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Help, LO is only happy when nursing

My LO is 7 weeks old now and all he wants to do is nurse. I can only get him to sleep by nursing him and the minute I try to move him/put him down he wakes up and wants to nurse again. We have a soft pillow top bed and I hate nursing side lying in it because he always rolls towards me and I am afraid he is going to suffocate. The only way I can sleep is by going through a sometimes 4 hour marathon of nursing him to sleep, trying t put him down, him crying, and repeat until he gets so exhausted he stays asleep. Even then it is only for a 2 to 3 hour stretch. Our usual bedtime routine didn't work tonight. I got desparate at 2 in the morning and gave him an ounce and a half of formula to top him off, but he still wanted to nurse. It is like he never gets full.
He has been doing ths ever since I stopped supplementing him with formula when he was 4 weeks old. At first I thought it was just a low supply, but after 3 weeks of EBF I would think that should not be the case. I also can't see how he can be going through a growth spurt for 3 weeks straight. I think my milk just doesn't fill him up. My family keeps telling me he is just spoiled and I need to just give him formula evey once in awhile,. I refuse to listen to them but I keep catchoing myself doubting my abilities because of their comments. So far in the last 18 hours he has only let me lay him down for 10 minutes without screaming. I am getting so exhausted and my Hubby is gone this weekend so it is just me and the nursling. Is this really normal and when will it stop!


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You should read the book the 90 min sleep solution. It is awesome.
Here is the gist of it because we know you don't have time to read lol

Humans have a 90 min cycle of alertness. Even babies. In the morning when he wakes start a timer. After about 80 start rocking him or nursing him then around 90 mins after waking he be very sleepy & fall asleep.

When babies fall asleep around this 90 min mark they fall into a deeper more restful sleep. The 1st day or 2 u still might not be able to put him down that much but as he becomes well rested it will be easier.

When he wakes start a timer again and look for sleepy signs around 70-80 mins after waking. Then offer a nap again.

Also as long as he is having the correct amount of wet and poopy diapers & he is gaining you don't need to give formula. If a relative tells u to give him formula or u are spoiling by breastfeeding be sure to tell them that you have chosen to give your baby what is best and so why would you want to give him something less nutritious ie formula?
Not that formula is bad- If it is needed

Hugs mama!

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Re: Help, LO is only happy when nursing

Sounds like you are the human pacifier, which is very common with breastfed babies. My 12 month old still nurses like a newborn and loves to have a booby all the time. I rarely get to set him down. He rather eat booby than have food. You are not spoiling a baby by nursing him. What you are going through sounds pretty normal to me. We cosleep so I have no advice for at night. My baby sleeps with his head on my arm and I lay on my side. He gets a booby as desired at night.
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Re: Help, LO is only happy when nursing

Your baby is 100% normal. It is unusual for a baby to NOT want to be with their mama. Meet your baby's needs now and you won't have to worry about them later.
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