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Originally Posted by jackobeano
I haven't torn with any of my 3. First time the midwife and her assistant put olive oil on as I was pushing. Second and third times I birthed in the water which is good to pervent tearing. Also with all my deliveries I listened to my body and pushed the way my body told me to. Hope all goes well for you with your birth mama!


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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

My first baby was a c-section. My second was a vbac. I tore something pretty bad with the vaginal birth, but didn't even know I had tore at all. I didn't feel a ring of fire, don't remember much of any pain at all while pushing.

The MW's were in over their head trying to control my bleeding PP, so the OB came to assist. I tore internally (right to the cervix), 3rd degree peri, a few spots on my labia). Even needed freezing in my clitoris (they talked through the whole process). They weren't able to get the local to take in when doing my peri repair, and I felt most stitches. It took about 2 hours to fix me up. DH watched the whole thing and there was 50-60 stitches (he lost count) spaced pretty far apart.

I went home the same day (hospital birth). Used the long thin icepacks for weeks on and off (forever known as "crotch ice"). I didn't notice any huge discomfort when using the bathroom, maybe the first week a little bit.

It took 6 full weeks for my stitches to come out. As per an OB I saw at 6mo PP, I now have vaginal webbing. I had some minor discomfort sitting for quite a while (a bit past 6 weeks), we still did 6 hour round trip drive to the cottage a couple of times during this. Intimacy resumed with my husband around the 6-7 week mark, but less frequently and not in certain positions for a while. I do how ever have O's much easier (go figure).

Oh, I used tucks pads the first couple weeks, a herbal bath.
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

I tore plus had an episiotomy (DD had a nuchal hand and very broad shoulders). No idea on the degree, doc just said there were lots of stitches. My body didn't respond well to the stitches and they blew out around a week PP, so I just let it heal naturally. Honestly, the healing wasn't too bad for me. It was a bit uncomfortable to sit on for the first few days, and I used my peri bottle when I peed to prevent stinging, but didn't limit my activities or anything. The scarring stayed tight feeling for awhile, not sure when it got back to normal? I know that now, with DD 2.5 years old, it's hard to even find the scars.

That said, using a mw this time (doc last time), and expecting to tear again (she says if you've already had an episiotomy you're almost guaranteed to tear the next time), but no episiotomy. I expect the healing will be quicker this time
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

I have had an episiotomy and torn naturally. I had perineal massage done both times and both were very small cuts/tear. I was basically all healed up within a week or so. It really wasn't bad at all.
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

I tore just very slightly with both my babies, the first I needed a few stitches and the second was just skid mark tearing and it healed all on it's own. Both times, oddly enough, I tore up by my clitoris rather than my perineum. I didn't think it was that bad - I couldn't feel it tear at all during pushing and they healed quickly. The first few days after urinating is never a ton of fun but not awful if you use cool water in a peri bottle. As far as avoiding, just listen to your body and make sure and listen to your care provider. She will let you know if things need to slow down a bit. GL, and don't worry. It's really not bad
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

I think it can also help to feel your baby's head as you are pushing. You are more aware of what's happening, and I think it helps to slow down the pushing and minimize tearing. The most important thing is to push with your body, and not listen to anyone else unless there is a real problem.
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

First, I'm gonna say, if you DO tear, it doesn't mean you did something wrong. Some people just do.

I tore with all 3 of mine 4th degree (plus broken tailbone and torn cervix) with my first, 3rd degree with my second and 2nd degree with my third.

The 4th degree was no picnic, but honestly even that didn't seem like much compared to the broken tailbone.

With the 2nd and 3rd degree tears, I was a bit sore for about a week and that was it. I was up and walking around and feeling great right after delivery, so it really wasn't a bit deal at all.

I would love a birth where I don't tear, but I fully expect to have at least a little tear with baby #4. My mom tore with her 3 vaginal deliveries as well.
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

up your omega 3 fatty acids if youre concerned- it helps to stretch your skin. that being said, i do think that sometimes a tear is unavoidable, and like these other mamas have mentioned, much more scary before it happens then after.

with my first i had "skid marks" internally but an intact perineum. (i had been taking EPO for 2 mos at the end and using oil to massage). my ob stretched my skin manually as the baby came out- hurt like hell and i wanted to kick her in the face, but it passed!

second was asynclitic presentation so it took much longer to get him out. when i finally could, there was no time to waste bc of decels in his heart rate. it was a home waterbirth. i tore 3rd degree and had no stitches. i obeyed the midwives and didnt get up, just did my herbal sitz bath and peri bottle, took arnica, and put calendula on it once it healed to prevent scarring. honestly you cant see anything there now and its totally back to normal. id say it hurt for about a week- psychologically it hurt the worst! especially when i was brave enough to get out the mirror and take a look. YIKES.
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

My first was posterior and needed a vacuum...4th degree tear
My second was so tiny I practically sneezed her out but she had a nuchal FOOT and tore me inside, floor and wall. THAT was horrible.
My third came so fast, I had no drugs and my body did all the pushing, but she was out in 3 pushes and tore me along the scar tissue from my first. I don't expect to get away easy with #4.
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Re: Midwife/Birth Center - Avoiding tears

I pushed when I felt like pushing. Mostly short pushes, stoping when I felt like stopping. Never any tears in 3 births. I hope I can make it four soon!

Try not to fret too much about it though. Being anxious or scared is going to make you tense and make it more likely that you will tear if you otherwise might not have.
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