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Re: Is this name too close?

I really like Emmeline Adalyn...


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Re: Is this name too close?

Abigail and Adalyn are fine for sisters. But really, Abbie and Addie, IMO is a little ridiculous. I'm sorry, but it's nearly identical, just flip the Bs over and you have Ds. I couldn't do it. If you called her Adalyn or Ada or Lynnie, etc i think it would be fine. Just not Addie.
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Originally Posted by becky1231
Sorry to hear about your DHs Grandma my thoughts are with you and your family. My DD was named after my Grandmother who had passed away shortly before we found out we were pregnant.

I think they sound fine together and once you have more then one child the names start getting mixed up any ways. My kids are Gibson Anna and Joseph and they all get called by there siblings names at least once a week if not more often and none of my kids names sound similar.
Thank for your condolences .
Originally Posted by TeachinAuntie

This makes me sad. I was pregnant with #2 before my Grams passed away. She knew I was pregnant & it brought her such JOY. To know that life was going to continue on after she passed. In her few lucid moments she teased me that she would know before me WHO the baby was going to be, bc I wasn't going to have my ultrasound for a while yet, but she would know as soon as she got to Heaven.

She didn't even know who I was the day I said goodbye to her, but I knew that SHE did know and that when she passed she would continue to watch over my family and be proud of the kids I am raising.

(tears flowing, sorry if its incoherent)
Thank you for sharing this. I think we should tell her but dh does not. I'm not going to push him as this is exceedingly hard on him since he was raised by his grandparents. I think it would bring her joy knowing but dh thinks it would only make her sad because she will not get to " know" this child. The whole situation breaks my heart for dh . He is torn between being elated about this baby and coping with his grandmothers illness and impending death.
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Re: Is this name too close?

Hugs...I think the names yhave chosen are far as old fashioned names my own daughter is Mirabelle nieces are Audrey and Eleanor...I also like the name Henrietta and Harriet is such a cute nick name! I also like Doris but I don't think my own husband would ever agree to that one...and I m sure that no matter which name you choose it will be lovely..
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Re: Is this name too close?

I think Adalyn is a really pretty name and yeah it could get confusing but I have 2 kids already who's names start with a BR and end with a N and so will the thirds lol.
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I have trouble with Brook and Beck. It's fine, just be prepared to screw it up a lot.
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Re: Is this name too close?

I think it's cute.
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Re: Is this name too close?

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
Dd is Abigail but we call her Abbie 90% of the time. Dh's grandmothers name is Ada (The A is said like the letter so it is A-duh) . Well she is about to pass away and DH was wanting to honor her if the new baby is a girl. He pointed out the name Adalyn. (Add-uh-lyn) I really like it and so does DH. The only hold back we have is that we would want to call her Addie. So are Addie and Abbie too close for siblings?
I dont think so! My youngest is Adalane, and we call her
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Re: Is this name too close?

I think it is just adorable and I love it! My top two girl names were Mallory and Adelynn though so I love the name. My big issue would be if you were planning more kids. My kids all end in N, the first two were by chance but with the third we did it on purpose. Now with the 4th one it was a tough call to stay with it or break the 'ends in n' thing. We are sticking with it and if we ever have a girl she can break the rule. But that may just be me feeling like 'well the first two start with A so we have to stick with 'A' names'.

As for Ada, we have 2 Ada's and 2 Ava's in our church. It seems to be getting pretty popular as 3 of those are under 2 years old.
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