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Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

I tend to post in here for advice mostly! This thread is intended to allow you to brag shamelessly about your little ones!

I'll start!

My baby (ok, she's 2 already!) is the best! She is such a little sweetie, so easy going, and she finds joy in so many random little things! She is an inspiration to me in that respect. She will laugh hilariously at random photos in her books, especially at dog photos. If she sees a dog at the park, watch out, she is so joyful when she sees one (which is funny because we have 2 dogs at home.) Ah, we went to the grocery store earlier today, and she got a new hello kitty toothbrush. While we were waiting in line, she picked up her toothbrush and gave hello kitty a kiss! Haha! How cute is that?!?!?!

I'm so in love with this kid! I remember when she was born, feeling so much overwhelming love for her. It really was so much, and I cried. Two years later, it's just been so amazing, getting to know her and watching her grow and discover the world around her. Every day just gets better and better!!

Ok, your turn!!


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My lo is 20 months old & figuring out how to walk & talk. She's just so smart & sweet & loving. No matter what mood your in my dd can make me so happy in just seconds I just have to look at her & her pretty smile. Watching her personality develop & seeing how she deals with things is just amazing to me. I fall in love more everyday. It saddens me she's growing so quickly but they can't stay little forever!
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My daughter is almost 14 years old and makes judgement decisions that make me proud. She informs me she won't wear or watch certain things because they are appropriate for her age. She takes good care of her younger brothers as well. She does really well in school with little to no prompting from me.

My older son is a sweety. He is 9 years old. If I fall asleep on the couch because I am tired he will go get a blanket to tuck me in. He loves to help care for his younger brother even giving up a toy he is playing with to make him happy. He is generally an obedient child and doesn't tease more than he can help. He doesn't call his sister names or make fun of her either. He doesn't get into fights at school and doesn't pick on other children. He tries hard to get the best grades he can. He is trying really hard to learn to cook.

My youngest is funny little guy. He is 22 months old. He likes to help me in the kitchen. Loves to listen to music and dances and sings the night away. He generally plays well with other children and doesn't bite, hit, or kick them. He only occasionally takes their toys away from them. He loves to mimic his older siblings and do whatever it is they are doing.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My baby is almost 4 months old and always so inquisitive and curious about the world. He's always had good head control and is starting to roll in both directions (if he can figure out that last arm that gets in the way.)

Every morning he coos and giggles at our fish in our fishtank for a good 30 minutes and he ALWAYS poos in his diaper!

And he's starting to sleep 6-7 hours at night! Thank goodness.
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My 3 year old soon-to-be adopted daughter is such an amazing child! She has a serious medical condition that requires 3 hours of treatments daily, and she has to take meds with any food. She can swallow 5 pills at once!!! She never gives us trouble about taking her treatments, even though she would clearly rather be playing. She has been through so much, and she is such a fighter. She has a motherly spirit and is kind to babies and animals, and dang that girl can clean! She can fold clothes better than some teenagers I've known! (I don't ask her to do any of this...she has no chores. She just wants to do it). Despite her multiple medical issues and speech and motor delays, she is highly intelligent and takes in everything. She was shown cards from her speech therapist one time, and almost a week later could recall the sounds of most of them. We are so blessed to have her and I'm so proud to be her mommy!

My one year old foster son (praying we will be able to adopt) is such a sweet boy. He has some issues also that we aren't even really sure the extent of, but it gives him a very low tolerance for frustration and a variety of sensory processing issues. Despite the turmoil that I'm sure goes on in his little head, he is the sweetest baby. He is so affectionate and will lay his head on you which is his way of "loving" you. He does it to me, DH, DD, and especially the cats and dogs. He can already growl when you ask him what does a lion say, and if you ask what a puppy dog says he pants with his tongue out, lol. He will also pick up a toy phone, hold it to his ear and say "eh-wo?" Despite the challenges I know are ahead for him, he is an amazing boy and I pray every second of the day that I get to be his forever mommy.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

So nice to hear all of the positves about your kiddos! Thank you for sharing!

PurpleFluff - I hope the adoption goes smoothly with your DD! And, I too hope you will be able to adopt that sweet boy!!!

Would love to hear more responses!!
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My DS is 3 and he is super sweet. I was upset about something this morning and was crying, and DS brought his stuffed animal for me. He's my little cuddle bug, and I love snuggling with him, even though I normally hate snuggling.

DD is 18 months and is a total powerhouse. She's super petite, but doesn't ever let that stop her from getting what she wants.

Both kids are total goofballs and keep me entertained, just like their daddy.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

Love your stories.

My ods is 12 is really the greatest helper in my life. He can fix anything including my the simple things on my car. He ia great to have when dh is out of town 5 days a week for work.

My dd who us 7 is always happy and cheerful and always willing to put others before herself. She has a great sprit, willing to try anything.

My yds who is 5 is my child who wake up in the morning and comes to give me a hug. He loves to cuddle with me and I adore that.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

This thread is awesome! I loved hearing about the awesome big kids too!

My older son (5) has some health issues but you'd never know it by looking at him. He's tough and handles the pain that goes with it really well. He has a light about him and is extremely spiritual...even from the age of 2. At age 5, he openly shares the gospel (its not something we taught him to do...he just does it)...he prays for his brother's salvation frequently. He's very concerned with how others feel and goes out of his way to include everyone. He's an awesome soccer player that scores 3+ goals every game and is a couple of grades ahead of where he should be in school (we homeschool).

My second son (3) is our future musician. It was obvious from birth. He'll find a way to turn anything into an instrument and loves to make up/sing songs all day long. He's smart and independent. He doesn't care what everyone else is doing, he's not a follower...he's content to do his own thing and be his own person. He has a soft voice and a sly smile that melts your heart.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

Because my DD (21 months) said "love you" for the first time yesterday. Melt my heart!
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