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updated 7/24/13 Newborn Diapers **Lots of Pics**

Updated 7/24/13
Finally got to a real computer and I can update!! Some pictures are still not on here. I guess they got lost in photobucket land. I will try to upload them and attach them as soon as I can.

Here are some pics of DD in cloth during her first week. She was born at 7.13 and came home at 7.7. FWIW DD is a heavy wetter, nothing holds her more than an hour or so, that is what I based my opinion on. Things that didn't work well for us may work great for a light or average wetter.

My sweets is now 8 weeks old. Where did the time go? She is just shy of 13lbs. Yes, 13lbs!! She chunked right up. Love chubby thighs. Not many of her NB diapers still fit. The ones that do aren't absorbant enough for her anymore I decided not to update the OS things that fit when she was tiny because of course they still fit If someone really wants to see something though I can try and snap a pic.


Bee Changed NB diapers
I like the way these fit. I haven't had a leak with these, even when pretty full.

**Update 3 weeks 9lbs 14 oz
These are getting too small and the fit looks goofy. Absorbancy hasn't failed me yet though.

NB grovia (rise unsnapped)
I love the look of these, but the fit isn't great. I have had leaks around the legs every time we use them.

**Update 9lbs 14 oz
I stopped using these because I always have leaks.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
Just some pics for fit

The rise is a little high for a tiny NB, and I didn't care for it folded down because I was afraid the velcro would rub her belly. We get leaks with these because they have gaps at the legs. Hopefully her legs will chub up some more and the fit will be better.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
I can still get this diaper on DD, but it doesn't hold her.

Small BG AIO
These diapers are awesome. Just like the XS, but bigger I wish BG still made these. They are nice and trim. They also have a pocket so that they can be stuffed with another insert if needed.

NB Swaddlebees simplex
I really like these. Great fit, great absorbency, and I love that I can add to them. The only problem is the price is a little high for me.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
They still fit! I do have to add a doubler if I plan on using them. This pic is without a doubler though.

Small Bottombumpers
I really just tired this on to see how it would fit, and it fit pretty well. No gaps in the legs and she didn't leak.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
These still fit, but so do mediums. I prefer mediums right now because of absorbancy. These are a super trim diaper!

Medium bottom bumpers 8 weeks

OS BGE old style
This diaper was huge on her, and had huge gaps in the legs. This diaper def wouldn't work for a small/average NB IMO. Again I just tried this one on to see how it fit.

**8 weeks 13lbs**
These started to fit her nicely around 11lbs. They are super absorbant and pretty trim. I like these, but the attached soaker not so much. Trying to be brave and detach them!

Totsbots tinifit
DD was 2 weeks 8lbs 7oz in these pics. I love these diapers. My absolute favorite AIO. I wish I had more. They fit well and hold a lot!

**UPDATE 8 weeks**

Tots Bots OS 8 weeks

OS grovia shell with NB prefold
This wasn't a bad combo. I didn't like that it covered her cord, but that's just me. It wasn't anymore absorbant than th insert in it. It did have a tiny bit of a gap in the legs, but didn't leak.

OS grovia shell with organic cotton insert
This one was only tried on. I didn't like the gap in the legs with the grovia insert. I didn't want to chance a wardrobe change so I only took pics.

Softbums Echo with a NB prefold
This wasn't a bad combo. Again I don't like the diaper to cover the cord, but other than that the fit was great. No gap in the legs, and it's nice its OS so it will fit for a long time.

Kawaii P&N (on smallest setting)
stuffed with NB PF
I really like this diaper. Nice fit, no leaks, great price, and it will fit longer than the average NB diaper.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
These still fit nicely. Pockets aren't my favorite type of diaper, so these really don't get much use. They are a nice diaper though!


Flour sack flat (NB kite fold) with a Bummis SB cover
DD doesn't last long in these at all. I do like that they are super trim and versatile. I really like the SB cover, it's my 2nd favorite.

Flour sack flat (NB kite fold-again) with Bummis SL cover
Same as above, except the super lite is my favorite cover.


GMD orange edge angel wing fold with bummis super lite cover
No leaks with these diapers when snappied and paired with a good cover.

**Update 3 weeks 9lbs 14 oz
The orange edge prefolds are getting hard to snappi. They are still woking as a trifolded insert well.

GMD orange edge trifolded in bummis SL cover
Same absorbancy as a NB pf with a snappi, but a poosplosion will get on the cover.

