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NB cloth HELP

I know mamas ask this a LOT...I know...and I am sorry, I swear...

Here is my dilemma:

I have 3 girls, on still in cloth (16 mo).
I am getting a is pretty nasty, he had an affair and we are NOT speaking.
I am preggo with #4...a BOY.
*Well...crap...all my stuff is PINK, because we were done...ahem...clearly not.
I have a LOW budget because dad pays $0 in child support until the court forces the issue.
I am due in April.

Having said all that...would it be worth my time to mess with newborn cloth? Here are my baby weights: #1 (lowest at 41 weeks) 7lb12oz #2 (41 weeks) 9lb3oz #3 (induced at 38 weeks...THAT will not happen again!) 8lbs13oz...she lost 2lbs in 3 days as did #1 from low milk supply and jaundice (and I think the hep vaccine helped kill their appetites)

I am insistent on cloth from the get go. PERIOD. I prefer covers and either contours or flats (I hate prefolds). I will need some AIO, but by 6 weeks he should be out of NB, right?

How are the bumkins contours? And what else would you suggest?


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Re: NB cloth HELP

Forgot to add...

Do any of the diaper stores have a decent policy regarding returning items (ie NB diapers) that do not fit from the get go? I would like to be able to send them back (for credit so I can get the next size). I want to use, but the 15 day thing worries me because I need these 4-6 weeks BEFORE I have him.
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1. Sorry about your marriage. Here is a hug from the internet.

2. You already have newborn/small covers? Who cares off they are pink?! You will most likely put clothes on your baby, right? So no one will see anyway.

3. When they are really little (those first 6 weeks) you can put just about anything inside that cover: washcloths, old t shirts cut into "flats", kitchen towels.
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Originally Posted by EMGlad
I have cloth diapered 4 kids using all different diapers during both feast and famine, and I always come back to this method. Here's what you will need: 3 18 packs of plain white washcloths from walmart $3.88 ea (can also get a good deal from sam's or costco) 1 or 2 100% wool sweaters (I got an xl cashmere/merino blend from amvets for $4.99) OR FFS nb/sm covers from DS. $4.60 (keep your eye out while you're pregnant, and you can really score, I might even have some for ya, ) 2 packages of Coats and Clark pins from a dollar store 99 cents ea (these are just like Dritz but with a bit of a curve, which I like, and they come in cute colors. 4 pins per pack) OR 2 second hand snappi's $1 ea So here's what you do: take 2 washcloths and tri-fold 1 and lay it lengthwise down the other. Now you have a tiny prefold! Just fold in the sides like you would a prefold and pin or Snappi it on baby. Next you can either keep an eye out for those FFS covers or sew 1 pair of longies and 2 short wool covers per sweater. I used these free patterns. This time around, I got elastic for the waist from some underwear that my oldest son had outgrown/worn out, works great. I'm not a very good semstress, but these were super easy. After I was done, I also made up my own pattern to use the turtle neck of my sweater (any crewneck will work): Cut out the neck and the back of the sweater down towards the waist about 16-18 inches long. You may have to include a bit of shoulder in the width, you want it about 8-10 inches wide , so that you have a ring with a long flap attached. Fold up the flap and stitch it to the front of the neck. You see, the neck will become the waist of baby's cover. Now cut diagonally across the 2 bottom corners about 4 inches long each to make leg holes. Stitch together the sides that will be along baby's hips from waist to leg hole. You're almost done! Cut 2 strips from the remaining waistline of the sweater about 8-9 inches long each (this all works real well if you have a large sweater) and however high your sweater's ribbed waistline is. Stitch the ends together so that you have 2 rings and sew them on to the leg holes of your cover. There, you're done! 3 covers. Took me about 2 hours to do them all. After you LO outgrows the washcloths, you can use them for doublers and wipes! Or trifold them into bigger microfiber cloths ($15.99 for a 32 pack from the auto section of Costco) for medium dipes. Here is a photo of my DD at 10 weeks (11-12 lbs) in a washcloth dipe. And one of her modeling her covers.
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Re: NB cloth HELP

if you started saving up now do you think you could afford a newborn diaper rental?
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Re: NB cloth HELP

If you have pink NB covers, I saw use 'em. Since you like flats check your local thrift store for flannel receiving blankets or keep your eyes open for when circo blankets at target are on clearance and/or have a coupon available. Buy some pins or a snappi and you're all done.
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Re: NB cloth HELP

Just use what you have, it doesn't make any sense to buy new just because of a color.
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Re: NB cloth HELP

Go to Ikea, Walmart or Target and grab about 2-3 dozen flour sack towels...they'll be about $1 per towel. If you have receiving blankets, use those as flats and buy less FST.

Use the covers you already have and don't worry about what color they are.

That will cost you about $40 max to diaper your newbie.
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Re: NB cloth HELP

My vote: Put him in pink!

(and so sorry to hear about your circumstances... <hugs>)
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What is in your stash right now? Do you have flats/inserts and covers? If not there are great suggestions already for inexpensive options.

You don't *need* newborn aio. I didn't have any with dd when she was born and we did fine. They are a splurge if you can afford them but if money is tight you should think about where else that money can go.

If you literally have ALL pink/girly and can afford it you could splurge on 1-2 boyish covers for going out. I'd recommend Thirsties Duo size 1 as it will fit for a while. Use the girly ones the rest of the time and don't worry about it- they are just diapers!
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