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Miscarriage at 7 weeks ( trigger warning loss mentioned)

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and did tests to weeks apart both with instant dark lines. I was extremely excited I was cramping on and off the whole time and read that that can be normal. But nothing felt right, I hard a sharp pain in my side and no morning sickness. Took another test, still an instant dark line .

Then over the weekend I wiped and there was some brown spotting ( again) told it was normal ...

Then that afternoon it felt like everything just fell out of me , clots etc, I was out eating with my family and came out of the bathroom in tears. I knew instantly what had happened . I was not doing well at all emotionally and since it was a weekend I couldn't see anyone till Monday .

Monday came and I went to see my normal OBGYN . His pregnancy test came back negative and he didn't even believe I was pregnant and told me it was probably just a heavy period and said he would do a blood test to confirm . I begged for an ultrasound asking to at least rule out ectopic dice.

Blood tests came back the next day my numbers were 76.... I was pregnant and it looks like I did actually miscarry. But the damage was done for me. My husband blew the whole thing off because the doctor said I wasn't at the last visit so it took me all week to convince him otherwise...

I don't know what to expect or do... I've never miscarried... Everyone seems to be sorry but my husband doesn't think I should be so upset. Is it wrong to be this upset over a 7 week miscarriage... I feel awful.. I've had friends go through so much worse and yet here I am in tears over something that was probably wrong...

Just needed to talk..or put it in writing...


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Re: Miscarriage at 7 weeks ( trigger warning loss mentioned)

Oh Sweetie! I'm so sorry for your loss. It is completely normal to be devastated at your loss. I have had 3 MC and all of them broke my heart. One was at 11 weeks, one was at 7 weeks and one was at 10 weeks. I believe Mommas bond instantly with their little ones. Hang in there, don't feel bad for mourning your loss. Hugs
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A woman becomes a mom when she finds out she is pregnant. A man becomes a dad when he sees his baby. Men just don't really process it the same, not to mention the hormones that are going crazy right now making it more emotional for you.
Sorry mama.
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It is not wrong in any way, shape or form to mourn the loss of your baby. I am so so sorry about your loss. I feel that a Mom becomes a Mom as soon as you conceive and so when you find out you are pregnant it's often instant love for your baby. I have had two losses and both were at 6 weeks. I was heartbroken both times. Please take the time you need to grieve. Sorry your hubby isn't being more supportive :-(
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It is normal. I lost a baby at 31 weeks. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks, and it was almost as devastating (ETA: NOT to minimize ANY loss, I was just surprised how strongly I reacted to an early loss after such a late one. I didn't think after a late loss it would be as big a deal for me personally but it was still truly awful). Its very hard for your DH to understand what you're feeling, because it wasn't "real" for him. My DH was bummed, but not nearly as upset as I was. But he doesn't have to feel the same to realize you feel awful and be supportive. Tell him what you need from him, it will be better that way I promise.

Is this your first? Its more common than people know. An early loss often means something went wrong and the baby couldn't live. Not that it should make you feel better about your loss, only that it doesn't necessarily mean you will have future problems.

I'm sorry for your loss!

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Re: Miscarriage at 7 weeks ( trigger warning loss mentioned)

It is NEVER wrong to be upset about a miscarriage, no matter how far along you are.

I had a m/c at 13wks5d and another at 5wk5d. You were pregnant no matter how far along you were it is emotionally hard.

I hope your hubby comes around, maybe this is his way of dealing with it.....if he thinks it never happened he won't have to deal with it. I'm sorry!
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Re: Miscarriage at 7 weeks ( trigger warning loss mentioned)

A loss is a loss. No matter how early, emotionally you loved that baby. You have dreams and hopes, and when you miscarry, those hopes and dreams are ripped from you.
Men don't have to bleed and cramp, and deal with the hormones. The day of my D&C, I asked DH if he told his boss he was taking the day off, and he actually didn't know he was gonna go with me.
I was a Wreck.
DH tries to be as supportive as possible.

Take all the time to heal and mourn. I'm sorry your going through it!
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Re: Miscarriage at 7 weeks ( trigger warning loss mentioned)

oh I am so sorry to hear you on top of the loss had a partner not believe you too. that would crush me. as it is you wonder enough why it happened and if you did something or could have done something...
sounds like you lost everything in the restroom already so your numbers must drop over time. I have had 7 losses now all at different times but none over 11 weeks.

please message me if you need any info. so sorry yet again. my 1st loss took me 6 yrs to get over and i was 6 weeks along :/
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Re: Miscarriage at 7 weeks ( trigger warning loss mentioned)

I'm so sorry. I've never lost a pregnancy, but I've seen my friends go through it and they are devasted. It's something that stays with women. My sweet granny who had 5 living children still refered to her miscarriage as the baby she lost.
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I don't think it is wrong or crazy at all! I have never experienced a m/c personally but I would be devastated. I had some spotting around 7 weeks with my current pregnancy and I was really worried and upset. Big hugs to you. Don't let anyone discount your feelings because I think they are totally valid and normal. I hope you are blessed with a sticky baby as soon as you are ready.

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