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Need encouragement

I nursed my firstborn for a year with no problems. I had the occasional blocked duct, but NOTHING like this nursing experience has been.
My LO is 6 months old. At 1 week old, he had tongue tie corrected. At 5 months old we had an upper lip tie corrected. Both legitimate situations that healthcare professionals noticed, not me. While I thought my recurrent plugged ducts would be bye-bye, low and behold I have a steller one now as we speak. (at least I had a 3 week break from it, not a 3 day break like it had been all summer)
It is always in the same place, same side. I feel like I have tried everything. It is so frustrating to spend an hour in the bathroom with warm water, a pump, a washcloth, a massager, spend money on things like grapefruit seed extract, lecithin, see your kiddo go through a lip tie fix, see him frustratingly try to nurse on that side, but not want to because nothing comes out....all for the hope of not enduring more frustration, and then ending up with a plugged duct.
Once again, my boob hurts. It throbs. I hate milk blisters. I hate the marbling sensation near my armpit. I just want it OUT...and I can not get it out. Is it normal to spend an hour working on it each time and not make progress? How long does it take the typical person to get it out?? It feels like it takes me forever to get unclogged....only to pray pray pray it doesn't come back, and low and behold whether 3 weeks, or 3 days, it does. come. back.


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I'm sorry. I had plugged ducts for about 6 months straight with my DD. They were usually every week to every other week. I too tried everything and nothing helped until she started nursing less so there was less milk. I focused on just massaging in the shower and nursed on that side when she was sleepy/asleep (she would stay latched on while sleeping). Also, no bra as much as possible! Whenever I had to wear a bra for a couple hours, I could absolutely count on a plugged duct the next day. I wore the Motherhood Maternity sleep nursing bras as often as I could get away with it. I hope some of this helps and you get some relief soon!
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Re: Need encouragement

Hugs mama. That's horrible I have to pop my milk blisters with a sterile needle. My plugged ducts usually take multiple attempts to clear, too. You've fought hard for your nursing relationship. Is there anything else that could be causing the recurrent plugged ducts? Are you sure your nursing bras aren't causing compression?
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Re: Need encouragement

so sorry! i feel like bf problems are so difficult. it hurts on so many levels :/.
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Re: Need encouragement

When I had inflammation in both of my nipples shortly after my son was born, one of them did not seem to want to get better and it was excruciating to nurse. It always seemed as though he was not getting much if any milk on that side.
Someone recommended to let him nurse for a short time on the better side, to stimulate letdown in the side that was inflamed. That can make it a lot easier for baby to nurse on the injured boob!
Are you letting him finish, as in nurse on one side per session only? Continued milk flow is supposed to be great for clearing up clogged ducts and keeping them clear! Even through multiple letdowns on one side during the same feeding.
Good luck! You're a great mother for being so dedicated!
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