GMD yellow edge angel wing fold with Thirsties XS cover
These are more absorbant for DD than the NB (of course), but I don't care for the extra bulk. If someone was on a budget and expecting an 8lb +NB, and wanted to skip orange edge I think it could be done. I don't really caree for the thirsties xs covers. No leaks, just don't like the huge fit, except with a yellow prefold.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
Thirsties are the only NB/XS cover I can still fit on LO. They are snug, but still fit. A small is a more comfy fit now.

Same set up, but with a small cover.

31 Rubies (etsy) sherpa NB prefold with bummis super brite cover
I think these are a tad bit more absorbant than a NB prefold. They are also a little bit longer.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**

Washrag diaper with Bummis original cover
I loved that these were super trim and super cheap. They aren't absorbant enough for us I didn't get any leaks with this combo, but the insert was soaked a bit faster than the flat or prefold.

**Update 3 weeks 9lbs 14 oz
These diapers are too small. The covers were great and never left any red marks on her legs. I can't snappi the washrags any more, but they could be folded in half as inserts if she weren't such a heavy wetter.


31 Rubies (etsy)
I love these diapers (thank goodness I ordered the same ones in small) I love the fit, I love that they are side snapping, these are my favorite. I pair them with either a bummis SB or SL. No leaks, and no poo on the cover.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
These still fit, but I went a head and moved sweets up to the size small. She is a heavy wetter and they give us a bit more time between changes.

Small 31Rubies

NB Goodmama with bummis SB cover
The fit on these is good. No leaks, but def not a fan of the price.

**8 weeks**

OS Goodmama at 8 weeks

Fluff by mommamade
Fit is good, with no leaks.

**8 weeks**

8 weeks 13lbs
Small GMD workhorse with size 1 thirsties duo
These make up the bulk of my stash now and I love them!! Can't say enough good things about GMD!

In the pics below DD is a bit over 8lbs

OS grovia shell with pad folded Flour sack flat
Fit around legs was good no gaps, and no leaks. Absorbancy was a little better than a kite folded flat because there were more layers up front.

GMD NB orange edge with xs sbish longies
These are pretty long. I rolled one leg up and left one down so it would show just how long they were.

NB goodmama with xs sbish longies

Large GMD flat NB kite fold with a thirsties xs cover
I am so suprised with the fit. I thought it would be huge on her. It is one of the few things I like the xs thirsties cover with. This combo also held her in a little longer

More flats!
In order of absorbancy
Receiving blanket
Flour sack

Mini Kite fold ( Receiving blanket)

Oragami fold
I stink at this fold. Always have, probably always will!
Receiving blanket

Flour sack

GMD large
I don't like this flat folded this way at all. Way too bulky around the waist.

Neat Fold
Receiving blanket

All diapers below have a NB prefold as an insert

Imagine OS pocket
She had pretty big gaps around her legs. I tried to capture them in the pic, but I was having a hard time.
This was only tried on.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
Even at 13 lbs I still find that these are a bit loose around the legs. I stuffed it wil a flat and when she had a poo it got on me :| They are a nice diaper though and they seem to be a bit bigger, so better for bigger babies/toddlers.

Econobum cover
This fit much better than I thought it would. I like that the elastic was gentle around her legs. No gaps and no leaks.

Diaper Safari cover
I really like these covers. I used them on my 2yr old. They were a little loose around her legs. I could have probably made them a bit tighter, but I felt like it was too tight on her waist then. I only tried this on.

**UPDATE 8 weeks**
These started to fit nicely about 11lbs. These are a great cover.

Greenline cover
I got a good fit around the legs. No leaks, but the way I put it on did rub her cord a bit. If I pulled it up higher it would have just covered the cord and been okay. For some reason though I can't cover it up!


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Oh how blissfully squishy! Thanks for sharing and congrats!

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Great pics!

How do you find the absorbency of the washcloths compared to nb pf?
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Can you give us a recap of how well the product worked?
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Which are your faves so far?? Great pics! Really helpful for a soon-to-be newbie like me
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Re: Newborn pics

Def would like to know your fav combo. Also those grovia nb look really tiny! Are they too small for her now?
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Also would like to know how the softbums are working. I'm leaning toward using them but the multiple insert options are confusing to me!!
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I edited the post Sorry I was just so happy to get it up with out deleting it, I forgot to add how they all worked!
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Really want to come back to this when I have time.
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Re: Newborn pics

WOW! Thanks for all the pics :-) I'll reference back when I need them for sure.
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