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Re: painless med free birth?

My first birth was nearly painless. If I had planned a homebirth it may have been, but I started to get scared when I knew that we might not make it to the hospital, and that made it more painful, I think.

Now I was kind of expecting the same with my second, and I was drinking raw milk and RRL tea, etc, but his labor was MUCH more intense (albeit fast). His position may have been influencing this because he had a nuchal arm. I just know it was a lot harder than I was expecting after my first experience.

While I certainly feel that there are lots of things that lessen pain (feeling safe, being fit, baby's position, etc...) I think that a pain-free birth is very unusual and not to be expected in general. To feel pain doesn't mean that you did anything 'wrong', just that your body did what it needed to in birthing your baby. Hip squeezes can be very helpful during contractions, though. I use that a lot as a doula and I've had moms want that for almost every contraction!


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My last labor was almost painless, even though I was on pitocin. I had back labor so I stayed in the birthing ball the whole labor. No lights on, no talking, no visitors, I did a lot of praying and meditating. I was in a serious zone. The only time I felt pain was when I had to get in the bed to push. The baby was facing up so I pushed for like 45 minutes. The pain wasn't enough to make me yell or anything. Do remember thinking the whole time that "this is crazy! They say I'm 6cm.....7cm......but I'm don't feel I this really not hurting?????" My BF was my coach and she delivered 8 months later and we did the same thing for her. Except she had visiters. I had to tell them not touch her or talk. She should have told everyone to wait until she delivered to visit. She doesn't like to offend anyone, she'll be telling them next time. I think the trick is to not break your zone, because you will get very agitated.....
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Re: painless med free birth?

i had no pain until 8 cm when they put me on pitocin, they didn't even think I was in labor when I came in but i was already almost 5cm so yeah you can have pain free and I think I would have made it all the way if they hadnt insisted on hurrying me up. I did hypnobabies.
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Not me, all mine were extremely painful. In a wimp when it comes to cramps lol
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Re: painless med free birth?

While I had three natural births, none of them were "pain-free" but I had relatively low pain and once they were actually born, all pain other than some nether region soreness was gone.

1. Walked (nearly everyday)- kept muscles strong but helped keep the pelvis open which can help the baby be positioned right.

2. All my babies were positioned perfectly. Again not sure how much of what I did helped with this but during labor no undue stress/pressure was placed where it shouldn't be.

3. Followed my body's cues during labor. I wanted to walk, walk, walk so I did.

4. Water. I took a long hot bath or hot shower. For me water is relaxing and the buoyancy helped take off some of the pressure.

5. Pushed in whatever position felt comfortable to me. 1st-squatting push, 2nd-kneeling but with my back supported. 3rd-side lying until ready to come out and then it was upright.
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Re: painless med free birth?

I was a first time mom that did hypnobabies. I did not have a pain free labor and was unable to do self hypnosis when active labor started. I wasn't upset or feeling deceived by hypnobabies, I still felt like it was valuable in terms of making me feel confident and at peace during my birth.

Honestly though I started having suspicions that it wasn't going to work for me when I wasn't able to enter hypnosis in practice sessions. I suspect I am not a susceptible person.

And OP what you describe is called counterpressure. I had my DH squeeze my hips every single contraction for hours.
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Originally Posted by cjslater1
i had no pain until 8 cm when they put me on pitocin, they didn't even think I was in labor when I came in but i was already almost 5cm so yeah you can have pain free and I think I would have made it all the way if they hadnt insisted on hurrying me up. I did hypnobabies.
I'm sorry they rushed you and used pitocin. But congrats on pain free up until meds were added
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Re: painless med free birth?

Thanks mamas! This helps. See, my 3 out of 4 babies were with pit, and until I received the pit, I was able to control things easily, but once that med went in, it was freaky scary! My 2nd child was very controled, mainly labored at home, pushed for 13 min, and she was in my arms. Easy recovery, too even though I tared.

I would LOVE for this to be a totally med free pit free birth. It's my last one, and I really really want it to count, you know?

I will try relaxation techniques, and perhaps view some youtube videos to see what kinds of things my husband can do to help me through this one.
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Re: painless med free birth?

My daughter was born at home, med free. Not really pain-free, but when I think back on the birth, pain is not the main thing I remember. actually, it was pretty much pain free all through the first stage. I hung out on the birth ball, concentrated on deep breathing and watching the fire burn in the woodstove, while my mil pressed on teh small of my back. When I was fully dilated and ready to push, my baby was in a ridiculous position and that started a new labor track of three-hour pushing phase, horrible tearing and very traumatic birth. Anyway, there came a point when she was stuck up in there, with the most powerful pushing forces rushing through my body, that I could no longer rephrase the sensation as "powerful" "intense" or anything other than ouchy, ouchy pain.
But, I don't think my labor was nearly as painful as it could have been, given the length of labor and amount of damage. I had so much support: my husband, my mother, my mil. These people rubbed my back, held my hand, helped me breathe and vocalize well, fed me ice chips--I felt like we all kind of birthed the baby together. I would never, ever have made it through that birth without the constant support of these people. So my number one recommendation for anyone attempting a med-free birth is to surround yourself with good labor support. I can't imagine trying to labor without someone by my side to encourage and help. And most husbands can't do it by themselves, I think you need a woman who has birthed a baby or two herself and who is peaceful and compassionate.
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I think it depends on how you define pain. I call mine painless, but it wasn't by any means comfortable. I needed warmth on my lower back and sacrum, whether it was my husbands hand or warm water pouring over it. I closed my eyes during contractions and didn't fight. I focused on whoever was talking me through the contraction and I breathed oh oh oh. When it was over, I smiled. Rinse, repeat. My transition lasted two contractions, and baby was out in 30 minutes or so. 9 hours from start to finish.
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