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I think you'll get comments no matter what size your child is.

Ds is 14lbs at 2 months and we get comments all the time about his size. "No way he's only 9 weeks old!!!!!!!" And it is a pain with clothes. Dh washed all of our nb clothes and ds never fit into them so of course we weren't able to return them either . This was the same problem with dd. I get comments all the time that I must make ice cream they are so chunky. Dd had rolls ontop of her rolls.

We wee at my nephews bday party thus weekend and my sisters bffs son is only two months older than ds and he's tiny. And the mom never once bragged about his size infact dye complained about it

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Originally Posted by PurpleDaffodil View Post
feel like they need to brag about it? I have had so many friends or acquaintances brag about the fact that their baby is tiny. "oh my daughter is 9 months but is still only wearing 3-6 months" said with a grin. "I'm so glad my baby was only 5lbs when he was born." in reply to hearing another baby was 7 lbs.

I just don't understand it?
After pushing out 2 under 7 lb babies with 8 and 10 stitches, I can't imagine having a bigger one. Why not see the good in the situation and be happy with it? No matter whether you have a big or small baby, someone will make negative comments anyway...

I had one 3.5 lb preemie, one long skinny baby with 0% body fat, and now #3 is average on the charts but chunky.

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Re: Why do moms with tiny babies...

I have never heard of people bragging about undersized children. I sure as heck would have paid attention if I heard anything like that since my son has significant failure to thrive problems even in utero. He was born at 40 weeks 2 days at 21 inches and 5lb 9.9oz. He spent his first week IV feed dependent in an incubator in a level 3 NICU and as far as I could tell the only full term baby in the ward.

Truthfully, the medical bills for just failure to thrive are astronomical and have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat and resulted in multiple hospitalizations because kiddos that don't eat or drink enough just don't have any safety reserves when a GI related illness strikes.

I love my son so I can see why if I spoke of him lovingly and mentioned his small size an outsider might think something along the lines in the original post but it isn't true. You have no idea how much I would love to say he is just average for a kid his age but even at 9 years old he still has not broken the 35lb mark and still wears 5T clothing.
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Do people actually do that? I look at DS2 all the time and just want to bawl because he's so tiny. He was born at an average size (7lbs 7.5oz at 39w6d), but his gastroparesis destroyed him until I found out what it was and got a handle on how to deal with it decently. Even now that's he's over a year, if I were to put him in a 12m shirt he would be swimming in it. 6m is even pushing it. He looks like a tall newbie that can walk.

DS1 was a smaller newborn (6lbs 2.5 oz at 40w6d), but ballooned to 20lbs in the first 6m, so he had thigh rolls. I can't say I've ever heard of someone bragging or talking smack about skinny/tiny babies, just heard about cute rolls or squishy, fat cheeks.

Tbh, I would probably cry if someone said I was lucky to have a small baby, but I don't think I would be too upset over someone else saying it about their own child unless it was just stupid (e.g. glamorizing an unhealthy situation like being lucky to have a 3lb premie instead of having to push out an 8lber or something).

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Re: Why do moms with tiny babies...

I think, at least in my opinion, it is really just us parents being proud of our little ones regardless of weight. Since our littlest ones have yet to do much to actually be proud of we talk about weight, height, and other physical attributes. Because, after all, what have our smallest ones done that is truly exceptional?

When I say smallest and littlest I am talking age, not size. I mean, if my child gains weight, doesn't gain weight, or is right smack dab in the middle is it really because my child is so intelligent and accomplished he or she has a handle on how to gain or lose weight to satisfy anyone's expectations?

Even my small baby(7lbs 7oz 21") gained weight rapidly. He very quickly out paced his older brother when age to age comparisons were made. By 4 months he weighed in at around 20lbs and had to wear 2T pants just to get them past his thighs. Even some of those were too small in the waist, not length of course. My older son was 10lbs 8oz and 22 1/2" long at birth. By no means a small baby. He is now a small child. At 10 he wears a size 6 shirt and a 12 slim pants gathered in.
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Every baby is different! My older daughter fit NB clothes til almost 6 months old and my second daughter outgrew NB before she was even a month old. Right now she is the same weight her sister was at 13 months and she just turned 6 months old! I'm not sure why people brag about it either but it was much easier to carry around my teeny one year old that it is to carry my huge 6 month old lol.
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Re: Why do moms with tiny babies...

My youngest is a little thing, barely on the growth charts. But since he's a crawling, cruising, climbing monkey that gets into everything, people notice and ask about how old/big he is. They usually guess that he is much younger. I usually say something like, "He's actually 10 months old, but he's a little peanut. He still wears 6 month clothes." Of course I say it with a grin, because tiny or giant, he's my baby and he's awesome.

And I agree with the mamas who have said a small baby is often stressful and downright scary. I can't tell you how many tears I've cried over ounces of weight.
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Re: Why do moms with tiny babies...

Originally Posted by Palooka View Post
Sometimes I say that I'm happy my son was under 7 pounds, but only because I had a hard labor and I can't imagine how bad it would have been if he were 10 pounds.

And I have never heard a mom brag about a small baby unrelated to birth. For me it was a huge source of stress. Unless you would consider "My baby isn't even on the weight chart and random people tell me my breast milk must not be good enough" bragging.

On the other hand I regularly hear people "brag" that their baby has already outgrown X size clothing. I realize now that it sounds like bragging to me because my 6 month old could still fit in NB clothing and it would nearly bring me to tears. I heard bragging because of my own issues with his weight.

ETA not trying to be snarky, but your complaint sounds exactly like how I feel about people with big chubby babies that everyone wants to cuddle. OMG everyone LOVES baby thighs, which seems great until you have a baby with zero body fat. Every time someone coos over a fat baby I get a little defensive deep down.
This exactly! I haven't really heard moms of small babies brag. Unless you count something like my DD was failure to thrive and never on the growth charts as a brag. And believe me, when I say that I'm not bragging!! I also get a little defensive about chubby babies--all three of mine have been quite small and it seems like to me everyone loves the chub and thinks there's something wrong with small babies. That's probably just the way I perceive it given my own circumstances...perhaps you're a bit defensive on the other side, op?

I think I finally got my fat baby this time--he was born bigger and at nine days old has already gained half a pound! So maybe I'll get to experience the other side this time. One benefit I can think of to small babies--they are easier to lug around!
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I don't think I've heard anyone brag about their tiny babies. My DD was huge and I got more comments along the lines of "I wish my baby was that chubby." The only time I heard negative comments about her fatness was here on DS
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Re: Why do moms with tiny babies...

Originally Posted by Huxley View Post
I always hear people brag about how big their baby is. I totally bragged at how easy dd was to shop for since she seemed to grow at the exact rate that baby clothes come in. It was weird how perfect the sizing was for her.

This was us with our twins. They were born in June and it was so great that the size changes (i.e next full wardrobe) lined up perfectly with the season changes. After about the first month they've just always fit into whatever is the size "for their age". It is very convenient

Also, I've ONLY heard people 'brag' about big babies.
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