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Cloth diaper reviews/thoughts!

Since this is a cloth diapering site, I thought we could all post thoughts/opinions on dipes we're using with our littlest ones. If you can, include age and weight estimate of your babe too.

Enzo is currently 9.5-10lbs and nearly 3 weeks.

XS FBs: These are our go-to diapers for new, new babies. They fit our 8lb babes right away. They would probably still fit Enzo now (somewhere around 9.5lbs), but I get sick of stuffing pockets.

XS BGs: I love the fit of these on a newborn, but they were NOT absorbent enough to use longer than an hour. If Enzo fell asleep one, I knew he'd wake up to a wet onesie.

Imagine printed flats: I love flats and these fit with a mini kite fold nicely. I just prefer AIOs or pockets at this stage.

Assunta Tiny Covers: love! The price is right, they take a stay-dry Duo insert (size 1) and hold everything in. We don't use them a lot currently, though, because his butt is still tiny and the insert is big. Lol

Thirsties Duo Size 1 cover: Eh. I'd like these better if I didn't have the Tiny Covers. Lol

NB Simplex: Enzo is still on the tightest settings and the absorbancy is still good. He'll fit these for a while.

NB Basix: My favorite! I know Simplexes are popular because they are natural fibers. We have no issues with microfiber, though, and I love how soft and squishy the micro fleece is. Enzo also seems to prefer the stay-dry aspect. The fit between these and the Simplexes are very similar, the biggest difference being the leg elastic.

We have yet to try out our smaller prefolds on this little guy, mostly because we have 12 go-to changes and since we're washing nightly, we usually have an AIO clean for him.

Our current NB stash:
6 Blueberry Basix
6 Blueberry Simplex
12 Thirsties Duo Stay-Dry inserts
5 Assunta Store Tiny Covers
1 Thirsties Duo Cover


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Re: Cloth diaper reviews/thoughts!

love this idea, looking forward to coming back to read
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Re: Cloth diaper reviews/thoughts!

Holland is in her first cloth diaper right now, so no real opinions yet!

She is 2 weeks old and 8 pounds 5.5 ounces.

I have a GMD workhorse on her with a thirsties cover. It seems to fit well so far.
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Re: Cloth diaper reviews/thoughts!

Harper is 7ish lbs

Love flats from cotton babies in a mini kite fold so amazingly trim. With a hummus original cover it is the triimest option IMO.

Preemie gmd pfs work great for itty bittys and not much bulk if I trifold one into the other.

Orange gmds pfs I love. Not as trim as flat but I love pfs.

Simplex aio perfection! Bulky in beginning but no leaks.

Swaddlebees mini Eco nappi great fit

Thirstiest xs covers still bulky on her.

Love the fit of emotibums fleece soakers
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Molly is 7 lbs 2 oz when last weighed.

Trimmest is the Bummis Super Brite cover (NB) over a trifolded Bummis organic NB prefold.

Night time I go for Thirsties Duo Wrap Sz 1 with a newborn PF (DSQ). The Bummis prefolds above are almost premie size. The ones I'm using here are close to GMD NB size.

Diaper bag, we love BG NB AIOs and Lil Joeys.

We can also rock a Swaddlebees Capri cover and GMD NB workhorses (snapless is best).
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Nate is around 9 pounds I guess, but 21.5 inches so long and skinny. Everything was bulky beyond belief until 8ish pounds because he is so darn skinny.

My favorite fitted it GMD oranges. He is close to filling the absorbency limit, though.

The other fitteds I have are diaper drive thru (I believe). They are so cute, but very bulky even now.

My favorite diapee has been flats because they are the trimmest. Mostly osocozy, but I bought two Geffen hemp Jersey flats and I love them so much! Looking for PayPal to buy more!



Also tried a thirties hemp prefold size 1 in newspaper fold and it worked but was bulky. These may be on the chopping block to buy more geffens, but I loved them as doublers at night with DS1.

My favorite cover is Nikky poly. I have some cotton ones but they aren't as good. The newborns fit awesome over a flat still, but are a bit to tight around the fitteds now. He easily transitioned into the smalls.

I tried a new fuzzibunz elite and it leaked. Couldn't get the legs tight enough. My dh put a small on him and it surprisingly fit awesome! I couldn't believe it. I wouldn't be able to fit pants over it though... I have an old style elite, but haven't washed it yet.

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We have a pretty small NB stash - 18 bummis preemie prefolds, 10 kissaluv size 0 fitteds and a few different covers. I prefer the KL0s to the prefolds (fewer leaks) and I would love to have at least 10 more but not going to spend the $$ at this point.

As for covers, the one the fits best are our newborn bummis superbrites but they only fit over prefolds, they are a bit small to go over fitteds. Jack is just starting to fit into his newborn rumparooz covers, which are my second favourite and fit best over the kissaluvs (they are a bit big over the prefolds). I just started using our size 1 thirsties covers yesterday, again over fitted diapers. We used these with DD and they don't seem to have held up well. The Velcro is in rough shape and one is leaking right through the PUL.

I'm happy overall with our cloth even though we have more leaks compared to our first few days in disposables. Jack likes to poop as soon as a clean diaper is on his bum so it's nice to just put on fresh cloth rather than throwing out a sposie that was used for 5 minutes lol.
Mom to Anna born Feb 2011 and a new addition coming in April 2013!
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Using Alva newborns with Luke right now. He's 3 weeks and 8-9 lbs.

Like the solids. Hate the prints. They are not made the same size. Well, don't hate them, but use them last.

Have newborn bummis prefolds and thirsties covers and I tried to use one, but they seem so huge.
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Re: Cloth diaper reviews/thoughts!

I did the thing you aren't supposed to do and just bought 2 dozen of the exact same kind -- Kawaii's. I love them. They don't leak even when there is a little open leg -- luckily. I am not sure how much Ezra weighs, my midwife comes tomorow to check.

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Re: Cloth diaper reviews/thoughts!

Brigit is 2 weeks 3 days. She weighs 8lbs 9oz

Once we used up the newborn disposables the hospital gave us we've been using cloth. So that's been since she was two days old.

GMD orange workhorse under various wool were our favorites to start with. I really don't like the snaps (very hard to snap) and wish I would have gone for the snapless. Her weight fluctuated between 6lbs 9oz and her current weight and they fit her so well. They still fit great and have plenty of room to grow but she's completely soaking them every 2 hours, even with a doubler (using a DR small doubler)! I'll probably be letting these go soon I had hoped to get a least a months use out of them. I wasn't counting on my little super soaker gal.

Our favorites for day now are DR small flats in a origami fold under an Imagine nb cover. Very absorbent and fairly trim too The flats fit well in the beginning using a mini kite fold but the covers where too big for her legs (even though the cover fits approximately 5-13 pounds). I suck at pinning until babes are bigger and don't like Snappis so I couldn't get the flats to work until now.

BG 4.0 pockets are fitting fairly well now too but are not trim at all. I did try one overnight (with both inserts) and she completely soaked it in 4 hours. I'll probably start using these overnight because of the stay dry factor but will need another type of insert once she's sleeping longer than 4 hours

Not fitting now but maybe soon are her DR OS covers. I can't wait to give these a try! I pulled one out today and even at the smallest setting it's still a bit too big.
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