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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

Several thoughts -

First of all, it is quite likely that you were dealing with an MA, not an RN. RN's are too expensive for most practices to hire to do things like vitals and vaccines.

The doctor may not realize that your children have been missing well child checks. You should speak directly with him regarding his policy on skipping well checks. I understand you feel you can monitor everything from home. I won't debate that with you, but many physicians are also going to disaree that periodic weights and heights is not appropriate preventative care. Vaccination is only.on of many reasons to get routine preventstive care for your children. Doctors can open themselves up to liability for patients who do not do well checks.

As other have said, the nurse or MA likely told the doctor right before he went in to remind you abourlt the well checks. If you don't do routine well checks, the doctor may not know you well and wouldn't likely know if you were skipping them on purpose. I very often give doctors a piece of information about a patient as the doctor is heading into the room. For example, last night I asked a doctor to pop.into a patient's room and tell her that if she co tiniest to remove an important piece of medical equipment, she would wind up on a vent or dead. It is my job to help focus the doctor's attention on patient needs that she may not otherwise be aware of. And, in a primary pediatrics practice, well checks are the standard of care.

Anyway, you need to talk to the doctor and find out whether this is a deal breaker. My children's pediatrician's appointment line message reminds parents that annual well checks for children over 2 is a requirement for patients in their practice.


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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

I don't mean this in a bad way but....

You cannot change them - you can only change yourself. So if you like the doc, and generally are happy with the practice then learn to just ignore or answer the new assistant as you see fit. An email, letter, etc isn't going to do anything IMO but draw MORE attention to you and your family and not in a positive way.

Peds are underpaid and overworked and they want to help children. They don't want to deal with "unique parents"..... I'm not saying you are that parent, but rather that making a big deal out of some verbal advice isn't what i would do.

I have a ped who "tolerates" my stance on delayed vaxing (we start at 2 and they get all of the required shots for PS by age 5 when they start K).... but he also feels the need to tell me WHY he feels as a medical professional that i SHOULD vax my kids in their infancy. He isn't trying to be mean, rude, or hurt my feelings and in turn when i tell him i appreciate his input, i mean it. He is doing what he feels is going to keep my children healthy and that's precisely WHY i take them to him. I trust him to care for my kids. If i got all hurt and huffy everytime one of his new assistants and even his NP's tried to tell me how i should be doing x, y, z i would be constantly heckling him

Just let it be mama - I'm sure he nor his helper even remembered the interaction the next day whereas you are letting it rock your world.

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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

Originally Posted by Angel89411 View Post
Every 2 months?? Wow. We were never asked to go in that often for our boys and we vaccinate. I am under the belief that you shouldn't be lectured and coerced into doing things. What else will they do it with? The next H1N1? I'd seriously evaluate my overall happiness and look for new drs if I felt I needed to.
Yeah, the standard schedule is 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 months. Variations would be not at nine or not at 18 months or an extra one at 15 months.
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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

I'm in the "smile and nod" camp. Let it roll off your back. You don't go often enough for them to even really realize that you aren't doing the bazillion well checks that are scheduled for the first 2 years of life. Let them live in ignorant bliss and feel like they are doing their job.
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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

I didn't read all the replies. What about bringing them in now and then for a well visit and "forget" the other times? Or schedule them and then have to cancel. Then if she makes a big deal just say, "I have 4 kids, it's hard to get the time to bring them in, I'm very busy. I made appointments but I keep having things come up. If you want I'll call in his height and weight every couple months.
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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

I delayed vac with my boys (over 2 done by 5, but all vac were done through the health dept.). I still took them to the well child checks. Now they are at the age that unless we wanted the flu vac (I don't) we would go to a well child check-up. I had issues with several dr b/c at the time my family practice dr's nurse was a piece of work. I've switched dr for both of us now and we have no issues.

But I'm thinking of email the ped b/c ds2 (8) bp was high at his allergy testing this week. I get that it was a new place and all and he was apprehensive about the shots. But her nurse failed to take his bp the week before when we were having a rash looked at, so I really have no base.
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Re: Disappointed with our Ped. :/ Vent - pls help me work through this.

In your situation I would either:

A: Nod and ignore as pp said and "forget" the well visits when asked


B: Check around if you can find another no vax dr FIRST and then see what stance they have on well visits.....if you can find both, then move. If you have a hard time finding one then you might need to do a few well visits now and then.

My stance is that the Dr can do what they want to do really. Even though it might not go with your/others beliefs, it's their practice and if a patient doesn't like their methods then they should go elsewhere. I just don't think it's a good match.

It's hard as I've had a super conservative ped....but she was fine with delay vax(not non vax, wouldn't accept non vax patients). Then I've had a more laid back ped, but he was a stickler to vax schedule. I just "ooops" showed up a few months late, I forgot.....and he was fine with this. I was supposed to go 3 months ago for mmr, but have onto ped #3.

Oh, he was actually a family practioner. As said a little more laid back in general stuff.

I'm not sure if the growth charting would be enough to satisfy them as a lot of those well visits are about developmental and following patterns/issues....keeping a watch on things. While most visits are boring as heck and standard....I've also had a few surprising moments of "really??" throughout the years.

It's probably easier to sort it out now than later though. I'm dreading doing the whole intro to our new(when I find one) ped/dr
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