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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

Originally Posted by qsefthuko View Post
My daughter is almost 14 years old and makes judgement decisions that make me proud. She informs me she won't wear or watch certain things because they are appropriate for her age. She takes good care of her younger brothers as well. She does really well in school with little to no prompting from me.

My older son is a sweety. He is 9 years old. If I fall asleep on the couch because I am tired he will go get a blanket to tuck me in. He loves to help care for his younger brother even giving up a toy he is playing with to make him happy. He is generally an obedient child and doesn't tease more than he can help. He doesn't call his sister names or make fun of her either. He doesn't get into fights at school and doesn't pick on other children. He tries hard to get the best grades he can. He is trying really hard to learn to cook.

My youngest is funny little guy. He is 22 months old. He likes to help me in the kitchen. Loves to listen to music and dances and sings the night away. He generally plays well with other children and doesn't bite, hit, or kick them. He only occasionally takes their toys away from them. He loves to mimic his older siblings and do whatever it is they are doing.
Sounds like you're a great mama and are raising some awesome kiddos!
Originally Posted by missydawn View Post
Love your stories.

My ods is 12 is really the greatest helper in my life. He can fix anything including my the simple things on my car. He ia great to have when dh is out of town 5 days a week for work.

My dd who us 7 is always happy and cheerful and always willing to put others before herself. She has a great sprit, willing to try anything.

My yds who is 5 is my child who wake up in the morning and comes to give me a hug. He loves to cuddle with me and I adore that.
That's so awesome about your 12 year old. He's got some major gifts! I hope when my kiddos get to that age they are equally eager to help!


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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My 11 year old is my helper. He has worked so hard to overcome so much. If I call him he just comes running to help, no rolled eyes or nasty attitude. I cut my thumb the other day and he rushed right in to help me bandage it. Didn't freak out though by the end I could tell the blood was getting to him. He does his chores without complaint every week.

My 7 year old can super active and a bit of a mischief maker but he is super loving. He always says "I have a present for you" and gives me a huge hug. He is so charismatic that he has the vast majority of a men's roller derby team in love with him. I don't think we are allowed to show up for practice or bouts without Melon. Last night he was sitting talking with one of his "guys" and they had the funniest conversation. Frank turned around and said "Your son is blowing my mind right now. I asked him if some one made his shoes and he told me 'some one makes everyones shoes Frank but my family did not make these shoes. We bought them on the internet.' He is just on top of this." Of course they were supposed to be listening to rule study but they were having fun.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My oldest is 3 and she is really funny and sweet. WAY girlier than I ever was, but she sings all of the time like I used to and makes up her own songs. She has a great memory and even when she seems to not be listening, I find out later that she was when she repeats something I said to someone else! I also love that she is so cute and looks like the best combination of my husband and I.

My son is 12 months and such a happy baby! He is really athletic and smiley and sweet. He learned how to climb up and down the stairs a few weeks ago and so now he's super independent. Seems like way too early!
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My 4 yr old DD is awesome! She is so sweet and always says how much she loves her family. She is so kind and helpful!
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My 20month old has been potty trained since 11months, speaks English, Russian, and German quite well, she has more patience than my 6yr old and is absolutely the sweetest!

My 6yr old is very responsible and empathetic. She is an awesome house keeper and very organized, but most of all she is the best big sister!
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I love these stories. What awesome kiddos we have!!

My oldest son is 10. He has a tender heart and has always worked hard to please us. He is smart and gets straight A's easily. He is friendly, but shy. He is an amazing athlete. He excels at soccer and basketball, frequently leading the scoring. He is always helpful and so honest, in fact he was awarded 'most honest student' last year in his school. He frequently makes me wonder how I became so lucky to have him. He is a good friend.

My second oldest (or third youngest ), is 7. He is the funniest boy you will ever meet. He has lots of energy and is very intelligent. He works very hard in school and is always ready with a joke when I pick him up. He doesn't always like to be touched but he melts my heart when he asks to snuggle. He tells me daily that he thinks Im beautiful, and I believe he really thinks so. He loves to read books to his sister in his bed. He has memorized anything related to Pokemon and LOVES to teach about it.

My baby boy (who is NOT a baby- just ask him), is 5. He is helpful and works so hard to be responsible. He is an adventurous eater and loves to try unusual things. He loves to snuggle with me when he comes home from school and report his day. He taught himself to read last year at 4. He has a wild streak and likes to play rough with daddy but he is nurturing towards his little sister. He has the most beautiful hair. Seriously, his curls make me swoon.

Dd is 20 months and well, she is my baby and our only daughter. She loves to read and will ask me to read book after book for hours. She can sing Jesus loves Me, Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, and more. She likes to have pretend tea parties and always serves her stuffy friends first. She loves to dress up and loves to play at the park. She adores babies and squeals whenever one is near.

I love that I could just do that!! I love my kids!!
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My city girl thinks that the wind in the trees is the sound of a train, and that lightning is the garbage truck. She cried fitfully for two hours when we drove from Chicago to Bloomington, Indiana through the prairie countryside, and calmed down again when she saw the buildings.

She is so sunny and cheerful that I sometimes wonder how she could possibly be mine. But then she gets bossy, and it becomes clear . She has a perfect pencil grip, though we've never taught her how; a good half of her waking hours are spent drawing and "writing". She laughs and dances, and eats like a horse, she's mischievous and angelic all at once. She is a delightful little sprite, and I love her so much it makes me cry to think of it.
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My soon to be 2 year old DD is such a sweet and precious girl. If she finds any scratches on me, or anything that looks like it might hurt, she blows on it and kisses it for me. Her favorite word is her own name. No matter what I'm doing, she tries to do it too. She points at herself, says"Diana!" and copies me.

She's learning to sleep in her own little toddler bed in my room. She wakes up every night around midnight and calls out, "Mom? Mama?" I tell her I'm here, and she crawls out of her bed and walks over to mine so she can lay down with me. I don't know why, but it melts my heart.

She insists on climbing up things the wrong way and giving me a heart attack. She climbs up the slide and goes down the steps. She climbs over her headboard to get into bed. She goes up the wrong side of the stool. She even climbs up the handles of he fridge. It's wonderful and frightening.
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

People always tell me, Your kids are so cute, well behaved, smart, funny...ect and I respond "because they came out of me!"
They are awesome because the are so unique in their own way, yet they are all so well mannered when we are in public, and get so many compliments it makes me feel that I'm at least doing one thing right!
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Re: Tell us why your kid is (or kids are) awesome!!

My oldest daughter is 11. I'm so proud of her responsibility, great work ethic, and ambitions. She tells me that she's going to her new middle/high school next year (School of Engineering and Sciences) and then she plans to go to UC Berkley and then become an astrophysicist. I think when I was her age I wanted to be a chef or a farmer.

My middle one is 8, and she's my "small but mighty" girl. She's always been a tiny fighter, since she was born 7 weeks early at 4 pounds 1 oz. She's now about the size of a 5 or six year old, but is pretty much not afraid to do anything. When she plays soccer she'll charge right up to the biggest girl on the team and try to get the ball. She's hilariously funny and always seems to be happy.

My little one is almost 26 months. She potty trained at 22 months, woohoo! She is quite an adept communicator, she talks pretty much like a regular person. She loves animals and can identify about 100 different ones. She knows most of the alphabet and many of the letter sounds. She's a sweet little girl that makes me so glad every day that I decided to go for a third one!
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