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I prefer a pocket to an aio because I can customize my absorbancy, I can pretty much stuff it with what ever I'd like. Also the inserts come out of the cover so I can bleach, boil, and basically abuse them without worring about pul or elastic issues. I also like the layer for staydry inbetween the insert and the baby, if I was to use prefolds and a cover I would need a 3rd step of a fleece insert (which I did when dd was a newborn). But with all of those great options its still a one step system, everything is together in one piece on the change table and that makes it easy for me, dh, grannie or anyone else changing diapers, and super easy for out of the house.


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yep, what they said!
I have pockets stashed in the diaper bag, the car, grandma's house...easier to care for than an aioand more affordable to stock up on. At home we mostly use prefolds and covers but out and about it's all pockets.
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I prefer pockets to aio because of drying time. I hang dry everything so aio take forever.

Also treating stink issues in an aio can be a little tricky since the waterproof barrier is attached to the part that's stinky.

I prefer pockets to prefolds/flats just because its a bit more 'simple' for others to use.
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Re: Pocket diapers: What's the big deal?

I agree with the annoyance of one time use. that's what got me when we started. But the benefits are, they function like an AIO once stuffed, are ubiquitous and can be purchased on the cheap, easy to put on mobile babies and toddlers (dont have to worry about the trifold sliding out of place, or snappi'ing). For little babies, we love snappied prefolds and covers, and used pockets more later on. I still reached for trifolded prefolds and covers, though.
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Re: Pocket diapers: What's the big deal?

I like BG 4.0 pockets for night -- stay dry feeling against the skin, but I can stuff with a flat + hemp doubler for easy wash/dry and no overnight stink.
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Re: Pocket diapers: What's the big deal?

We have to use something that is stay dry or else my son would get horrible diaper rash, plus they dry WAY faster than AIO, and are cheaper. My fav is BG 4.0 because it is one size and really trim since we use the NB insert during the day and both inserts at night. Stuffing does not take much time when you get used to it. Not anymore than folding laundry anyways, plus you do it all at once and then your dipes are ready to go, unlike prefolds.
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Re: Pocket diapers: What's the big deal?

The main thing that I liked about pockets is you can remove the insert easily for cleaning, especially if you needed to bleach or soak the insert w/o possibly messing up the outer.

When stuffed and ready, a pocket is as easy to use as an AiO so less user-error.

It's very easy to customize what goes IN the pocket, w/o worrying about the layers shifting around/falling out after the diaper has been put together, moving when you put the diaper on LO etc.

Most of the time they are stay-dry inner, which my son needed. Other Ai2s or fitteds often have to be custom ordered to have the stay-dry, or else you add a stay-dry liner (which can then shift around etc).

That said, I eventually got REALLY tired of stuffing and added some fitteds and Ai2s to the stash. They were a nice reprieve from the stuffing.
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DH will only use pocket diapers. He claims he doesn't understand how the other ones work. It isn't a big deal for me because he didn't want to cd in the first place. They are the most like sposies and easy for him to change. Even my dad can use them. Lol. I usually use prefolds and covers because it is less work laundry wise for me.
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Re: Pocket diapers: What's the big deal?

I thought the same thing when I started cding but here i am 5 months into cding with a huge stash of bg4.0 pockets. I love them because of the stay dry inside (my baby needs it) and they are so easy to use. When my baby was a newborn it really didn't matter how long I took to fold and snappi on a flat. But now she is so squirmy and immediately wants to flip over onto her tummy the second she's on her back. Putting on a pocket is so much easier. Plus my inlaws and hubby can help with diaper changes. My mil found the flats and snappi too hard to use.
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Re: Pocket diapers: What's the big deal?

I particularly don't like pockets. We use them at night because I LOVE the stay dry on the BG suedecloth (and I prefer natural fibers all other times but night) and I can customize the absorbency plus soak the nighttime inserts without worrying about ruining the PUL/elastic (generally not a good idea to soak).

I need to soak the inserts to get the smell out. So if I had a AIO for nighttime I would probably have to rinse it out well every morning which sounds less plesant than throwing the nighttime inserts in the small wet pail I have setup.

But in general I am with you! I love to reuse. Newborn/small its prefolds and covers and gDiapers. Med size and up its AI2 style. Let me reuse the cover!
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