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Dealing with the naysayers?

Hi Folks,

I can't believe the reaction we get when we mention we are CD'ing our little lady when she arrives.

Why do people react so negatively? I never judge their decision to use disposables... It's whatever works for your family.

How do you gals respond?

My first reaction is to just say that it's something we wanted to do... And that cloth diapering has been around for ages. I just try to keep my response light because I refuse to let it ruffle my feathers.


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Just try to ignore them, that's all you can really do. After you start and they see how cute and easy they rally are and how much $ you are saving then you can say see this is why I chose cloth ;-)
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

Some is ignorance. It depends on the age of the people you are talking about. Either from lies of the passed from disposable companies or people who don't know different, from memories of more difficult cloth diapering days -- or even a "class" issue where only the "poor" cloth diapered they kids once disposables came out.

the only reason I was cloth diapered was because my parents couldn't afford disposables full time.

We are in a "why bother" generation / convenience generation where people use TONS on disposables products on a daily basis which can cause... guilt.

You may not be judging them directly, but its similar to something a formula mom might feel to a nursing mom (especially if she choose that route vrs forced into it) -- "they should be doing/going better but they didn't think they could or it would work in there family" so they get defensive.

Honestly I've been lucky and faced it very little. I also know very few moms so less chance to run up against the defensive/guilt angle. The older generations around me knew mostly to keep there mouth shut -- and easily came around when say how it changed / how easy.

You can try to educate or you can say it's your decision and move passed it.
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My SIL, pg with her first, has said some things that sound judgy to me. I just told her I was saving THOUSANDS of dollars and she quit saying anything. It's hard to argue with that.
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I always get "wow, I could NEVER do that," which I find very condescending. I have always ignored or just said "it's working for us," or before DD was born: "well, I've heard nothing but good from others who've used cloth so we're going to give it a shot "
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Before the baby was born, I got a lot of "we'll see how long THAT lasts" and "you'll be using disposables in a week." Now that she's here and we're actually CD'ing I don't get any comments, except on how cute they are
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I just smile and nod my head.
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

It is discouraging. Frustrating even. They call you out on something you yourself have never even tried. It's hard to defend, kwim?

Honestly, I find little reason to even mention diapering method of choice to anyone. I know it's exciting and fun and has a bunch of cool benefits, but it's much easier to wait until someone inquires about your LO's cute buttware to talk about it. If I couldn't avoid a conversation, like if my diapers were sitting out and someone asked about them, I'd just tell them I do it because I can't bear to put that much plastic and poop in the landfill or that I have saved a fortune on diapers over the years.
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A lot of my friends say "Ew & why?" I usually say how much better it is for the environment. It was hard to get my husband on board w/my 2nd dd. I had to explain how bad disposables are for the environment etc & he was sold. So with my 3rd dd, he's all for it.
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Re: Dealing with the naysayers?

Before I had mine, I just told people I was going to "try it & see how it goes". Of course, I was totally committed to it, but I wouldn't tell them that.

I usually mention saving money as my first reason... and if I get comments about how gross it is, I bring up the fact that you have to deal with poop whether you use cloth or disposables! There's no escaping it. I've found that there are fewer poop blowouts w/ cloth so I just tell people I would be washing poop either way because my baby would get lots of poop on his clothes if he were in disposables.

However, I really don't care about the few negative comments that I get. It's not like anyone gets into long, drawn-out conversations with me, trying to convince me to use disposables. Passing comments are easy to ignore.
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