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Gaining weight in newbie help!!

My worst fear with my newbie has come true. He isn't gaining fast enough for the doctors. He was born on 7/18 at 6# 4 oz and was discharged on Sunday at 5# 9 oz. Today he was 5# 9 oz after going down to 5# 8 oz on Tuesday.

They now want me to feed every 1.5 hours during the day and basically stuff him. My problem is he is jaundice (16 on Wednesday) and VERY tired. So he refuses to wake after 1.5 hours. He has been going every 3 hours.

I have been told that his tongue is slightly tight but he has a good latch and suck. I go back Monday for a weight check.

What should I do? Should I pump at 1.5 hours in the hope that I can have him do 10 minutes on each side and then take what I pumped? Anything else I should try?

I had this same issue with my other child and after the jaundice went away he was fine and is now on top with weight and height.

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Re: Gaining weight in newbie help!!

Can you pump for a couple of minutes before he eats? That way he is getting more of the hindmilk (fatty milk) and less of the foremilk (low calorie stuff).
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Re: Gaining weight in newbie help!!

I assume you've tried all the tricks about waking a sleepy baby to eat? I do think you need to encourage him to eat more frequently--the jaundice creates a vicious cycle so that he is sleepy, doesn't eat well, gets more jaundiced (or just doesn't improve much), stays sleepy, etc.

Eating every three hours is the bare minimum for a newborn--a newbie needs to nurse at least 8 to 12 times in 24 hours. I would do everything possible to wake him and encourage eating. If that means using a syringe to sneak a bit of milk into him when he's not interested in sucking, I'd do it.

Is he undergoing phototherapy? That might help him get out of the jaundice cycle faster, too. Or you can try putting him in a sunny window for a time without clothes on--as long as you can keep him warm enough.
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My DS was a bit jaundice. I used to have to strip off his clothes to get him awake enough to nurse. And I nursed him every 1.5-2 hours around the clock for the first month.
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Re: Gaining weight in newbie help!!

I was in a similar situation with my newborn a couple weeks ago. Is the baby pooping? My baby wasn't and that causes the bilirubin to build up since she wasn't eating well she wasn't pooping. We gave her a tiny bit if pedialyte and se started to poop right away. The bilirubin also went down. To make sure she was eating I spent a couple days pumping every two hours, she took the bottle faster and didn't need to be awake as long to get a full belly. Once the jaundice went away she was more alert and then we started breastfeeding normally every two hours during the day and three hours at night for two weeks and she's gained almost a pound. Hope that helps!
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