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I have no problem with people who avoid certain foods for themselves or their children for any reason, really, whether it be because of adverse reactions, "feeling better without it," belief systems, or because a practitioner or test told them to. I don't think that just because a reaction is not anaphylactic it is bogus or made up. If msg gives you migraines, or food coloring makes your kid hyper, or dairy makes you congested, that is a real thing and the person is doing the right thing by listening to their biofeedback and avoiding the food.

Does it fit the broad definition of "allergy?" In some cases, yes, and in some no, but a little more precision in language could help people understand what they were talking about and know how much caution needs to be taken.

I wish that we as a culture could change the language to describe these things differently so that the real danger of IgE mediated allergic reactions was clearly understood and taken seriously. And I think this will happen as the incidence of allergies continues to increase (which it is) but it is frustrating right now as serious reactions are a somewhat new phenomenon.

I am thankful to the food allergy mamas ho have gone before us paving the way with education and advocacy and those who are doing it now on behalf of these kiddos.


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Re: Sure, I'll stir the PB pot.....

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
Does your school handle allergies well? Is it a choice school? DD's school has a higher than average number of kids with allergies- its a charter choice school. Its because her school, while it has the exact same policy as the regular public schools, has an excellent track record with food allergies. They go well beyond their policy without making parents jump through hoops or do 504 plans. They get chosen by allergy parents for this so they have a higher number of students with severe food allergies than the regular public schools in our area. Even with that dd has been the only one in her grade level to require and epi last both years she has been there. Last year there was child with 2 intolerances but no allergies. In the 4 years since her peanut allergy developed she has never met someone in our daily lives with peanut or nut allergies and never anyone else that needed an epi. Last year we did something at her allergist office and she met another kid her age with a peanut allergy and epi pen too for the very first time. She was so excited.
Aw, I'm glad she met someone "like" her, DD used to ask all the time who else had allergies as well. She seemed genuinely relieved to not be alone when she got to school.

She goes to public school and they have been amazing. Her classroom is free of every allergen that's listed on each child's emergency plan. The list is intense at peanut, treenut, coconut, sesame, egg, milk, chocolate, and shellfish. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm missing at least one other. I did ask a pick up one day how that list was working out with snack and her teacher said they haven't had one person bring an allergen in. I was pretty impressed. We also had the first series of birthday treats and so far it's been fruit snacks. LOL! I'm not on board with those (bad teeth, do not need sugar stuck to her teeth for 6 hours) but I do appreciate the thought, kwim? For lunch, she sits at the peanut table with her other 4 classmates, and the kids with allergies from the other 4 k classes. I do know that the class right across from hers has 4 kids with allergies in it because our friends daughter is in that class.

She went through a rough patch with seasonal allergies last week where she was coughing during rest time, and then her eyes would get red and swollen. The teachers let her sit at a desk instead of laying on the floor and she had no other problems.
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