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Re: Getting easier to keep the secret

I never "announce" my pregnancies. I just let people figure it out on their own. I of course tell my close friends and family, but everyone else? Meh. None of their business I guess.


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I waited until 24 weeks with ds. Didn't start showing until 27 weeks.

I didn't tell anyone in AZ I was pregnant last year. I worked until I was 17 weeks. After we moved to SC I made a FB announcement (posted an ultrasound photo) around 21/22 weeks.

I tend to have anxiety about announcing it. I don't know why. I also don't like people waiting & watching.
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Re: Getting easier to keep the secret

I absolutely HATE telling people so it isn't hard to keep the secret at all. I would love to just never tell anyone and have them figure it out when they get the college graduation notice in the mail. I figure after 10 kids I have heard all of the stupid, nasty comments so why bother making the announcement to any one other than friends? Even wuth friends I would rather wait until I am invthe second trimester but dh gets so excited and tells everyone way too early. We usually tell the kids around 15 weeks ( just in case like pp's mentioned )but my dd is almost 17 so it doesn't take her long to figure it out.

ETA: I really like no one knowing at first and just having the secret beteeen dh and I. It is such an amazing thing to carry a child and having that time all to myself us very special to me. I feel like once people know it takes away from it. It reminds me of the bible verse - you knit me in secret in my mother's womb.
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I hate telling ppl too! So awkward like ppl think you expect a huge reaction out of them. I tell ppl to "feel free to tell everyone"
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I'm realizing that the reason I'm in no hurry to tell anyone this time is that I don't care to hear their responses. I know my mom, most of all, will disappoint me with her response. With my first, her response was "what did you do?" With my second, she responded with all the enthusiasm of hearing I just bought a new sweater. She and I are very close. I've watched her literally jump up and down with the news my brother and his wife were expecting. It broke my heart to have her react so coldly.

So far, I've told four people IRL I'm pregnant. One was excited, the others really didn't seem to care at all. We're expecting our third child, not our 23rd. We have two amazing, intelligent, happy little boys who have absolutely everything they need (and more). We have no debt, are able to pay everything on time and even manage to put away a little every week. We're not in a terrible position for bringing another member into our family, but I know nobody will be excited to hear the news. I guess I'm just protecting my heart from the negative responses.

ETA: my mom is one of three. She's always said two kids is perfect because "nothing divides well by three kids."
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It's def. easier as time goes on and the more kids you have. I gave birth to my 6 th two months ago and now that shes old enough to be out and about I run into people who say " OMG I didn't even know you were pregnant!" we didn't tell our parents or our kids until somewhere around 16 weeks I think. I'm pregnant every two years or so, so it's like...what else is new!lol

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Re: Getting easier to keep the secret

I was like that with this one, we waited until like 34 weeks to go facebook live
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I hope it gets easier! We are planning to wait until Christmas, I'll be about 22weeks then but I've had really bad m/s with my pregnancies so might not be able to hide it!
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Re: Getting easier to keep the secret

I tried to keep it from most people as long as i could..I didn't tell my kids until I was about 12 weeks along. I wasn't even planning on telling them then but my 11 year old came in my room and peeked over my shoulder when I was looking at newborn diapers and was like "mommm, why are you looking at diapers Olivia doesn't wear diapers...."
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I can def see the appeal to not spilling the beans. The comments can be very annoying. Since we kept having girls I'd already get the boy comments. I always tell right away though so those who pay for us can pay for it baby. Plus if we did lose our baby, I'd want to have support there for us.
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