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updat on us breastfeeding

update-i have been trying all day and all last nite but she wont latch. so i am still pumping and feeding bottle. hubby goes back to work tommorow. i even tried bath today as the lc suggested that yesterday. i dont know what else to do. and it is so hard with my 2 yr old toio. is it possible to see milk drunk from pumped milk? i am trying so hard and my hubby is so proud that i am still pumping away for her. and feeding her every 2 hrs. am i still agoodf mom even though she is gettin ebm? this has been so stressful i almost hd a breakdown.


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Re: updat on us breastfeeding

Of course you are a good mom! I'm so sorry that you're having difficulties nursing. Aside from the bath, has the LC been able to offer any other suggestions or come to your home and work with you to get your baby to latch?
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Re: updat on us breastfeeding


DS wouldn't latch on to my left breast at ALL in the first day, so I called the LC into the hossy room and she showed me a cross cradle hold! It's the only way he will latch on that side sometimes!!

Also, have you tried a nipple shield? If baby is taking a bottle good, then she may just want a longer nipple, and to start out with sucking, a natural nipple isn't long at all..With my first I had to use a shield a few days, I would get him to latch on, then when he had sucked enough to elongate my nipple I would unlatch him and then relatch him onto me alone...And some mamas use a shield all the time!

Or before trying a shield, try rubbing expressed milk onto your nipples and let the baby lick you first!! LOL

I've also heard that you should feed the baby about half on the bottle, then try to latch them onto your breast...some babies are so hungry that they are too frustrated to try to latch on at first...if you get a bit of milk in their tummy, THEN try to latch them on, that will be less stressful for them AND you!

I'm no expert, but I have a small bit of experience...and don't worry mama, yes you are a good mama! You would be a good mama if you formula fed, too!! So long as the baby is healthy and happy, and mama is happy then all is good!! I stopped nursing at 3 months due to bad advice and a failure to thrive baby, and we were much less stressed after switching...

That being said, some moms ONLY pump and feed, and it's great that you can keep up with her feedings! I'm pumping now too, to build up a freezer supply just incase I have to leave him with someone or BFing doesn't work this time either...Don't stress mama!

Good luck, and sorry for the long post!
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Re: updat on us breastfeeding

you are a good mama still. always will be. ebm is still breastmilk. she is still getting her nutrition. dont be too hard on yourself, and keep trying or keep pumping. im sure there are several who pumped and fed that way. many hugs
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Re: updat on us breastfeeding

You are doing great! It took us a while to get nursing too. Nipple shield was wonderful! Just keep trying and try not to stress yourself (I know, easier said than done!).
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Re: updat on us breastfeeding

We had to do the nipple shield here too. DS didn't like lefty, but I used it on both boobs. It was a pain in the butt to cart it around, but I didn't let it stop me from nip. I just dragged out my little tuppeware container put the shield on.

Every few days I'd try him without and then at 6 weeks-bam! no more shield.

Good luck
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Re: updat on us breastfeeding

Don't you dare think you're a bad mommy. You're giving your baby breastmilk, whether she nurses or not. I KNOW, I have EP'd for my ds for almost 3 mos cause I had complications from the epidural and ended up flat on my back for 10days. He just wouldn't or couldn't latch and nurse laying down, and I gave him a bottle and started pumping. I tried over and over again and we would have successes and many failures. And every time we failed, I felt like you. I grieved; I felt like a bad mommy and a failure as a woman.
I still try to nurse him, and like tonight, sometimes he does.....mainly when he's not feeling well or he's sleepy and can't let go and sleep. IMHO, I think that's probably more important (to me) than just breastfeeding period. My ds gets my milk; he knows where it comes from (he roots constantly but won't nurse); and when he needs comfort he turns to ME and I can give him comfort that no one else can.
So, if you can't get her to latch and you end up EPing, just know that you're still giving her the best and that you are a good mommy no matter what (cause EPing is HARD work, sister!). And, keep trying with her cause one day it may happen for you.
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