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I started out with disposables I got at my baby shower and just thought $1-2 a wipe for cloth ones was crazy but ds got a rash the first two weeks we were home and his doc said it was the pampers sensitive and that water with essential oil would be better so I switched. I made some out of gerber receiving blankets I had been given but didn't like how rough they were so I bought some flannel and turned and top stitched 3 dozen. Then I got curious and got some thirsties fab wipes and some geffen baby wipes on sale. I like the thirsties for the plushness and when his poo was runny I loved them but they don't get into the crevices well my favorite wipes are actually the geffen 1 ply jersey hemp cotton blend. 8$ for 10 wipes is a great deal for these. But now that I have a serger (early christmas pesent from hubby) I'm making 1 ply flannel ones and I like them even thinking about making some from soft old t shirts.

Overall even if you got the 4$ ea wipes you will save $$ in the long run and it beats cleaning shredded wipes out of your Velcro diapers because you missed a wipe dh rolled into a dipe and threw in the pail lol.


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Re: Cloth wipes?

I started using cloth wipes with DS because his skin was so sensitive, any other wipes would give him diaper rash. I made them myself by cutting up flannel receiving blankets. I'm reusing them now with DD, though I use them just for wet diapers, not with solids. I wet them with a spray bottle filled with water and baby oil in a 3:1 (roughly) ratio. So easy. Totally recommend doing it. Kinda silly not to, especially if you're already cloth diapering - just throw them in the wash with the load.
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Re: Cloth wipes?

Cloth wipes were the last thing we switched over to. I had been buying the flushable wipes for a while to avoid having to pick them out- they just went in the toilet with the flushable liner. I started using cloth wipes for one of our 2 changing stations and really liked them so I ordered some more. We just recently finished up our disposable wipes and now have only cloth wipes at home. We use disposable ones when out or traveling.

I like the 2 sided ones best. I have some awesome 2 sided print WAHM flannel ones, Thirsties Fab, Sbish, another WAHM brand and one sided unbleached OsoCozy. I use the LuSa wipes concentrate and its super easy to make a whole box of wipes. They all fit folded in half in a regular disposable wipes container and I fold them so the pop up through the top hole. Even my hubby who is generally anti cloth anything likes them!
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Re: Cloth wipes?

I prefer cloth wipes over disposable. We use the GroVia wipes. I do keep a package of disposable wipes in the car, but mostly for cleaning up sticky messes from food, etc. I try to use cloth when we are away from the house, but I do keep a small pack of disposables in my purse/diaper bag with a couple of cloth diapers and a small wetbag for quick trips to town. We use an old plastic disposable wipes container at home filled with water & a couple squirts of baby wash & then fill it with cloth wipes. I wring out the excess water over the container when I use a wipe. I also keep a dry wipe handy to dry DD's bottom off before putting a new diaper on. I tried the squirt bottle method, but found it too time consuming to sit there & spray at every diaper change. If I take the plastic wipes container out & about, I put it inside of a plastic grocery bag to catch any leaks, just in case there is extra water & it gets tipped over in the car. I also have a planetwise wipes pouch that I can use if I am going to be gone for a few hours. It will hold around 9-10 rolled up cloth wipes. I don't care for disposables because they are really thin & I feel like it is easier to use cloth, cause they can be taken care of just like the diapers. With disposables, you have to figure out what to do with them when you are done with them. I'd rather spray & be able to wash it, than to have poopy wipes sitting in the garbage can. I was hesitant to use cloth wipes at first & I'll admit it did take some getting use to. I am so glad I made the switch. Good luck, if you decide to try them.
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Re: Cloth wipes?

We use cloth both at home and out and about because, as others have mentioned, it just seems easier to throw everything into the wetbag together than to separate the dirty wipes to go in the trash. We haven't had disposable wipes on hand for a while, but I do miss them for things like wiping sticky hands and faces. Just can't bring myself to spend the $.
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Re: Cloth wipes?

We used cloth wipes at home and out also. I hate the idea of putting those chemicals on my baby's so much waste. I only switched to flushable disposable toddler wipes once ds was potty trained with minimal additives/chemicals.

So much easier IMHO to throw the clothe wipe in wet bag with dirty dipe...then dump in wash or pail when you get home. We carried a spray bottled for the diaper bag, and a peri bottle at home, making our own wipe solution.

I'm due with baby #2 on Thanksgiving and got a wipe warmer for the changing table this time around. As ds got older I realized he hated the cold or room temp water from the bottles and felt bad, lol. We'll see how it goes!
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Re: Cloth wipes?

I love grovia wipes, and the organic cotton bottombumpers wipes... i hate almost every other wipe on the market only because I like thicker wipes... there was a WHAM who made the BEST cotton velour and sherpa wipes for like $1 per wipe i had like 30 from her at one time... but sold them after the baby thinking i wouldnt have another kid so soon! but here I am due in a month and regretting selling those wipes since I can't find them on the market!!

and honestly cloth wipes get the booty so much cleaner and smelling better and my son likes them because they aren't cold like regular baby wipes... and I can use whatever spray/wipes solution I want and he smells amazing ! =)

Love cloth wipes just have to find a kind that you like! so worth the money

PS i NEVER get flannel wipes they look dingy after a few months!
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Re: Cloth wipes?

Cloth at home, disposable out... I also tried the make your own type cloth ones and found that I much prefered the ones I bought. I forget the brand, but we don't get fuzzies at all. The ones I have are fairly thin light brown (natural cotton) in color with multi colored serging around the edges - think i got them on amazon
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I make my own wipes, double sided flannel and I love them. I sell them on etsy as well and I love picking out new prints

And my son has sensitive skin so cloth works better, I just wet them with water

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