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Early delivery at 35 weeks 3 days

My due date is December 6th with a scheduled c-section on December 2nd. I have been admitted to l&b as of Sunday at about 10am. I have been having issues with falling. I had two knee injuries within last year. And at about 33 weeks after gaining 8lbs this pregnancy my knees decided nope I can't take that 8lbs and will give out randomly when walking. With only getting up when necessary I'm still falling up to 4 times per day. Yes even on my belly. Normally I've caught myself with hands and knees but that's starting to make it worse on my knees. So Sunday I fell in shower and the side of my tummy landed on the metal rods on bottom of shower for glass doors.

We went to labor and delivery to make sure baby was okay. I had told one of the dr. In my dr practice.4 days prior and was told " I don't know what to do just take it easy and I'll come up with a game plan for you". Well during that time I'm still falling. My body is hurting from laying in bed all day. And I'm scared. How many times am I gonna fall before my dr. Finds out what to do!

They offered me finishing my month in a wheelchair or walker. I told them no. I had spent 6 weeks in a wheelchair after knee injury and canes and crutches hurt my back and I'm to heavy to use them. I have a 3 year old and 6 year old to care for full time as my husband works 12-15 hour days. This is really affecting them.

Long story short my dr. Gave me a steroid shot today for baby's lungs. I have another one tomorrow at 1:15 followed by seeing perinatology tomorrow at 3. They will let my dr. Know if baby is healthy and ready for delivery. I'd be 35 weeks and 3 days.

I'm hoping they tell my dr. They can deliver. I'm so scared of losing another baby. I've been so lucky so far falling over 14 times with no complications. But it only takes one fall to take my baby from me! So of course I'm so scared!!! I want my baby out and safe!!!

Does this make me sound selfish?? I know I'm late pre term trying to have an early delivery. But I feel my reason is so justified!!

I will also say this is baby number 6. I have two living children. I had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic last year. And this has been my hardest pregnancy. We've never been able to see baby's face. They were unable to get pictures of back of brain,kidneys, part of heart,ankles,mouth and jaw at one point. Then they were able to see everything but couldn't get the best picture of heart and still no baby's face. Then at 32 weeks they told me my baby's arms were small. Measuring 2 weeks behind everything else!

I also have a high inhibit A. My dr wants under 2.0 and I'm 2.79 which is a higher risk of preeclampsia and stillbirth or Down syndrome. My Down syndrome test came back as 1: 1,190 which my dr. Days is good.....but I'm still sooo scared of stillbirth!!! Specially with all my falling!!!

Does anyone think I'm being selfish? Am I doing the right think worrying about her safety being inside of me? Please input would be appreciated!!

Also what are her chances of being born with no severe complications from being "preterm"


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I don't blame you at all. My daughter was born still in 2009 and I would do anything to keep from losing another child.

It's hard to say how your baby will do. Some born later have lung probs and some born earlier can be ok. A friend's baby was born at 30w and never needed any assistance breathing but I've had another friend whose baby was born 37w who'll needed assistance. Hopefully the steroids can help!
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Re: Early delivery at 35 weeks 3 days

I dont think your being selfish.. this is a situation where carrying baby to term may very well be much riskier than an early delivery.

I had my first child at 35 weeks 3 days (no steroid shots). The was decision to deliver was made when it was discovered that I was experiencing a partial placental abruption. My son was born at 7 lb and didnt require any NICU time. We roomed in together and went home together 3 days later. Today he is a healthy 7 yo.

I also had my 2nd child early at 34 weeks 1 day. She was delivered due to preterm labor. I was admitted at 33 weeks in preterm labor, dialated to 6-7 cm. They managed to halt my labor with medications and I spent a week on hospital bedrest. At 34 weeks I was given the option to continue the medication/bedrest until 36 weeks or stop it and let nature take its course. I chose to stop the meds and she was born the next day. I was given steroid shots at 33 weeks (2 doses) and she was born at 5 lb 9 oz. She did amazingly well and while she did spend 3 days in NICU for observation, she was discharged because they had absolutely reason to keep her. (It was hospital protocol that all babies under 35 weeks be transferred to NICU). Today she is a healthy 6 yo.

In my experience there is a HUGE difference between a 31/32 weeker and a 34/35 weeker.. for us those couple of weeks meant the difference between going home in 3 days and spending 6-8 weeks in NICU, needing ventilators/CPAP/nasal cannulas and going home with apnea monitors. I did have steroid shots with my 2 little guys, born at 32 weeks 1 day and 31 weeks 6 days (again, both were delivered due to placental abruptions after a lengthy battle with preterm labor and extended hospital bedrest/meds.)

With my two little guys, the plan was to discontinue meds at 34 weeks and let me deliver, but I obviously never made it that far.

There is a substantial reduction in risks/complications from prematurity once you hit the 34 week mark.
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Re: Early delivery at 35 weeks 3 days

I had DS5 at 35 weeks and he did need a little help with breathing, using a cannula. He was perfectly healthy and went home with me on day 3.

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I don't think you are selfish at all. I say even if it hurts your back use a walker. Better to have a back that hurts than harm the baby. I hope they decide to deliver you soon.
I am also worried about you carrying the baby after she is born. Do you fall when not preg?
Hugs and prayers for you & your baby!
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