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Re: building supply at 16 months

Originally Posted by mayliz View Post
I would look into shipping the milk back home. Someone else here might have experience with how to do so, but if you pump enough times in five days, that's quite a bit of milk. I always think breastmilk is liquid gold. Personally, I'd pay the $60, although that really sounds high. Jeez, talk about a robbery in the skies.

I have a different pump. I was just wondering because mine is a bit temperamental. I have an Ameda Purely Yours.
Shipping it home is a great idea, I wonder if I would just ship it on like dry ice or something???? I also thought about finding a mama in need of a donation somewhere close to where I will be......maybe I could help someone out a bit while im there :-)


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Re: building supply at 16 months

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
Another method is the first feeding of the morning pump on the side she isn't eating and then an hour later offer her the pumped side and pump the other breast. You should get an entire feeding that way.

Will your DD drink frozen milk? It definitely changes the smell and taste. I'd make sure she will drink it before putting in a lot of work if you haven't given her frozen milk.
I never even thought of this! I will try for sure. If she wont take it im not sure what I will do. No BM while im gone? try another kind of milk? What would you ladies suggest?
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I agree to have her try the thawed milk (from DH when you're not home) to see if she'll drink it. I don't have lactase issues, but DS (18 mon this Sat; nursing both sides 4x/day--good sessions) started protesting and refusing pumped milk around 9 months (while still nursing 8+x/day)...fresh or thawed...bottle or cup...warm or cold...if it wasn't from the boob he didn't want it.

Around 13 months we tried other milks (cow, almond) in a cup instead while I was at work (few days/month). He does much better w/those...

So yeah--if your dd will drink it, just pump what you can each day over the next 5 wks. If you are consistent w/ when you pump, your body will start making extra then. If your DD won't drink it, pump while you're away to maintain supply but leave her w/ an alternative milk. GL!
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Re: building supply at 16 months

I've just started taking sprouted fenugreek seeds to help with milk production for my 8 mo old. I found out about it on a blog when I was doing research on new ideas for increasing supply. It's called and it's the post from March 7th, 2012. Anyway, she tried it and said it worked much better than the fenugreek capsules, which I've been doing for months. I found the seeds for sprouting at and it's super easy to sprout them. Then I snack on a small hand full of them a day. I read somewhere not to eat too many. I think it is helping already and I've been doing it for a couple days (it takes a couple days just to sprout the seeds). Also, if you need to travel with the breast milk, you could freeze it and bring it back in Playtex Fridge-To-Go Bottle Holder - Double (can find at amazon). I just did this on a long international flight, but in checked baggage. I also had to have some on the plane with me and it got through security just fine, just declare it. Hopefully your flight isn't too long and you'd be able to get them back in the freezer within 6 hours or so. I think mine lasted just fine for about 8 hours.
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Re: building supply at 16 months

Over drink water, eat fresh granola with oatmeal and flax seed. Drink a dark beer every other day.
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Good luck! I have had really good luck with pumping first thing in the morning. And if I am lucky enough to sleep in, I get WAY less. For me, 6:00 is magical. It's my biggest pump of the day.
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