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Question Changing over to wool- what's your favs?

My ds is just about one, and we used cloth with my first who is now out of diapers. I've run the gamut with cloth! Started with pockets, tried AIOs, and settled into fitteds (mostly use the old sized kissaluvs, maybe you can give me your favorite fitteds too? I'm going to need to replace these soon).
So, now I have been using mostly Thirsties covers, but they get smelly so quickly anymore, i think im ready to make the swirch. Wool made me so nervous! I have one wool wrap cover from Loveybums, and I love it, but I think I want some soakers, maybe longies? How many will I need? I use 4 Thirsties and my one wool right now. And if you put your LO in longies can they wear them all day? Or do you flip flop between their longies and then a soaker and pants? (That's more a concern for winter..) is any wool trim enough to go under clothing? Or do you usually end up using the wool as their pants?
Thanks for your help!


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I switched over to wool and I'm never going back to PUL! We have no more rashes since switching. I made my own soakers with an easy pattern I found online. I made 8 for about $25. They're trim enough to fit under dd's shorts. I only use soakers so I can't speak for wool as pants/cover combo... You probably only NEED 3 covers. One for night that's a bit heavier and 2 for daytime so you always have one when the other is being washed. HTH!

By the way, I mostly use prefolds but I do have a few GMD Workhorse fitteds that I LOVE.
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I don't use wool full time but I can suggest some places where we have bought wool and love it! Bumby is amazing, they have a very active b/s/t group on Facebook. They will also customize anything for you in terms of size, check out the bunny fireside group on Facebook for details of their products. Little Green Honu and Source on hyneacart make nice interlock. Myecobaby on etsy makes really nice upcycled items and will make anything custom for you at no extra charge, she is super fast too. Woollybottoms soakers are an awesome upcycled/interlock combo and are very reasonably priced.
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I've used soakers under clothing with no problems, just make sure the clothes aren't too tight. I'd say you could get away with 2-3 daytime pieces and 2 nighttime pieces if you wanted to do it full time.

You can use them all day as long as they aren't too damp/wet. Longies are perfect for all day use when it's cold.
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Re: Changing over to wool- what's your favs?

My favorite WAHM to get wool from is Royals Buns. I also like Wild Coconut Wear and Rainbow Waters. I usually switch between two soakers/ shorties/ or longies during the day, but my LO has worn the same piece for several changes if we are out and about. I just make sure to use our most absorbent fitteds if I will not be switching covers. That way the wool will not get damp. I like to have a least 3 daytime wool covers and two nighttime wool covers.
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Re: Changing over to wool- what's your favs?

I LOVE woollybottoms. Everything I've ever owned from her has been amazing. We've used the upcycled soakers, upcycled footies, upcycled longies, and interlock soakers. Love them all. I also really like WCW, but her stuff is MUCH more expensive. For under clothing you can't beat sbish underwoolies.
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Re: Changing over to wool- what's your favs?

I suggest looking on various BST pages..HC etc. And I personally love knits..but I also love interlock. Interlock is harder to find these days though! You can easily wear one wool cover all day. If it starts to smell is when it needs a bath.
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Re: Changing over to wool- what's your favs?

I absolutely LOVE Woollybottoms! Hands-down my favorite soaker.
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For interlock I love WCW. Angela has lots of cute embroidery. Jeanie at Chasing Zen is also great. DS1 is almost 4 and PLed and still loves to wear wool and Jeanie made him custom longies since he has a 18" inseam. Both my boys love hand knit longies and shorties. DS1 loves to pick out yarn for me to knit for him. DS2 wears most of his wool as clothing since his skin does better in pockets. Even with just wearing it as clothes, they each have well over a dozen pair of longies plus a couple pair of shorties and a few soakers for DS2. I have never tried out any upcycled, but woollybottoms has cute stuff.
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Re: Changing over to wool- what's your favs?

I love wool too! It played a huge part in curing a serious rash attack we went through with my dd. Right now I have- I think, four interlock longies and two soakers, plus several Disanas plus some newborn Aristocrats I happened to find for a steal on Ebay one day.

All of my interlock stuff came from This is Sew Me Organics on Etsy. She is great to work with and her prices are wonderful. (also at I also love my Disanas. They do take a while to dry after washing, unlike interlock stuff, but they are so cute, and great for overnight. I'm going to be carrying the Nikky breathable poly covers and wool covers in my store (my shipment arrives next week!!!) and the Nikky wool is also a really affordable option.

I like to switch back and forth between covers at changes, unless the diaper really didn't get very wet. I've got way more wool than necessary now. I started out with one pair of longies, two pull-on soakers, and a pair of Disanas. If I still had just that, I could make it, though all the extra longies will be great when winter comes. Wool and fleece soakers can save you a lot of $$ on clothes though! I used the Katrinas free soaker pattern for my fleece stuff, but it works for wool also.

I'm hoping someone mentions if they are putting wool under snug fitting clothing (say leggings or knit pants?), particularly the wrap/velcro-closure wool stuff. I've put my wool soakers under footie pajamas before with success, but that's about it. Soakers/longies make great/convenient outerwear, so I don't try stuffing it under stuff much.

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