gentle voice explain that mommy doesn't want him to do X and why (X is dangerous, X belongs to the dog, etc), then tell him to go do something else. He knows that last part very well, when I tell him to "go do something else" he almost always turns around and runs off toward another activity, because he knows he can't continue with what he was doing. What had me fuming this morning is I've done that a gazillion times with the dog food and finally lost my temper and he didn't even react! it made me feel so powerless. Nothing phases him, not even the corner unless I hold him there and then it devolves from giggling to squirming to confusion to crying and I can tell it has lost any connection to the original event.

But I guess it is just the age as everyone said. I mean, he isn't going to grow up mugging old ladies, immune to their cries or the threat of prison. Right??

I just need to keep doing what I do and not get mad at him, since it clearly does no good anyway. Maybe in a few months he will discover guilt. That would be a whole different baby!
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Originally Posted by Huxley View Post
My 12 month old bit my arm so I told her no in a stern voice. She got a big smile and leaned in to me with her mouth open and ready to bite. I honestly don't think there is much you can do. Making mom angry is still new and fun. I'd remove the bowls or distract the child.
My very sweet, giggly, happiest I've ever met 14 month old likes to slap me in the face. He smiles so big when he gets one in. He does it while nursing, or sitting, slapped my husband good last night while we were shopping. If you tell him no he LAUGHS. It doesn't matter what tone of voice, reaction, etc. Nothing makes it less funny to him. It's frustrating for sure.
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It's an age thing. It isn't that he doesn't understand you are mad, it's that curiosity and impulse wins.
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