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Re: How many diapers do you have?

outgrown newborn/smalls saving for hypothetical future baby:

6 tiny flannel mama made fitteds
3 tiny mama made all in ones

3 grovia nb all in ones
2 nb simplex
6 old style nb workhorse
1 mama made fitted
8 mama made covers

hodge podge stash for now:
6 small mm covers
4 large mm covers
6 large bamboo trifolds
18 small bamboo trifolds
3 medium ladida covers
1 size 2 AMP duo
1 large Bummis Pull On
4 mm fitteds

In storage:
6 xlarge workhorse
2 toddler size covers

on the way:
6 nickis bamboo flats
1 size 1 apple cheeks cover/pocket

What I'm working toward:
3-4 all in ones for diaper bag
3-4 Apple Cheeks/AMP shells
6 mama made MEDIUM covers
12 medium bamboo trifolds
12 bamboo flats
12 mama made like a flip flat
6 fitteds
3 Bummis pull on (with the fitteds for nights)

Basically my two size system worked good for my other two boys, but he is really in between right now, and I want to get a medium stash together.


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This is our current stash and I think I might get a few more NB diapers although we don't plan to use cloth exclusively the first couple weeks or month so I'm not super concerned about our NB stash. This is our last child so I didn't see it necessary to go all out on a NB stash lol.

NB Stash
- 12 NB diaper rite prefolds
- 6 Cotton Babies Indian prefolds (smallest size)
- 4 rumparooz NB covers
- 2 bummis whisper wrap NB covers
- 6 Alva NB

OS Stash
- 2 bumGenius 4.0
- 1 flip cover
- 7 Alvas
- 7 kawaii
- 3 Nicki's pockets
- 7 sunbaby (mix if size 1 & size 2)
- 1 lotus bumz

For our OS stash I plan to destash whatever doesn't work for us and replace with what does. And hopefully if we get taxes back next year get nicer brands. I'd love to try rumparooz and apple cheeks.

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My stash has changed so much since I replied in April. My toddler has since day potty trained, and my TTC stash evolved into an expecting nb stash!

Newborn-OS Stash:
22 newborn fitteds (assorted brands/types)
18 newborn aio/pockets (assorted brands/types)

6 sbish snapless
12 size 3 Grovia prefolds

3 size1 underwoolies
3 xs sbish covers
4 small sbish covers
1 medium sbish cover

That adds up to 58 changes. Once my baby outgrows his newborn stuff, I'll sell and replace with half a dozen cotton aios and call it a day! (still debating brand/style - recommendations welcome!!) Once that transition happens, I'll have 24 changes + woolies. I do better with small, simple and uniform.

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Re: How many diapers do you have?

This is a guess:

24 prefolds (used around the house)
20 cloth wipes (used at home and while out)
15 fitteds (used at night, naps, and going out)
6 thirsties covers, size 2
12 flats (were used for travel)
4 pockets (backup in case someone who knows nothing about cloth has to change a diaper)

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Toddler who's not 100% cd'd...

10 peachy green, a mix of AIOs and Ai2s
1 alva
3 bum-ware: 2 sized and 1 os
2 nanas prefold conversions on the way to try

Need to keep it simple to keep laundry easy for me and increase chances of Dh or sitter using them... Sitter does does sometimes yay!

Want a few more though so I'm not rushing to do laundry and to have a larger rotation.

Technically own a dozen awesome prefolds but bought them to use as changing table mats. Don't need that many for that purpose anymore. 2 are going to nanas. Debating on trying covers but don't really want a third type/ system.
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Re: How many diapers do you have?

This is my current stash for my 2 yo:

12 Bum Genius 3.0 Diapers
6 Bum Genius 4.0 Diapers
6 Soggy Bottom Baby Fitted Diapers (3 small, 3 medium)
12 Alva Baby Diapers stuffed for day-times
6 Alva Baby Diapers stuffed for night-times

42 diapers total w/ 6 more Happy Flute OS AIO diapers coming
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This is our current stash for 8 month old DS.

24 Grovia Cotton Soakers
10 Grovia Shells

I still want 1 dozen prefolds for back up and some boosters for bedtime but will probably be waiting for Black Friday sales. And then slowly adding more covers to get a good rotation going.

I have several pockets and covers and a few ikea flats that I'm getting ready to destash. I wanted to experiment but turns out I just REALLY love my grovia shells and everything else has been meh in comparison.
sonya. knitter, maker, mama x three.
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15 - toddler GroVia bamboo prefolds
10 - Flip covers (don't NEED that many, but I love my boy rainbow)

For upcoming baby:
7 - GroVia shells (my favorite covers, but our toddler doesn't fit)

We will be full time RVing so lots of little washes. I'll probably get a few more toddler prefolds, and plan on getting probably 2 dozen for newbie on the way on Black Friday.
Loving, country-fied, sewing, full time RVing, goat loving, kinda crunchy, farm-dreaming wifey to my goofy DH mama to our little punkins Hunter and Owen!
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Re: How many diapers do you have?

At least 80. Possibly more. We will never run out of diapers lol and I'm so over buying!!!
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My current stash for my 14 month old (29 lbs) is

24 osocozy prefolds premium size
3 rumparooz OS covers (aplix has seen better days)
3 blueberry OS coveralls
3 bummis large pull on pul covers
1 set of boingos
2 small wet bags and a pail liner

Sometimes I use a baby kicks hemp doubler if I know we will be out and won't be able to change (I don't have a car to retreat to) or at night if he has been drinking a lot of fluids in the evening.

I need to buy some flats for an upcoming trip to visit my husbands family in Guatemala. His mother hand-washes everything and line dries. I want to try it at home too to save money on coin-op laundry.
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