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Re: My son will only nurse on one side

Problems with neck positioning can absolutely cause babies to have a hard time feeding on a side. I second chiropractic and/or Craniosacral therapy.


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Originally Posted by chandni3
I don't mind just nursing from the one side but my boobs look so lopsided lol.
We nurse both sides and I'm still lopsided. That part is normal.
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My 4 mo DS will only nurse from the right unless he is really sleepy and then I can sometimes trick him into taking the left too. Tried different positions but he just knows as soon as it hits his mouth and will scream bloody murder until I switch sides. Seriously, he sounds like I'm torturing him when I give him the left.
I have to pump to send him bottles to daycare so I just always try to pump on the left even though it takes so much longer and produces so much less. He a big boy so obviously he's getting enough!
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Re: My son will only nurse on one side

You may have already figured the issue out, and if so, I'm glad for you. It looks like you got a lot of great feedback, but just to share with you my experience since I don't think anyone else has said this...My daughter also would only nurse on one side for a while, soon after my milk came in. It went on for weeks because I couldn't seem to figure out the cause. She is my 4th, but nothing like this had happened with the other 3. I assumed that the problem was nipple related because one is...well, shaped differently than the other. I tried everything I could to get her used to it, to no avail. She would take a tiny sip and come off screaming. So now, I'm sore and lopsided and in tears that nothing I'm trying is working.

In my search for answers, I ran across some info a book I was reading about how mastitis can, in some uncommon cases, go on undetected because the mom doesn't have the red streaks, raging fever etc, that are normally associated with it, but that if the mom has it the milk can taste slightly off and cause picky babies to refuse it.

So, I pumped a little and tasted some from each breast. Sure enough, the side she wouldn't eat from was...not bad really....but ever so slightly musty tasting, whereas the "good" side was fresh and sweet. Next I took my temp. Yep, I had a fever- a VERY tiny little fever, only about .4 over (and I know because I checked that it came and went too- not a steady high temp!). Come to find out, most of the fatigue I was feeling, which I had been attributing to adjusting to a new baby, recovering from birth etc, disappeared when I got the mastitis under control. And now, my daughter is 8 months and still going strong on both breasts.

I hope that helps and encourages you!
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Re: My son will only nurse on one side

My right side is dominant. I didn't realize it with my first b/c I assumed both sides should be equal, I was always wondering why he would be hungry after nursing on the left. I finally figured it out with #2&3, and by the time they were closer to a year they were both on the right side only.
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Re: My son will only nurse on one side

chiro for sure. imagine if you had a pinched neck or nerve and tried to turn your head a certain way...
2, try different positions. football, laying down.
3, try tricking baby when they are sleepy by nursing then
4, pay attention to how you are holding baby. often one hand holds baby more naturally than the other so baby may be on awkward or higher up/lower etc.
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Re: My son will only nurse on one side

A chiropractor may be able to help. Often if they only nurse on one side it's because there is pain when they try to turn their head to nurse the other way.
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