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Re: Question about fast labors

First baby--induced at 40 weeks 1 day. Induction started at 6 am, baby born at 1:30 pm. Progressed slowly til I got my epi about 11:30 am(which made me relax) and then I went 4 cm to 10 in under an hour and she was born not long after.

Second baby--38 weeks (and I know exactly the date of conception)--first contraction at 8 am and I didn't realize what it was at first. Baby born at 10:59 am. Barely made it to the hospital since it took DH 30 minutes to get to my work to pick me up, and it took us 25 minutes to get to the hospital. I got there and was 9 cm and bulging in triage. I completely freaked them out. Doc almost didn't make it.

Scared to death about any future labors.

IMO, in your shoes, I'd go early and deal with the hospital than risk it.


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Re: Question about fast labors

I totally feel ya.
My first 2 labor were fast (7hrs and 6hrs)
My 3rd labor was 2.5hrs and my last baby was 27min! (I was having contractions here and there not really even time worthy, but the m/w broke my water to get things started) and I instantly went into full blown transition.
Because they get faster and faster, this baby I'm being induced a few days before my due date. I'm afraid to birth in the car or side walk...ect. I'd be totally fine to deliver at home, but with 4 kids, I'm not always home, and DH and my mom work 1 hour away.
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Update: I may end up not having to worry about this after all. My BP has been climbing for the last two weeks and I've officially been diagnosed with gestational hypertension. I'm still doing fetal monitoring twice a week bc of gestational diabetes. So nothing new there. But I'm now seriously considering going with the doctors original recommendation for induction at 39 weeks since my GD is now complicated by hypertension. I just have a gut feeling that its what needs to happen. And I'm actually wondering if it'd be prudent to discuss earlier induction. I'm doing my best to read up on hypertension and keep finding that the recommendation is induction at term - 37 weeks for moms with mild hypertension (140-160/90-110). Mine have all been in the 140-150/90-100 range in the past week, but I haven't been able to get my OB to call me back. Just dealing with different nurses. :-/
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Re: Question about fast labors

Oh dear OP! Go with your gut. If you think it's in your best interest to induce earlier do it. Good luck and I'm sorry about your complications:-(
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Re: Question about fast labors

My labors are very, very fast. With #2 it was a planned home birth and the doc only made it with 7 minutes to spare. #3 was an unintentional unassisted birth because it was so fast.

For labor planning I go over "what-ifs" with DH. He knows to just let me be for the most part if things are going ok. We keep the phone close by in case 911 needs to be called. I bought a home birth kit that has all of the essentials in it. DH knows how to help guide baby out, check for a cord around the neck, suction baby's nose and mouth, etc. It helps that I have a DH who is not squeamish at all and I can stay very level headed even in high stress situations (though none of births were scary).
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Re: Question about fast labors

Originally Posted by BeccaSueCongdon View Post
I'm pregnant with #3 and planning a hospital VBAC. My first was a CS, and my second was a quick home birth VBAC. 12 hours of early labor and only 3 hours from start of active labor to baby being born.

When I think about the birth I keep envisioning it being so fast that we either don't make it to the hospital on time or even leave the house.

So I guess what my "question" is - for those of you who have fast labors and maybe even had an unplanned home birth or unplanned unassisted birth... What would you do for labor planning? How do you know when it's "too late" to get in the car and head to the hospital?

I feel like I should prepare for the possibility of an unplanned OOH/UC but not sure what to do.
I have ultra fast labors (my last two were 45 minutes start to finish, I'm not kidding, in fact my longest labor was 6 hours and that was with my first) if you feel like you need meds cause the pain is so bad, or you feel even slightly pushy you are too late and ought to stay home, at least that's my opinion.
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