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Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

I CD'ed my first two kids while we were renting a house. It had an awesome, old washing machine that cleaned with WATER and a little bit of soap. It was perfect. We had hard water, so I washed with Rockin' Green Hard Rock and everything was great.

A year ago, we bought our first house, and we are expecting baby #3 in February. The problem is that the new house has a new, fancy-schmancy, high-tech HE washer. It decides how much water to use based on the weight of the load.

I hate, HATE this washer. Like, a lot. It uses such a miniscule amount of water. In my head, I just can't picture how things are really getting clean.

Now, I'm facing the reality of washing cloth diapers in a machine like this. Is it even possible??? What kind of soap should I use? It's probably also worth noting that the new house has a water softening system.

It's like a whole new ballgame now! I'm most concerned about the low water use, though =\


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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

I feel your pain. My solution was to switch to primarily flats.
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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

my wash routine, warning fl take time to wash diapers.
1 - hand wash cycle cold no soap
2 - heavy duty hot/cold with extra rinse
3 - (optional) another hand wash if I feel there is still soap in them
4 - dry

I have hard water with a softener as well and this is what works for us. Right now we are using charlies but I tend to change detergent just for fun and something new.
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I'm currently tweaking my wash routine but recently heard that the delicate cycle uses a lot more water than any other cycle. So recently I started doing a cold delicate cycle, no detergent, no spin (so more water stays to add weight), then a hot normal cycle with water plus and detergent. Then a final speed wash on hot with 2 extra rinses and high speed spin.

It definitely takes a lot of time and I hate running 3 separate cycles but I too worry about the low amount of water and my washer won't allow for water plus and extra rinses on the same cycle.
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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

This thread really shows how well a low water FL can really clean clothes. My clothes are much cleaner now than when I washed in TL.

The key is that you need to use the longest, hottest cycle that your washer has to offer. FL need time to wash clothes. Europeans have been using FL washers for many, many years and they rarely use a cycle that is less than an hour.

Can you post make/model # or a picture of the control panel?
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It takes more time than TLs but now that I have a great routine and use enough detergent, I don't have problems. I use powdered Cheer to the 2 line. I have only had luck with mainstream detergents. CD ones are wimpy.

1. Warm quickwash with high spin (to get the yuckies out)
2. Rinse and spin with NO spin (to resaturate diapers)
3. Heavy duty cycle on hot with extra rinse, detergent added
4. Warm quick wash as final rinse

I think that most people who go from a non he washer to an he one don't understand the difference they will need to make in their wash routine. The ways they wash are very different. They use less water so you have to increase the other factors needed in successful washing (Time, Agitation, Heat and/or Chemical Action).
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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

I haven't tried it b/c, though I have an HE machine it is top loading and allows you to choose the size of the load (it's awesome; I love it), but I have read that if you add a couple of wet bath towels to your load your machine's sensors will think there is more stuff to wash and give you more water.
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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

I have the same problem, I bought a house with a HE top loader, ugh.

1. rinse cycle
2. bulky cycle, which uses a lot of water
3. heavy duty super cycle
4. regular with a second rinse

The last cycle I used almost no soap, it is a glorified rinse - since the washer just used no water. And I SUPER rinse every no.2 in the toilet.

Then I switched to flats. I LOVE the flats. I still use origami fold on my 7 month old girl. The no.2 is so easy to clean off, no little runches and nooks and cranies to hold poops, flats are easy to rinse in the toilet (or into the blueberries in winter . They are trim and I don't feel her movements are hindered by the diaper. I use GMD prefolds with a nightime insert at night, and do one major 4 wash cycle a week now with the prefolds (soaked over night in a tub with rock n green). The other washes are simple, rinse cycle then a heavy duty with extra rinse cycle added.

Flats and folding are not for everyone. But give it a try! You can make your own two layer insert panels. I bought some organic bamboo/cotton, the lowest weight, and sewed up two layer rectangles that I fold in half to make inserts, they are easy to clean and so absorbent.
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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

1. Delicates cycle with warm water. No rinse, no detergent.
2. Heavy duty cycle hot, with a tide pod, plus an extra wash and extra rinse.
3. Extra rinse, high spin cycle. Sometimes I even do one more rinse if I'm feeling real crazy.

The only problem I've had with this routine was when I was using freetimes overnight, I was having problems with the MF getting stinky....I've since switched to all natural fibers, and don't have any more issues
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Re: Old School Washer to HE Washer - Help!!!

By "no rinse" on step #1, I meant "no spin"
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