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Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

I just came back from my dr's office, and am not sure how to deal with the conversation she had with me. I was telling her about my past pregnancies and births (1st birth was at 41.5 weeks and 2nd was 9 days early) and she started talking about me giving birth to the twins (now carrying) before 30 weeks and c-sections....
I had mentioned to her that my heart was hurting occasionally when I am under a lot of stress (work, kids, twins on the way, etc), and she started talking to me about maternal mortality rates.... Should I be concerned? How many women actually die from birthing twins? Im not even 30 yet, so I didnt think that there was any concern, and all my tests have been normal. If stress is a problem then she probably shouldnt have started talking about mortality rates, right? Are c-sections less dangerous for the mother? I was hoping to do this all pretty naturally, but if I need a c-section to keep me and the babies safe, well, there isnt anything I wont do for my kids... Anyway, I was just hoping someone might be able to shed some light on the subject, thanks =)


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Unless you have a heart problem you're most likely fine.

Twins have a much higher prematurity rate. And if they share a placenta there's the risk of twin to twin transfusion.
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Re: Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

mama. I get flustered in appmts and sometimes come out of them still processing and realize I have WAY more questions than got answered!

I'm confused as to how the conversation went. Is it possible your doctor was just trying to prepare you for the possibility that something could be out of the ordinary, thinking that wasn't on your radar at all? Lots of twins are delivered closer to 40 wks, but as PP said there is a stronger chance of prematurity. Typically, doctors will want to keep those babies in as long as possible, so long as it is safe for babes & mama!

What was your intention in sharing that you have had "heart problems" - and what are those heart problems? Are you feeling palpitations, tachycardia (increased heart rate) or getting stroke/heart attack symptoms? Or just feeling tired/achy/exhausted/out of breath? There is a huge range there, and your doctor might think you are at a different end of the spectrum than you meant to convey.

Either way, I would bring it up at my next appmt, or even call/email to try to get clarification now.
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Re: Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

I have a heart problem, had two full chest openings and compelete valve replacement plus lots (non stop ) tachycardia until they can medicate me after the first trimester... My cardio said I can have as many babies as I want (just have to deal with the extra tests, heart meds, ect...). She told me that women with more then just a pig valve in them and enlarge heart have babies all the time. She works at Mayo Clinic and I have seen her since I was in grade school (I am now 30). I completely trust her and think that she would LAUGH at your OB.

Personally, your doctor is WAY out of line and shoud never have said anything. Women give birth to twins all the time, naturally
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Find another OB!! Unless you are truely at risk (do you have high BP right now, or anything like that that could lead her to be so worried, besides your pain?) I would want another opinion. Birthing them alone should not give you a heart attack or anything like that; your body was made to do this! Can they do some kind of non stress test on you or something?
In the meantime, I would look into safe alternatives to manage your stress levels an help you stay calm.
I know Chamomile tea is fine. I am not sure about other things, like rescue remedy or things like that. Definitely research. Also try to take a little time for yourself. I find I feel a little better after walking at the gym (or outside alone if possible) and getting fresh air. Baths help too.
We're not in the best financial situation & this newbie was a suprise! We still need things for him, and my kids drive me crazy sometimes! (Rather, all day! ) it's amazing that my blood pressure is the lowest it's been out of my pregnancies, I don't get it. When I feel anxiety set in I just try to pray & calm down. Sometimes easier said than done.
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I had a hard pregnancy with my twins, but I carried them until 36 & 3. I never had heart pain or anything though.

The section rate is high for twins, mainly because drs don't want you to deliver naturally, especially my drs.
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Re: Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

Have your normally liked you dr? It doesn't sound like a very conforting dr and doesn't seem to be on the same page as you. I would see if you could find a dr that seems more supportive of natural birthing for your twins and while maybe informing you of things that might go wrong not scaring you.

That sounds horrible.
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Re: Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

Seems like a really strange conversation. Do you like your OB? Is there someone else you can go to who has better bedside manner? If she's worried about your heart she should refer you to a cardiologist.
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Re: Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

I had some strange conversations with my OB throughout the course of this pregnancy, but it sounds like either you got overwhelmed by the info & are letting it swirl in your head now, or the doctor is a whackadoodle.

Yes, the risk of pre-term delivery is higher w/ multiple births. Yes, the risk of pregnancy-related health issues is higher w/ multiple births. Yes, the risk of c-sections are higher w/ multiple births. But there is no guarantee that any of those things will be anything you have to deal with. Don't get me wrong, the whole of my pregnancy has been nerve-wracking. First, I worried about blighted ovum (ova, I guess), then I worried about vanishing twin, then I had a SCH & I worried about that, then I had some abnormalities on my anatomy scan & worried about that, then I worried about pre-term labor, then I had to move & change practices, so I worried about that, now I'm worried about possible NICU time & about how the heck I'm going to manage 3.5 yo DD & 2 babies. It's a lot of worry. I worried I would have GD. I do get short of breath & palpitations. But in general, I'm making myself crazy & the pregnancy has been relatively healthy.

If you need to, get a new OB...I changed at 28 weeks b/c of my move & it hasn't been so bad. Otherwise, all you can do is try to keep yourself & your pregnancy as healthy as possible--and freaking out b/c of a convo w/ the doctor doesn't help. Otherwise, good luck w/ your babies & your pregnancy--there's no need to borrow trouble, so try to relax, take a deep breath, formulate your questions for the doctor, and make sure you ask them the next time you're in.
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Re: Is my doctor just trying to scare me?

I feel like your OB might be trying to scare you into doing whatever she wants you to. Sort of setting up the scare foundation for later. It might be time to look for a new doctor, or at the very least get a second opinion about this heart issue (I'm not sure of the details so can't say much about it) to see if she has a good point or is full of it.

IIRC c-sections are more dangerous to the mother, not sure about the baby in a twin pregnancy.
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