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Re: Grovia prefolds

Originally Posted by GodStillTalks View Post
Could you possibly give me the dimensions after washing of the size 1 and size 2? I found it online somewhere, and I've been going nuts looking for the link!
The size 1's are 10.75 x 11 and the size 2's are 12.25 x 12.5. And for comparison sake, the DR NB's are 11 x 11.5. The GV 1's are super thin compared to the others as well and would be really nice on a newbie (where I found the DR's just too bulky until she was a couple of months old).


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Here are the pics & feedback from AmandaA

I never tried pf's with my first. So this has all been new to me with DD. I bought a dozen DR newborns and a couple of covers to supplement my diaper rental for DD. I had never tried pf's and covers and it seemed like the thing to do. I tried them a few times and hated them (just too bulky and cumbersome compared to my AIO's at the time). Then I discovered pf love when I started stuffing them in my pockets for her at night. I just got my gv's about 6 weeks ago when she was about 3 months and 12 pounds or so. Loved them so much that I am using them for the 2 year old too. I just have the one gv shell that I got on a freebie promo, so that is the only cover I have for DD right now. DS has quite a few different ones from when we tried using fitteds at night, so more experience with how the 2's fit in those. I haven't tried the 2's with DD yet (since I still like my 1's and DR's, and DS is using the 2's), but did take a picture and compare it for you.

So on with the pictures (and some more editorial comments )....

Here are photos of all for comparison (sorry about the sideways ones, took them on my iphone and wasn't thinking about that!)-
From bottom to top and left to right...
Flip organic cotton (everyone seems to have at least one, so I threw that in for comparison)
GV size 2- prepped 12.25 x 12.5
DR newborn- prepped 11 x 11.5
GV size 1- prepped 10.75 x 11

Here they are from the side to give you an idea of how bulky each is in comparison- The gv 2 is the bulkiest. The gv 1 is crazy thin!

Size 1 in the gv shell- obviously fits even without stretching the shell, but I am not a fan... see more info at the end

Size 2 in the gv shell- didn't expect this to fit, but it would. I didn't include a picture, but I have some DSQ infant prefolds I bought when our local diaper service went out of business. I can get them to fit in the gv shell on the smallest setting if I try really hard. The 2's are actually about half and inch shorter than those pf's. But the gv's are a lot thicker than the others I have. For me it would be too bulky on DD right now, but it could be done. I think it would be way to bulky for a newbie IMO, but by a couple of months it might be ok.

DR newborn in the gv shell- I really like this pair together. I usually do a jelly roll instead of a trifold though, in hopes that I might get more than one use out of the shell in case she poos. FYI, these are also a perfect fit in a BG 4.0 on the smallest rise setting or a RaR on the second rise setting if you want to stuff them in a pocket as well

So I said that I didn't really like the gv 1 in the shell... it is crazy thin! Don't get me wrong, it is super absorbent. I have been completely shocked by how much that diaper can hold. When I first got them and opened the package I was really bummed and thought it was going to be a total waste. If I had those when she was a newbie, they would have been great. I wasn't going to send them back and am really glad I didn't. I still like them, but not trifolded by themselves. They bunch really bad in the cover on her since they are so thin and light. I do use them in her AMP pockets and they absorb great and don't bunch near as bad. But if I want to use them in the gv shell, I wrap a geffen baby newborn doubler inside. The extra absorbency is nice, but it also gives them enough weight and structure to stay folded nicely inside the gv shell. You can see that the geffen nb is a perfect fit in the center section of the size 1. I had bought the geffens to stuff in my NB simplex when we needed, but am using them just as often this way. So a win-win all around with this combo

I have also found that the size 1's make a great doubler for DS as well. I have been able to put one in the pocket of his easy fits and use them at naptime now (which I never would have done before). I have also read online that the size 1's are a good fit inside of the grovia trainers pocket, which I was planning to buy for him for PL'ing soon too. So I have no regrets about getting the size 1's. I actually wish I had bought them before she was born instead of waiting until she was so big.

As far as the 2's go... like I said, haven't tried them on her yet. She will inherit them eventually, but for now they are DS's. They are a great fit trifolded in a bg 4.0 on the second rise. Also work fine in them unsnapped but not the perfect length obviously. I have trifolded them in several covers and been happy with all of them. The are a perfect fit in a medium bummis cover (tried the SWW, SB, and one other that I can't remember the name of - the cheaper solid colored ones), Flip on the middle rise setting, and RaR cover on the 3rd rise setting. Definitely bulkier than anything else I have tried with him, but he is super skinny so we actually need that to hold up the appropriate size of pants for his height.

Hope all of that helps! I'd start looking for the gv's now if you are planning to get any during the sales. I had a really hard time finding them in stock anywhere. Hopefully you can find some place and snag them as soon as the sales go live
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Anyone find size 2 in stock anywhere?
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